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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."

Why Believe Any Muslim Arab?

by Gail Meir

Freeman Center Middle East Analyst & Commentator 

How many wars must be fought and won before the Left Liberal Jewish leadership awakens to the fact that no Muslim Arab leader or any of their governments will ever accord Israel friendship, respect and peace?
How long after Bibi Netanyahu and Ehud Barak give up Judea and Samaria, the Jordan Valley and the Golan Heights, North, East and South Jerusalem will those areas become a firing base for the mix of hostile Muslims to abrogate all agreements and take hostile action?
Mahmoud Abbas will not even be a footnote in history before he is deposed or disposed of by his competition and killer Islamists replace him.   All agreements will not even be cancelled because they were null and void on the very day they were signed.
The Muslims already have a binding contract that precedes any scrap of paper they may sign.  That contract is the Koran and Mohammed’s Hadith (oral law) which voids all other agreements.
The West, to include pathetically Left Liberal Israeli leadership who are cohabiting with the Left, desperately wish to ignore the unchangeable face of Islam.  The Arab League, the Muslim Arab Palestinians (including Hamas, Hezb’Allah and Fatah) all have non-revocable Charters carrying the force and authority of a Fatwa will vigorously claim that the Jewish Nation/State must be eliminated by any means possible for the sake of Allah.
Signing a document of “temporary peace” (the Muslim word is “Hudna”) to lull your enemy into weakness and submission is acceptable.  If temporarily becoming a Christian is to achieve this goal, then even that is allowed.
We observe President Barack Hussein Obama express his hateful rage against the Jewish State.   When Obama runs into difficulties on November 3rd after the loss of too many Congressional seats to maintain a lock on a Democratic Congress, he will immediately adopt the Muslim “Hudna” until he can regain power – just as taught by Mohammed in his Hadith.
The Shame is ours to believe anything a Muslim says, promises or signs.

After 7 wars and continual Terror attacks, our weak Jewish leadership is willing to gamble away the lives of the Jewish people and their G-d given ancient heartland and Golden Eternal Capital of Jerusalem.   Any Jew who gives us away for a scrap of paper based on the integrity of any Muslim is the act of an imbecile.  
Indeed, Jews can be brilliant but, we do have our aberrant leadership who, for some lack of reason, are drawn to political power.  Once having achieved some sort of powerful position or office, they do what can be expected of imbeciles.  A mind with the wires misconnected cannot function normally and its capability to function in decision-making is just missing.  Like a savant idiot who has the extraordinary ability to calculate complex numbers but can do little else – regrettably, our Jewish leadership is malfunctioning and they will make us pay the price.
They truly believe words are things and so are easily duped.  Show them temporary friendship and they will follow you anywhere.  Once betrayed they stand, baffled and unable to understand - as is to be expected of political dimwits.
We Jews have repeatedly died in the thousands, in the millions in some generations but, our so-called leaders are incapable of absorbing the lessons life always dealt us.  Like the proverbial lemmings who one day, ‘en masse’ go suicidal and rush over a cliff, so too, our Jewish leadership is leading us to that cliff - seeming to set the stage for national suicide.
Granted, there are exceptions but, our history is replete with perfidious traitors who dignify their lure to suicide for us all – with the rationale that submission is the greater good for those who wish us gone.  
Jews were supposed to be a “Light Unto the Nations”, not a shattered fragment with each Jew forced to give up his life for what some others believe is “For the Greater Good of All”.   This is NOT what an authentic, observant Jew believes but, it is what those of the radical Left want.
However, there are Jews, possibly out of the blood line of the Erev Rav, the corrupt, non-Jewish trash who attached themselves to the Jewish Exodus from Egypt who remain non-Jewish trash – only now they have the cover of calling themselves “Jews of the Covenant”.

They are not nor will they ever be but, they can masquerade and become leaders – only to mislead us - as is their destiny.
Such creatures must be marked as was Cain, a killer of his brother Abel and deposed out of the Land.   Perfidy and betrayal is in their blood, in their genes and they cannot be de-programmed. 

Like the Arab Muslims from Ishmael through Mohammed, who are a violent people, given to war, looting and lying.  It’s in the Charters of the Arab League, the PLO, Fatah, Hamas, ‘et al’.  If you don’t believe that, read those Charters which are their Covenants – no more, no less.  They cannot be trusted by decent and civilized people.  Their signatures on any agreement are worthless but, will be acceptable to President Barack Hussein Obama, much of the Leftist Jewish leadership, the Europeans whose church-driven record of murdering Jews is incomparable in human history.

The screams of tortured Jews are still traveling through the Cosmos, alerting any forms of life because of the demonic cruelty being perpetrated on the Planet Earth.
Sacrificing the Jewish nation of Israel is once again ramping up as an ideology to appease our dedicated enemies, especially those in the Arab Muslim world with their hold on the world’s oil.

[This Ha’aretz news exposé means that Israel’s Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak (no doubt, initiated earlier by then PM Ehud Olmert and Foreign Minister Livni) are anxious to proclaim that Jews have no right to their ancient G-d given Land. 

Here one would find the fingerprints of the Arabist State Department, including Hilary Clinton, Dennis Ross, Obama and other skulking anti-Semitic Arabists.

Therefore, to speak of “leasing” re-invents their persona as a ‘wandering renter’ instead of a proud Zionist.  But, what a horrible precedent even discussing the “leasing” of our own Land, after we surrender it to hostile Muslims.  Such a concept totally undermines Israel’s inalienable sovereignty and invites further Muslim and Arabist depredations against the Jewish Nation/State and the Jewish people world-wide!]