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Yesha Council Cartoon Tells Obama: Don't Play G-d
by Gil Ronen


A new cartoon history of the Jewish people packs 3,500 years into 3.5 minutes -- and ends with a message to US President Barack Obama. The cartoon was produced by the Yesha Council, a semi-official federation of the heads of local authorities in Judea and Samaria.
The Yesha Council under its present leadership -- Chairman Danny Dayan and Director Naftali Bennet -- earned a reputation for effective and creative advertising with a campaign a year ago that improved Judea and Samaria's public image. The campaign featured child actors dressed up as biblical figures and the slogan -- "Judea and Samaria, every Jew's story."  
It now remains to be seen if the new cartoon will be similarly successful.

Click on link for cartoon. Must Watch. Very Funny. Very Educational.
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