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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."


by Bernard J. Shapiro

Bernard J. Shapiro is Chairman of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies <> and editor of its publications.

Like most of us, who are concerned with the survival and security of Israel, I am concerned. There are so many forces bent on our destruction, that a true Zionist hardly knows where to turn, much less what to do. I have been thinking about it for many many months, even years. Below are the simple thoughts of a frustrated Zionist.

1. Tell him that he is now president of a great country that Israelis have always loved. He should do his best not to destroy it by turning it into a third-world Socialist non-democratic nation. 

2. Please remind him that Israel is a sovereign Jewish nation and will not take orders from either him, the UN, EU, NATO, or the Arab dictators. Let him understand that when his people (white, black and Muslim) were still barbarians the Jewish People had already built a great civilization based on Justice and Monotheism.
3. Explain to him that there can be no peace treaty with Muslims, because they do not keep treaties. Israel is too smart to sign another peace of paper for a fake peace. For 16 years, Israeli leaders have pissed away territory, security and deterrence for NOTHING. We have had enough.
4. There have been a long line of officials in the US State Department and CIA, who have worked hard to damage Israel's ability to survive in its very hostile neighborhood. Time after time, they pull Israel back from total victory over its enemies. Those days are gone forever.
5. We are sick and tired of your Justice system targeting good Jews like Jonathan Pollard for exceptional anti-Semitic treatment. I say to you with full authority and intent that we will capture and try every CIA agent in Israel unless Pollard is released within 10 days. Enough is enough.
6. The United States often threatens to cut off military supplies to Israel, should we not do what you order us to do. No longer. On the other hand, we plan to eliminate you from our intelligence network and military supply line. That is unless you are willing to transform our relationship to one of equal partnership and not the asymmetry of a banana republic.
7. On the topic of a PA terrorist state. It is not going to happen. In fact, the hostile terrorists that live within our borders will be encouraged peacefully, but forcefully to find another place to live. They can not be citizens in a country they hate and wish to destroy.
8. The American military training of terrorists will stop, whether you want it to or not. American aid to terrorists, whether in Gaza or YESHA is finished. Get used to it.
9. Iran's nuclear program will be destroyed whether you like it or not, sooner rather than later. You might not want us to fly over Iraq, we will. Just try to stop us. In every air combat test in America between Israel and American pilots, you lost 99% of the time. It you want to sacrifice your wonderful pilots, just send them against us. NATO forces acted tough against little Serbia a few years ago and then acted like cowards when Georgia's independence was at stake.
This is not a warning, it is a promise: Should NATO ever go to war against us, we will destroy their forces in a short time and them bomb all the capitals of Europe and the Middle East.
10. Please let him know that the enemies of Israel will be destroyed. American is not Israel's most important ally. Israel is America's greatest ally. Israel's most important ally is the Almighty, Who neither slumbers nor sleeps and will smite the enemies of Israel with a mighty Hand.
11. Nearly fifty years ago, I came to understand that Israel was the "canary in the coal mine." I refer to the world. If Israel can not survive in the tiny land (Eretz Yisrael) that G-d gave to the Jews in perpetuity, then the world will not exist.
12. And finally, Bibi should inform Obama, that Jews are entitled to settle the whole Land of Israel. This is not negotiable and is a gift from G-d and not man. The hills and valleys of Judea and Samaria must be populated with hundreds of new Jewish communities. This will relieve the population pressure on the Tel Aviv -Haifa coast. The Jews expelled from Gaza must be encouraged to return and reclaim that historically Jewish territory. Will the world or the Arabs like it. Of course not. I don't care. They don't want us to live in any place on Earth.
We will no longer ask permission to breathe. Zionism will be renewed and re-invigorated as a powerful act of self-liberation.
The rebuilding and strengthening of Israel becomes the primary mission of those who project Jewish survival far into the 21st century and beyond. The liberation of Jerusalem in 1967 was another step in the redemption of our people. Yet, in our time, governments have arisen in Israel, that would barter our national heritage for false promises of "peace in our time."
The truth, which many find inconvenient, is that the Land of Israel was promised by G-d to Abraham and his seed in perpetuity. The Land of Israel is NOT speculative real estate to be bartered away for some seductive (false) promises of peace.  
One thing is clear to me: the Lord has blessed Israel by re-uniting Jerusalem and bringing Judea, Samaria, and Gaza back under its control. It would be a horrendous sin against G-d and common sense for Israel to renounce this inheritance to which it is entitled. Israel holds these lands as a sacred trust for the Jewish people in perpetuity. It would not only be sinful, but also criminal, to abuse that trust by denying future generations of Jews their Holy Land -- Land of their Fathers; the one tiny spot on planet earth given to them by G-d.
The hills and valleys of Judea and Samaria contain the collective memory of the Jewish People. It was here that the Israelites first entered the Holy Land. And it was here they fought the battles, built the towns, elected their kings and were preached to by their prophets and judges. And it was on this soil that they received the Holy Scriptures we call our Bible.