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The Dr. Palesteins of the Israeli-Left

By Mark Langfan
Arutz Sheva
4 May, 2014

The left has created a monster, on the lines of the one in classic literature.

Mark Langfan

In Mary Shelley’s 1818 gothic-horror novel called “Frankenstein,” the fictional Dr. Frankenstein, in a series of unorthodox experiments, built and brought to life a grotesque humanoid-monster out of dead human body-parts and named it “Frankenstein.”  

Dr. Frankenstein soon realized his monstrous creation had started killing people, and he refused to build his monster a mate. Frankenstein continued to go on killing sprees. And Dr. Frankenstein spent the rest of his tortured life chasing down his homicidal monstrous creation. 

In the 1993 gothic-horror reality TV show called the “Peace Process,” the all-too-real Israeli-Left, in a series of unorthodox experiments, built and brought to life a grotesque terrorist-state named Palestein.out of a cabal of blood-thirsty, has-been terrorists. (The use of the word ‘Palestein’ - as in Frankenstein,- and not ‘Palestine’, is deliberate) .

Exactly like the fictional Frankenstein, the terrorist-state Palestein immediately began to murder people. In fact, Palestein murdered people by the hundreds, and not only Jews of Israel, but also Arabs in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza. 

However, unlike the fictional Dr. Frankenstein who saw murder as murder, the real Israeli-Left “consecrated” Palestein’s murder and maiming of thousands of Israelis as “the Price of Peace.” In Israel’s real-life horror reality show, Palestein’s murders of Israelis only “convinced” the Israeli-Left to make its Palestein terror-state even stronger. 

What drives the Dr. Palesteins of the Israeli-Left to empower terror-state Palestein to annihilate Israel and murder Jews? 

The Israeli-Left ‘righteously’ thinks it is somehow intrinsically more moral than the Israeli-Right. The Israeli-Left claims, “They don’t want to ‘rule-over’ anybody, that’s not democratic, that’s not Jewish.“  As all sophists do, they created a false straw argument. It is as if the Israeli-Right wants to “rule-over” anybody. The Israeli-Right doesn’t want to rule over anybody, they just don’t want to be mass-murdered by the Palestinian Arabs. 

But, the really terrible reality is that the “dovish” Israeli-Left is secretly enabled by a bunch of fraudulent ‘left-wing’ generals who aren’t “left-wing” doves, but seem quite suicidal. These generals don’t say they want to co-exist and “make peace” with the Palestinians, they say they want “divorce” and “total separation” from them. Then, these same left-wing generals say, “One-rocket, and we’ll annihilate them, we’re ‘strong.’” Translation: these generals wanted to evacuate Gaza (and, also Judea and Samaria) only so they can then bomb hospitals, mosques, and innocent Christian Arab houses from where the Palestinian terrorists will then fire their rockets. 

Now, are the Palestinian rocketeers dumb?  Do Palestinian terrorists fire rockets from their own homes, or from the homes of other innocent people?  So, these Israeli-Left generals think retaliatory bombing of likely innocent civilian people from where the terror rockets were fired is somehow “infinitely” more moral than staying in Gaza (or Judea and Samaria) in the first place. 

Even more disconnectedly, they ‘proudly’ state with absolute conviction, “Once we withdraw, we will have the moral authority to retaliate, the world will understand, then.” These generals who thought the world would sympathize with Jewish Israelis being rocketed to death should read the Goldstone Report very carefully. 

And, if after reading it, any military or political analyst thinks the world will “understand Israel’s need to retaliate” against the Palestinian West Bank terror-rockets, they take up a new field of endeavor. Instead, these ‘the World will understand’ Israeli-Left generals join Israeli political parties, and make millions in Israeli “think-tanks.” 

There is a difference between Dr. Frankenstein and the Dr. Palestein’s of the Israeli-Left  Even Dr. Frankenstein was “sane” enough to understand he had created a mass-murderer, and didn’t build his monster-Frankenstein a mate, which together the two monsters could have destroyed humanity. Dr. Frankenstein chased his monster to kill him before he murdered any more innocent humans. 

On the other hand, despite Israeli-Jewish-murder after Israeli-Jewish-murder, the Israeli-Left ‘thinks’ of nothing other than to omnipotently empower their bloodthirsty Palestein as a fully sovereign state, with its own air space, all the water they can divert from Israel, and all the weapons they need to wipe Israel, and 6 million Jews off the map. 

The Israeli-Left even says “If we give our terror-state Palestein the power it wants to mass-murder all of Israel, Palestein will be happy and satisfied, and won’t mass-murder Israel.”  Instead of killing off their Palestein-terror state like Dr. Frankenstein would have, the Israeli-Left does everything to keep it alive and make it stronger. 

For, no matter what you hear about “nails in the coffin of the Peace Process,” don’t believe for asecond that the Israeli-Left’s “Peace Process” horror reality show is dead; it’s far from dead. Labor + Yesh Atid + Meretz+ Livni = 46 Knesset seats. With Shas, that adds to 57 out of 120. With the Arabs, they form a majority. So, don’t, for a moment, stop fighting against the Israeli-Left’s Palestein. The terror-state Palestein is very much alive. 

In fact, we will now begin to see the even more tragedy, horrific acts, and murders the Israeli-Left’s monster terror-state Palestein will bring upon Israel, and the Jewish people. And, all the while the Israeli-Left will hysterically scream and fight to make their murdering Palestein more powerful and give it more land from which it can and will attempt to genocidally-murder more Israelis.
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The writer, who specializes in security issues, has created an original educational 3D Topographic Map System of Israel to facilitate clear understanding of the dangers facing Israel and its water supply. It has been studied by US lawmakers and can be seen at