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Jewish-American Holocaust 2.0 Denial

By Mark Langfan
Arutz Sheva
24 May, 2013

Jews should have the backs of such brave senators as Grassley and not stab them in the back. Warnings should be listened to.

Mark Langfan

The National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC) in a press release:, attacked Republican US Senator Chuck Grassley from Iowa because Sen. Grassley tweeted:
“US has no foreign policy. We sh[ou]ld remember what happened th[e] last time we had no foreign policy. It was Sept 1939 Hitler started WWII Poland.” 
- ChuckGrassley (@ChuckGrassley) May 18, 2013.
The NJDC's full "FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE" response entitled "Sen. Grassley Must Apologize for Hitler Tweet" was:
"Senator Grassley's Hitler comparison is absolutely inappropriate. Grassley's remark unfortunately places him among the usual cranks spouting similar nonsense every day on Twitter and is unbefitting of a U.S. Senator. Grassley should apologize immediately for his tweet and realize the very real dangers of making such extreme comparisons."
The NJDC’s Grassley tweet objection from a Jewish organization inextricably evokes, as a principal unstated reference point and its legitimacy, an undeniable Jewish Holocaust component.
As such, I have problems with self-anointed "Hitler" and/or "Holocaust" gate-keepers. And despite my pointed published remarks attacking the NJDC's Grassley attack, the NJDC failed to publicly retract, or modify, its Grassley attack.
Now as a preface, I'm sure the NJDC does a lot of good things for Israel, America, and for Jewish values. And despite the organization's partisan nature, I, in no way, am ascribing malicious motives to the NJDC's Grassley press release.
Nevertheless, just because the NJDC does some good things, that doesn't exempt it from criticism, nay harsh criticism, for making serious mistakes that could have catastrophic unimaginable results for the safety and security of Israel and of America. And, I believe the NJDC's Grassley attack is just such a serious mistake.
Now, let's put aside the issue that mainstream American Jews and Jewish Organizations were, at best, passive and failed during the Holocaust 1.0. But, don't take my word; take Yad Vashem's published analysis:
"Nonetheless, after the US government confirmed reports of the ‘Final Solution’ in the fall of 1942, the American Jewish community felt compelled to do something. An organization called the American Jewish Conference was created in August 1943 by the major American Jewish organizations for the purpose of planning their postwar policy."
So, even though the "US government" in the Fall of 1942 "confirmed reports of the ‘Final Solution,’" the American mainstream Jewish reaction was (drumroll please), yes, yes, to create yet another Jewish organization that did nothing but plan for "postwar" post-Holocaust 1.0 "policy." (I will have a lot more to say about this issue in my future essays. Bank on it.)
But as to the substance of the NJDC/Grassley matter. . .
First, Sen. Grassley only mentioned "Hitler" invading Poland in 1939. He didn't even mention the unspeakable "H" word. Dare I say it: the Holocaust! So, who elected NJDC the appointed "gatekeeper" of the use of "Hitler" historical analogies by American congressmen and senators?
An elected US Senator can't publicly warn that he sees a waxing, menacing Hitler-type world threat without the NJDC's imprimatur? Did I miss something, or did the NJDC copyright the "Hitler" threat?
Or, put more bluntly, if this were the 1930's, when, according to the NJDC's “informed” sense of "appropriate," could the Republican Senator Grassley have “appropriately” called Hitler a "Hitler," or warned of a grievous Hitler-type “extreme comparison” threat (especially because Roosevelt was a totally radical "Democrat" president)?
Before Dec. 7, 1941, many Americans, in fact, attacked US congressmen and senators for calling Hitler "Hitler." In fact, in 1940, Americans, shockingly, actually hung US Sen. Claude Pepper (a Democrat) in effigy in front of the Capitol Building in DC only because he voted for the 1940 "Selective Service Bill" that actually saved the United States and the world.
Or, how about after Dec. 7, 1941, when 416,800 US soldiers died fighting in World War II? So, let's forget, for the moment, that 6,000,000 Jews were mass-murdered by the Nazis.
Put the Jews aside. A current US Senator doesn't have the unalloyed right and absolute obligation to warn his fellow-countrymen of what he believes to be an analogous Hitler-like danger where Americans could soon lose their lives in a World War without a Jewish organization excoriating him? Of course, Sen. Grassley does. Yet, the NJDC, in the sacred name of its Jewish cause, dares verbally assault and harangue a US Senator for his stark warning that many American soldiers might soon have to die because of what the Senator believes is an idiotic or non-existent Obama foreign policy?
Second, or, as President Obama recently so sagely stated in Jerusalem, "Put yourself in their shoes." .
Let's assume a neo-isolationist-type Republican President was in office. And, a hypothetical US Democratic Senator tweeted the same exact "It was Sept 1939 Hitler started WWII Poland" tweet against the Republican neo-isolationist President. Would the NJDC's doppelganger, the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC), have been morally and ethically right, in the sacred name of a Jewish organization, to have attacked the hypothetical Democrat Senator who tweeted the anti-Republican President tweet with the same "usual cranks" incendiary and caustic criticism the NJDC has used against Sen. Grassley?
Of course not. In fact, such hypothetical RJC criticism against the brave Democratic Senator would be as insanely ludicrous as the actual NJDC criticism against the brave Sen. Grassley was, and is.
Third, I thought the whole point of "Never again" is to warn people of looming possible severe dangers so a future Holocaust 2.0 can be averted in time. The world of 2013 moves at light speed compared to 1942, and Israel is a "one-nuke" country.
So, if you don't warn people quickly enough, Israel might not be there three minutes later. So, to the exact opposite point of the NDJC Grassley rant, there could be "very real dangers of" not "making such extreme comparisons."
Did the NJDC ever think of the "very real dangers" that might occur to America, to Israel, or to the Jews, if Sen. Grassley, and other like-minded elected officials, didn't and don't feel free to warn of fairly perceived Hitler-like dangers? Jews should have the backs of such brave senators and not stab them in the back.
For, if the first Holocaust 1.0 taught us anything it is "believe what your enemies say," and yell fire when you smell smoke.
Under the NJDC's Democratic President Obama, Iran started with virtually no fissile U235 material (UNCLASSIFIED CIA Section 721 Report, and Iran now has about 6, or more, gun-type nuclear bombs’ worth of uranium U235 (8271kg UF6 5% U235, 280kg UF6 20% U235), if Iran further enriched its U235 enriched stock. (IAEA 2013 Unclassified Report -
Hence, virtually all, I repeat ALL, of Iran's fissile U235 was enriched under Obama's watch. And both of Iran's biggest leaders have publicly promised to annihilate the "cancerous" Israel. Iran's skating close to even one nuke doesn't just call for tweeting "Hitler," it demands screaming "Holocaust 2.0."
Fourth, and most ominously, with the NJDC's Grassley pit-bull attack, there now clearly exists a new and infinitely dangerous breed of possible Holocaust 2.0 deniers. These new deniers deny and belittle the palpable real dangers of a would-be future-Holocaust 2.0.
In many ways, these Holocaust 2.0 deniers are a thousand times worse than the Holocaust 1.0 deniers, like Palestinian Pres. Mahmoud Abbas and David Irving, who mock and revile the 6,000,000 Jewish dead.
For, by muzzling urgent Holocaust 2.0 warnings, and cudgeling righteous Gentiles into silence, these Holocaust 2.0 deniers expose current living people to be mass-murdered by a new-Hitler, or Nazi-like regime. (BTW, this 2.0 argument is scalable to the "Americans for Peace Now" Two-Staters as well.) What's worse, these Holocaust 2.0 deniers are often Jewish, ostensibly "mean well," and actually are under a grave delusion that they are doing Tikkun olam.
These UN-useful-idiot Holocaust 2.0 deniers even convince themselves that it is more important to vacuously pimp for a president's bankrupt and dangerous foreign policies, than it is to warn of the new "Hitler" before he becomes an actual unstoppable Hitler.
In conclusion, instead of viciously maligning a righteous man like Sen. Grassley who is clearly and honestly warning of a terrible future danger, the NJDC should have called him in a gentlemanly fashion and asked him how they could help him warn President Obama of the dangers he sees.
The NJDC should have acted as a Jewish bridge from Senator Grassley to President Obama instead of being a partisan Democratic attack-dog. New Hitlers and new Holocausts are not partisan Democratic-Republican issues, but bipartisan American and Jewish issues.
If the NJDC benighted acts continue and it does not retract its gross libel on Sen. Grassley, the NJDC may have to be publicly exposed for the Hitler-like catastrophic threat they are exposing all Americans and Jews to under their self-appointed sacred cloak of a "Jewish" cause.
* * * * * * * 
The writer has created an original educational 3D Topographic Map System of Israel to facilitate clear understanding of the dangers facing Israel and its water supply. It has been studied by US lawmakers and can be seen at