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Bernard's Note: The article on Oslo below is dedicated to the ignorant Jews, both in Israel and the USA, who believed that "peace" was coming. I shouted as loud as I could: to the Jewish Federation of Greater Houston and its Community Relations Committee; to the Israeli Consulate of the Southwest; from the pages of the Jewish Herald-Voice and multiple Jewish newspapers and websites. 

I told the TRUTH and was fired, boycotted and blacklisted. But the truth is the TRUTH and can not be silenced. They all became complicit in maiming of 15,000 terror victims and the death of 2,500 Jews and Israelis. 
Their hands drip with the blood of my people. They can never wash it off. Soon they will be swept into the dustbin of HISTORY. The "piece of paper" extremists will go the way of all the enemies all through our long and difficult past.
The Almighty will raise up His People (Am Israel) and they shall become great Hebrew Warriors, like Joshua, David, Solomon, the Maccabees, Bar Kochba, Jabotinsky and Kahane. From my mouth to G-d's ear....

Weekly Commentary: The Problem Was Oslo - Not the Occupation

By Dr. Aaron Lerner

24 May, 2012

"The truth is harsh. The occupation is destroying Israel. It is undermining 
Israel's ethical, democratic and diplomatic foundations."

So claimed Haaretz Correspondent Ari Shavit on 17 December, 2009.

I would suggest that, in retrospect, much of the activity surrounding Oslo - 
rather than the "occupation" - has been "undermining Israel's ethical, 
democratic and diplomatic foundations."

#1 Respect for Human Life

Oslo corrupted our respect for human life. Soldiers and civilians alike 
became no more than pawns in a game of peacemaking under the gun. And today, 
after sinking up to our noses in the mire of Oslo, with politicians often 
ultimately treating brutal murders as temporary insignificant 
inconveniences, we find a dramatic increase in murder, violent crime, even 
violence in the schoolyard.

#2 Israel's Intelligence System

Oslo corrupted the very top of Israel's intelligence system. Some allowed 
their ideology to seriously cloud their judgment as they naively thought 
they could sub-contract Israel's security to their Palestinian pals who they 
wined and dined on open expense accounts. Others, with an eye on their 
career track, opted to present reports and analysis that supported the 
"process" rather than what they really thought. And it didn't stop there. 
Some of these top Israelis entered into a web of business relations with 
their Palestinian counterparts. Money - the ultimate corrupter.

#3 Political System

Oslo corrupted the political system, with it becoming acceptable to make 
bare-faced lies to the Knesset, as was the case when Shimon Peres denied the 
existence of his "Jerusalem Letter", and later when time and again the 
explicit policy choices made by the citizens was ignored after election day. 
But it wasn't just the lies and the vote buying. Oslo introduced brazen and 
open foreign interference in the Israeli democratic process with money from 
the European Union and other nations financing various leftist groups in 
Israel and even some politicians.

Oslo so corrupted respect for the democratic process that the ruling 
government even went so far as to use the services of the State's 
intelligence apparatus to undermine the standing of their political rivals 
and silence them rather than engage them in serious debate. To this day 
serious public debate is marred by the efforts to silence voices with 
charges of incitement and the "extremist" label.

Oslo corrupted the news media as reporters abandoned their critical 
"watchdog" role, opting to either distort or ignore the truth as their 
contribution to the "peace process".

Oslo corrupted our society. Oslo corrupted our democratic system. Oslo 
corrupted our security.

#4 Security

Yes. And it undermined our security.

Defenders of the retreat from Gaza cite the security conditions faced by 
Israelis in the Gaza Strip just before the retreat. They either forgot – or 
hope their audience has forgotten – that before Oslo the security situation 
was so favorable that places like Netzarim were “defended” by a single bored 
soldier sitting at the main entrance to the community.

The “terror” that the Labor Party blamed the Shamir Government for in the 
election campaign before Oslo’s birth was a series of knifing incidents.

Thanks to Oslo instead of knives, guns and an occasional homemade bomb we 
find ourselves facing trained armies in our backyard and even living room. 
And under the “quiet for quiet” policy our enemies can do pretty much 
anything they want to to upgrade the weapons they have as long as they don’t 
use them. Yet. [We try to comfort ourselves by claiming that the quiet is 
thanks to Israeli deterrence when it could just as easily be described as 
our enemies opting to pick the time and place – and that time and place hasn’t 
yet arrived.].

#5 Flood of Foreign Workers

Thanks to Oslo our country is swamped with the foreign workers who were 
brought in to replace the masses of Palestinian workers who, thanks to the 
Oslo security fiasco, could no longer be trusted.

#6 Diplomatic Standing

And Oslo - not the occupation - served to undermine Israel's diplomatic 

Oslo took Yasser Arafat and his PLO off the dung heap of history (wallowing 
in Tunis after being thrown out of Lebanon) when only radicals in the West 
were talking about anything beyond a Palestinian autonomy and lead 
ultimately to the diplomatic challenge we face today - with the critical 
message of UNSC 242 (no requirement of full withdrawal) being ignored.

Again: We didn't get into this mess because of the "occupation". It's the 
reckless ideologically blinded pro-withdrawal policies that got us into this 

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