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Freeman Center Disgusted at Bibi Groveling Before Anti-Semites of Europe

by Bernard J. Shapiro

When I founded the Freeman Center back in 1992, I gave a copy of Bibi's book, A PLACE AMONG THE NATIONS, to everyone joining. I was very impressed at the clear understanding of history and the Jewish place in it. I especially appreciated the chapter on Czechoslovakia and how it related to the current Arab-Israeli issues. 
Now, we see the pitiful image of Israel's PM running after the princes of Europe hat in hand. Does he have no pride? Does he not know how powerful Israel is really? Has he not read the articles of Paul Eidelbergand Yoram Ettinger broadcast here for the world to see? 
Despite protestations of Israel's Supreme Court of the Arab People (and not Jews), there is NO SUCH THING AS INTERNATIONAL LAW!!! The only thing that has ever mattered in world history is POWER. Machiavelli knew it. So did Lao Tsu, Muhammed, Pol Pot, Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar, Napoleon, Mao, Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin. 
Power can be used for good or evil. The defense of Israel and the Jewish People is the most righteous use of power in the course of human history. 
The world that Bibi so earnestly seeks to befriend has spent the last 2000 years killing, raping, forcibly trying to convert us. They have stolen our treasure and reaped the benefit of our culture, our science, and our religion. And finally they exterminated us like vermin. 
The Jews have always been the most productive, creative people on this planet. While making up less than 1% of the world's population, they made up over 33% of Nobel Prize winners in all fields from medicine to economics. 
The Muslims have brought to the world NOT life, but death. Instead of a polio vaccine they invented car bombs, homicide bombers and human shields. 
We must ask ourselves: Why has the world embaced this death cult over Israel and the Jewish People? 
My response, is simple. I don't give a damn. Let them do as they wish, Israel is strong and can take any action it needs to to defend its interests.
What Israel lacks is strong leadership. I would second the motion of Paul Eidelbeg that Caroline Glick would make a good PM. 
And then create a strong Zionist coalition without the pro-Arab parties of Labor and Meretz. The Arab Parties should be immediately expelled from the Knesset as traitors. 
I will continue on the future of Israel under strong leadership in further articles. The article below is what got me ranting. FYI, in a war between NATO and Israel, Israel would win quickly. The West has no stomach for real combat. Picking on Libyia, Serbia is one thing, Israel is is another.......Bernard J. Shapiro
Netanyahu in Britain, Hears Threats to Recognize PA State 
by Hillel Fendel- Arutz Sheva Netanyahu Hears British Threats

Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu is paying an official, three-day visit to Britain and France – whose leaders are now said to be threatening to recognize a Palestinian state. 

Greeting Netanyahu on Wednesday at 10 Downing Street, England’s Prime Minister David Cameron said, “Britain is a good friend of Israel and our support for Israel and Israel's security is something I have described in the past, and will do so again, as unshakeable. We are strong friends of Israel.” 

Freudian Slip

“We think, though,” he added, that “now there is a real opportunity - with the end of Bin Laden, with the Arab Spring, with all that's happening in the world - we think this is a moment of opportunity… to push forward the process of peace between Israel and Palestine.” Palestine, of course, does not exist – the Oslo Accords recognize the Palestinian Authority – but this “slip” was apparently a harbinger of true British intentions to recognize a unilaterally-declared Palestinian state this coming September. 

The Guardian reported yesterday that British government officials are holding this threat very distinctly over Israel’s head. The paper quoted a “diplomatic source” implying a self-righteous British position of, “This will hurt me, but I may have no choice.” 

Gentle Threat

The source’s exact words were: “Britain's clear and absolute preference is for a negotiation to take place between Israel and the Palestinians which leads to a two-state solution which everyone endorses. But at this point Britain is not ruling anything out. The more Israel engages seriously in a meaningful peace process, the less likely it is that this question of unilateral declaration would arise.”

Regarding the expected PA bid to secure recognition at the UN General Assembly in September, the source said that if Netanyahu refuses to join substantive talks with the PA, “Europe would be asked a very difficult question and we don't know yet what the answer to that question will be.” 

Netanyahu has long called for direct talks with the PA, which has refused to agree unless Israel formally stops all construction in Judea and Samaria – a step that Israel took for ten months, and which it largely continues to implement de-facto. 

French leaders are also expected to make a similar recognition threat to Netanyahu. 

Prior to his meeting with the British leader, Netanyahu told reporters in London that the Fatah-Hamas agreement signed in Cairo was a “tremendous blow to peace and a great victory for terrorism. Three days ago, terrorism was dealt a resounding defeat with the elimination of Osama bin Laden; today, in Cairo, it had a victory." 

Netanyahu on Fatah's Agreement with Obama-Praising Hamas

As Netanyahu noted, 
Hamas condemned the United States for its killing of arch-terrorist Bin Laden. He said that PA chief Mahmoud Abbas, in signing the unity agreement with Hamas, had "embraced" an organization that condemned the American operation against Bin Laden and called him a "great martyr." 

"When he [Abbas] embraces this organization, which is committed to Israel's destruction and fires rockets on our cities, this is a tremendous setback for peace and a great advancement for terror,” Netanyahu said. “What we hope will happen is that we find peace - and the only way we can make peace is with our neighbors who want peace. Those who want to eliminate us, those who practice terror, are not partners for peace." 

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