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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."

by Emanuel A. Winston

Middle East Analyst & Commentator

We often hear from the pundits, Israeli politicians and the Leftist Media that the people of Israel are battle-weary and will jump at any quick fix to relieve the fatigue of battle. I wonder if their armchair analysts have even bothered to read the volumes and well-documented history of the Jewish people with respect to their unending battle to survive as a people?

We Jews have been at war for thousands of years and, indeed, are weary of fighting those who declare themselves to be our enemies for no other reason than they believe our Jewishness is offensive to them. Granted since we returned to our own homeland (albeit a mere sliver of land where our soul roots are deep), our self-anointed adversaries went into a greater rage when we seemed beyond their reach. Worse yet, fueling that rage was the simple fact that when they did again reach out to savage us, expecting the usual subservient victim Jews, they were instead badly beaten.

The ‘cowardly’ Jews - heretofore always the perennial victim - had resumed their "excellent warrior" status of ancient times. Arab Muslims hated the humiliation the victorious Jews slammed into them because the Muslims were taught that theirs was a superior civilization meant to rule and humiliate all others. How dare these ‘lowly’ Jews destroy the myth of the master Muslim race of desert warriors! This psychological twist helps explain why the Palestinians voted Hamas into power and why Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran rants about destroying the Jewish State.

In Europe, the arch-killers of Jews and the claimants of being natural heirs to G-d’s Covenant also went into shock. After all, hadn’t they, with the Church’s blessings, assisted in the Genocide of Jews? How could this rag-tag army of skeletal wretches, most straight out of the enslaved work and killing camps of the Nazi Germans (assisted by the Europeans) possibly defeat the combined Arab armies? Since 1948, in war after war the new Israeli Jews defeated the Muslim Arab armies who were armed by the Europeans and Americans.

It just wasn’t possible. Here too the myths of Jewish cowardice and inability to fight fell like shattered glass. So on one side, the Arab armies were persuaded by the Europeans and Americans with the idea that the Muslim Arab armies would solve the problem of a Jewish State that gallantly refused to die.

The Arabs licked their wounds, screamed for revenge and for the world to force Israel to return the Land Israel liberated after being attacked by the Arab Muslim armies and terrorists in six wars of pledged Genocide.

The Europeans could not give up their own blood lust against Jews who usurped their dreams of a world without Jews or a Jewish State. As the State of Israel grew (now to 7 million) and produced innovations which surely belonged to the richer nations, the ‘others’ hatred grew in direct proportion to the advancements made by what was supposed to be the ‘lowly, meek’ Jew. Always underlying this pathological rage was their need to prove that G-d had erred in anointing the Jewish people to carry His Covenant and that it was either Christianity or Islam that was the rightful heir.

Therefore, wars against the Jews continued - only the tactics changed and adapted.
What the Arab Muslims could not win on the open battle-field became an ongoing Terrorist War of Attrition. The Europeans became the key supporters of Terror by funding and supplying arms while they made self-serving statements of how they "only wanted Peace" for the Jews and Arabs. It has been said that the Europeans and the Arabists in Washington have collapsed their moral position into one that accommodates the Muslim Terrorists who proclaim they intend to create a Global Islamic Caliphate State where strict Islam (Shari’a Law) dominates the world.

As for some Leftist Jews, many retained the subservient demeanor of ghetto Jews, yearning to be returned to the fleshpots and slavery of to speak. Here the contaminators acted as hosts for the virus of hand-wringing submission. Many Jews hated being warriors and especially hated winning. They did everything possible to contaminate this young Jewish Israel.

Today’s Leftist Jews wormed their way into every position of authority in the Free World and bore into the very pillars of support that upheld the Jewish State. They even conspired with Israel’s most dedicated enemies, among the Arab Muslims, the Europeans, and the ever-present, Jew-hating pro-Arab State Department. No betrayal was too offensive; treason was common but always under a flood of speeches to the people of how "Peace could be achieved" by turning Israel into a ghetto State. This is the Plan that PM Olmert is bringing to President Bush for his stamp of approval.

If Israel could squeeze down into a small, fenced-in ghetto, the Arab Muslims of the Middle East and the Christians of Europe would soon forget the Jews were ever there. So what if there was an occasional ‘pogrom’ by a suicide/homicide bomber or car bomb. These Leftist Jews could afford such a ‘small loss’ for them IF the Arab Muslims ‘hinted’ at ‘peace’. The wipe-out of European Jewry was merely a one-time anomaly. Peace would happen in the Middle East IF only they could remove their offense of beating the Muslim Arab armies.

Now there is a plan afoot to give up the South of the Jewish Nation, starting with the Gaza Strip. Under then Prime Minister Ehud Barak, the Northern frontiers are on their way to becoming a no-man’s land with the Missiles of Hezb’Allah able to strike all Northern Israel.

Now Israel’s current Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will pay what he believes is the final bribe by surrendering Judea, Samaria, the Jordan Valley, the Golan Heights, and finally, all of Jerusalem that holds the holy Jewish sites. Here again this requires the Bush collaboration and abundant American taxpayers’ dollars.
Surely, all this will be a sufficient bribe to make the Arabs give up their Islamic drive to eliminate all of Israel. Yes indeed, the well-known caricature of the cartoon Jew, wringing his hands in despair returned with a vengeance to ‘Dhimmi-hood’.


Regrettably, not until the Jews have been beaten, bloodied and driven beyond their fatigue of war. Ehud Olmert said plainly in a well-publicized speech: "We are (He is) tired of winning". The solution is a peoples’ revolt and gathering up the likes of Olmert, Chief Justice Aharon Barak, Ehud Barak, Shimon Peres and Yossi Beilin - among others - putting them on a luxury liner, there to sail the seven seas - never to disembark. Ships that carried the ancient plagues were never allowed into port where they could possibly spread the disease they carried.

Make no mistake: self-hatred is a disease which can and has destroyed nations.
But first, Israel must pay a price for falling back into a ghetto mentality and pleading with the world at large for recognition and allowing it to survive. Israel continually petitions her tormenters just to be left in "Peace - Now"! A great deal of blood must be spilled for following the Osloids, the defeatism of Gaza and now the Kadimites. The price of running from an enemy who will show no pity is a bill that has come due.

Think of this: The existence of Israel has fallen into the hands of a man who is merely the equivalent of a legal clerk. He has ideas but then every shop keeper, shyster lawyer, every 12 year old or - in other words - everyone has ideas. Because a lowly lawyer by happenstance becomes Prime Minister and starts purging the people off their Land, house and safety, should we follow? Must the people obey like lemmings plunging over the cliff - forever?

Now we have this common, ordinary man, not known for insight or brilliance in thinking who tells Israelis that he has ideas about divesting the tiny Jewish nation of strategic territory. Some Jews need for a compressed existence within a ghetto is a ghastly return to slavery. We see the newly sworn-in Prime Minister Ehud Olmert dangling the psychological carrot to a Jewish population who are easily reminded of the weak safety net which lies in the illusion of a walled-in existence. Of course, Olmert does not complete the circle of information wherein their Ghettos in Europe were like private hunting grounds for the Church and Aristocracy who would unleash the peasantry when necessary, allowing them to vent their anger at their own misery.

Then, the populace was prodded into breaking through the walled towns and unleash their full fury. Rape, murder, looting, kidnaping of children to be raised as proper Christians. I suppose the identical scenario existed under the prophet Mohammed wit h the men slaughtered, the women raped and the children sold into slavery, mandating theat they convert to Islam. No disillusion at all.

Now Olmert and his Kadimites, joined by a weak Leftist Media and corrupt Government Officials have offered a plan demonstrating Olmert’s understanding of the Jewish psyche of the weakest among the Jewish people. Subliminally, the weak wish to return to the slave camps of Egypt where food was provided and one knew his place.

Only now Olmert doesn’t see that his fine fence will be new ghetto walls, totally encompassing the Jewish people by "converging" them into a tiny, postage stamp sized state...denuded of dignity, lacking in liberty, repulsed for their religion by the Muslims who will soon reach a "Critical Mass" in Europe and America. There they will complete their Islamic Caliphate which they intend will dominate the entire world by Islam and the strict Shari’a laws.

As the Europeans drove the Jewish people into Ghetto enclaves, to separate them from the general population, Olmert speaks of maintaining the Jewish character of the nation Israel by doing the same. The problem with this small-minded thought is that Olmert and those who are drawn to the Kadimites’ barrier, have no desire to be Jewish. Although Olmert went to the Western Wall wearing a kippa after his election that gave him a minuscule number of seats (but more than any others), he still went to the Wall as an un-Jew. He no more believes in G-d as a Superior Being (other than himself). His speeches and doctrines speak of driving the Jews out of most of the Land given to the Jewish people by G-d with a Covenant for Eternity. His slogan is "Convergence" but, this becomes a Super State sized Ghetto. Olmert does not speak about driving the foreign Arab Muslims out of the Jewish Land but, he encourages them to remain, to breed and subvert even inside his coming agreed-upon Ghetto.
As in all past Ghettoes, the enemies of the Jews will dig under, climb over and around, shoot over and break down any wall to get at the Jews.

I have little doubt that, IF they could get their hands on Olmert, he would be slaughtered and dragged through the streets as has often been done with other captured Israelis. I also have little doubt that, the graves of prominent Israelis who were such good friends of Arafat - like Yitzhak Rabin - will be dug up and the bones scattered into the sewers of Gaza. For Muslims, rage against the living and the dead Jews has absolutely no limitations.

Caging the Jews has long been a method for easier (accelerated) elimination. Gathered together with increased population density makes them an inevitable vulnerable target for their adversaries. The Jews, sadly, assist in their own vulnerability by choosing to bunch up. Normally, it is not unusual for ethnic groups to seek to live among their own kind. Coalescing into ethnic neighborhoods brings a certain comfort level. But, for the Jews, the rules are altered and, not necessarily by their own choice. Jews often gather for self-protection as the common enemy makes it difficult to live among the general population. While this is not always true, we see it in Europe today and the Middle East where Jews are not allowed to live in Arab or Muslim countries.

Olmert, following the methods of the earlier Arab Muslim attackers of the Jews, has chosen to attack isolated settlement outposts first. This was accomplished with single-minded brutality first in Gaza under PM Ariel Sharon (who was advised by Olmert) by using overwhelming force against patriotic settlers who would not think of counter-attacking a soldier, many of who they served with. Early Arab Muslim raiders found it safe to attack isolated settlements instead of the better guarded and fortified settlements, towns and cities. Sharon (during his days as a great general) used to attack these raiders until he too (for reasons we may never know) adopted similar techniques using the IDF to raid Jewish settlements. What a dreadful precedent he set!

To be fair, Sharon and Olmert were not the first Jewish leaders using the specially trained goon squads called "Yatom" or "Yassam". Rabin and Peres authorized meeting with Yassir Arafat when it was illegal to meet with Terrorists, in order to plan forced removal of Jews from their homes, accompanied by bribes and ending with Arafat’s Terrorists as the final persuaders to force the Jewish people to flee from Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

That initial plan proved to be a false start but, it was a start which was next re-born as "The Olso Accords". For the Osloids, the venture was sufficiently successful because it transferred significant cities to Arafat and his Palestinians - there to become Terrorist cities.

For the Jews it was a disaster in terms of more that 1,500 murdered and tens of thousands wounded Jewish men, women and children. Many were maimed for life, carrying nails, shards of metal - some coated with rat poison - buried in their liver, spleen, eyes and not removable. Rabin, Peres, Beilin - among the other Osloids, left a legacy of dead and crippled Jews.

Now, Gaza (as predicted) has become a staging arena for a mix of the worst of the Arab Muslim Palestinian Terrorists. Ehud Olmert wishes to duplicate Sharon’s feat by evacuating, evicting and stealing Judea and Samaria away from the Jewish people - unilaterally - for nothing in return... not even a piece of paper declaring peace.
Sharon’s slogan was "Disengagement" while Olmert’s slogan is "Convergence". In both cases, the slogans were deliberately misleading, given that there was no separation but rather "compression". The Arab Muslim Terrorists were drawn closer in greater numbers and, therefore, the word that aptly describes Olmert’s plan is "Compression".

Similarly, the Jews were to be driven out of their homes in Judea and Samaria to be further compressed in a shrinking Israel. Olmert’s slogan of "Convergence" has multiple meanings. The meaning Olmert wants you to hear is that somehow by driving the Jews out of the territories that hold so many sacred Jewish holy sites, and by converging them into a shrinking Israel, the Arab Muslims will forgive the Jews for their mere existence. Moreover, since this little corporal or sergeant has zero military experience, he thinks that a "compressed Jewry" will be better able to hold off attacks.
Strange, isn’t it, how inexperienced but slick politicians want us to believe they are truly great and unrecognized military strategists merely because they were successful as backroom wheeler-dealers, barely this side of a courtroom and jail.

So now, Israel has a lawyer ‘cum’ visionary, replete with the slogan of "Convergence" who just appointed a union organizer who has no military experience, Amir Peretz of Labor as Israel Minister of Defense. We often speak of the blind leading the blind but, to be deaf and dumb in addition completes the circle of Chelm. I wonder if they are even aware of their incompetence or if they are, have they arranged for a back-door escape into their spider hole when the Jews tragically start dying due to their leaders’ stupidity?

Ehud Olmert is to visit America later this month and deliver the pledge of dividing Jerusalem along with the rest of the country. Olmert expects President Bush to not only approve but to guarantee $10 to 20 Billion American taxpayers’ dollars to pay for the forced evacuation of Jews from Judea and Samaria, the Jordan Valley and the Golan Heights. Even $10/20 Billion will not be sufficient to fund the Army’s activities and to relocate the people, estimated from 80,000 to 250,000 as was done in evicting 10,000 Jewish men, women and children from Gush Katif/Gaza. Their promised compensation is still to be paid for. Most of them are still unemployed, in temporary locations and suffering from trauma.

Sharon and Olmert expected American taxpayers’ dollars to pay for ejecting the Jews out of Gaza and re-locating the Army’s strong-holds but, got nothing in return except for a Center for Global Terrorism. Perhaps Olmert and Bush would like to hear from you before and during his arrival in America.

Emanuel A. Winston is a member of the Advisory Board and a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.