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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."

Moment of Truth for Leftists

by Assaf Wohl


12 March, 2011


Following attack, leftists must decide whether they're 'usefulidiots' or anti-Semites

Hello there, global leftist:

Almost every day, Israel's citizens are told of more displays of
hostility by you against us. Often we are informed of various boycotts
imposed on Israeli goods, the cancellation of cultural events in
Israel, and even attempts to boycott Israeli academia.

This past week I watched Pink Floyd's Roger Waters urging a boycott on
Israel. His arguments included an embarrassing combination of charges,
including the finest lies taken from al-Jazeera's propaganda. The most
prominent argument was Israel's portrayal as a racist "apartheid
state" that sets up a wall separating Arabs and Jews.

Now, listen to what happened Saturday. One or more terrorists
infiltrated the community of Itamar, which is located beyond the
protective fence. They butchered five family members with knives,
including an 11-year-old child, a four-year-old boy, and a
three-months-old baby girl.

Gaza residents celebrated the massacre, so this is not a case of
individual madness. These are the same Palestinians who celebrated the
death of thousands at the Twin Towers. These are the same people who
are standing at the squares of Tehran, Damascus, Beirut and even
Istanbul, screaming "Death to Israel." As it turns out, "Israel" can
also be a baby.

Let's put ideology aside for a moment and only talk numbers. Before
the fence was built, premeditated acts of horror were perpetrated
within Israel regularly. In 2002 alone, some 189 Israelis were
massacred in 53 terror attacks. As the fence kept expanding,
hostilities declined, until in 2009 they stood at zero. So these are
the numbers.

My conclusions, which are only premised on the data presented above,
are simple: With a fence in place, there are no massacres. Without a
fence, hundreds of civilians are massacred. Hence, those interested in
removing the fence support the slaughter of Israelis. So why do you,
dear leftist, endorse massacres in practice?

Useful idiots
Ask yourself the following question: Why do you compare the
premeditated slaughter of civilians to unintentional harm to civilians
who serve as a human shield for rocket launchers and suicide bombers?
There are two possible answers here.

The first answer, my leftist comrade, is that you're simply an idiot.
Don't be insulted, my friend, you're not "just an idiot." You are an
idiot of the type Lenin referred to as "useful idiot." What does that
mean? You're simply being exploited.

You are being exploited by global Islam in a bid to eliminate a
democratic state. After all, you would not be able to survive even
five minutes in the alternative they prepare for you. If you want, you
can look into the state of freedom of expression, prosecution of
Christians, stoning of women and hanging of homosexuals in the Muslim

You likely believe that you are legitimately criticizing the State of
Israel. Yet here you're lying to yourself a little. There is no state
like Israel, surrounded by an ocean of billions of people calling for
its extermination. Its neighbors, who realized they cannot defeat it
on the battlefield, are simply exploiting you: They fire rockets at
our kindergartens from the safety behind your back – yes, you, the one
calling for boycotts and screaming "apartheid."

The second and less flattering possibility is that you're not a
"useful idiot," but rather, a mere anti-Semite. Is there another way
for you to explain your obsession with Israel? Do you show the same
determined disapproval towards China, Iran, Syria, Venezuela or North

The campaign against the Jewish state is disproportional in a way that
cannot be explained away. I too admit that the Jews are an especially
annoying people. Yet we do not tend to explode on buses as a form of
revenge; not even in Germany. At most we'll argue with you until you
die of boredom.

Perhaps you believe that you'd be able to clear you conscience of the
persecution of Jews and the Holocaust if only you prove that we're
worse than you. Perhaps the fact that the annoying Jews, according to
the Bible at least, introduced to the world the morality which Islam
and Christianity are premised on drives you nuts. Maybe you are
interested in highlighting our injustices because someone branded us
as the "Chosen People." One way or another, I have no intention to
again march into the gas chambers because of a 3,000-year-old story.

By the way, guess what the next target for extermination is? You
really don't know? Go ahead and look in the mirror. In Brussels,
Paris, London and Malmo you shall soon be an extinct species fighting
for its survival under Islamic laws. And while you're at it at the
mirror, look at yourself and say the following: "Now, after I read
this, I am no longer a useful idiot. Rather, I am an anti-Semite who
is assisting the murder of Jews, in practice."

Does it seem exaggerated to you? Maybe so. But in the bottom line, as
far as the outcome is concerned, this is precisely what you're doing.