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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."


by David Basch

14 March, 2011


               "What is the true nature of the conflict?  Unvarnished, ... the home of the
                Jewish lambs has been penetrated by Arab jackals.... implacable predators
                of the lambs,... No more need be said about this condition. for if it provides
                the true picture, the lambs will without ambiguity know ... what must be done
                to answer it.... if they are to survive."

                "This is a clarity that has eluded ... Israeli governments ever since Israel's victory
                 in the 1967 War...."

Listening to Aaron Klein's broadcast an WABC yesterday with an Arab Fatah leader
about the murder of the Israeli family in Itamar, there was little sympathy from
the Arab and more of his blame on Israel for the incident because "Israel robs Arabs
of their land." Listening to the conversation, it is evident once again, for the millionth time,
that Israel's enemies will not be appeased until Israel disappears.

What is galling is that Israel has a leadership that believes that the voracious hate
of the enemy can be appeased by enough surrenders. This is a leadership blinded by
a misbegotten ideology that sees the Arab enemy in its own image. This has got
to be demoralizing to the more down to earth Israelis.

Because of Israel's many surrenders of strategic territory and diplomatic position, Israel
has gravely weakened itself. Israeli governments have come to accept the Arab definition
of the struggle as that between a righteous Arabs and avaricious, traditional Jews that want
to rob the Arabs of their inalienable national rights.

Thanks to Israeli governments, this has given birth to myriads of catchy slogans of universalism
and human rights directed against Israel . These have cast Israel as the villain in the struggle
against Arab "freedom fighters" -- a view imbibed by many American Jews, especially college-age

Needless to say, the Arabs are reaping the harvest of Israeli self-deprecation, thought by
deluded Leftists to be a badge of honor reflecting their high-minded worthiness, as obsessed
Israeli leaders seek to jump through the hoops of false morality that the Arabs and the world
set up to weaken Israel. Israel now approaches the point at which it can scarcely mobilize
itself to fight the onslaughts of an enemy that Israeli leaders vainly insist on trying to win over
to friendship, even as these mercilessly massacre Israeli civilians and teach their children hate

Obviously, there is something wrong with this Arab definition. If it is not corrected, it
will ensure Israel an unlamented doom.

What is the true nature of the conflict?  Unvarnished, it can be summarized by analogy
as a situation in which the home of the Jewish lambs have been penetrated by Arab jackals.
Naturally, jackals being implacable predators of the lambs, the lambs are in grave danger.
No more need be said about this condition. For if it provides the true picture, the lambs
will without ambiguity know the nature of the threat and what must be done to answer it.
The analogy captures the essence of the predicament of a predatory foe and its victim.
Those understanding the reality of such a situation will know the kind of action needed
by the victims if they are to survive.

What is more, with this clarity, no matter how well meaning are the friends of the lambs and
the apologist supporters of the jackals, That is, no matter, how they will shake and dance
with fancy definitions of human rights and the joys of Universalism, the lambs will be able
to see through this fog their own precarious plight and what must be done to protect themselves
from the destined ravages of the unchecked natural predatory impulses of the foe. The fact is
that these imperfect and bogus theoretical formulations of Utopian concepts have only
ended up as supporting Arab barbarism and delivering the Jewish lambs into the gullets of the
Arab jackals.

This is a clarity that has eluded both Leftist and Right-wing Israeli governments ever since
Israel's victory in the 1967 War.  What more is there to say about it? A word to the wise --
unless they have the mind of lambs -- will lead to better formulations of the condition of
Israel and its natural right to protect itself from the vanguard of an Arab world determined to
rid the Middle East of Israel. That vanguard is no minority or powerless but comes with
the support of a world of supporters and Israel deludes and defeats itself when it divorces
this vanguard from the what lies behind it. Just like the pretty iceberg that has 90% of its
bulk beneath the water, so is the Arab vanguard located within Israel's territories and is
not less a threat to Israel than is the hidden part of the iceberg to unsuspecting ships.

Israel needs a redefinition of its situation that shows the truth of Israel's
righteous claims to the historic lands of the Jewish people and its right and duty
to protect itself and to decisively defeat its enemies. Continuing Israel's piecemeal
surrenders will only invite further demands and ultimately end with a weakened
Israel going down to defeat against its self-created empowered enemy.

* * * * * * *
David Basch is an architect and city planner in New York as well as the Freeman Center's political philosopher. Basch is also an expert on Shakespeare and the author of the book, The Hidden Shakespeare, which proves through talmudic and other Jewish sources that Shakespeare was in fact Jewish.