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FOX Highlights Catholic Mission to Gaza

Prof. Eugene Narrett

During its 7-8pm EDT news hours, on March 19 the Fox network showed a special report on a Catholic Mission of art therapy, psychology and other services to Arabs in Gaza said to be suffering trauma from periodic Israeli helicopter flights. The report was narrated by a fairly new Fox correspondent from Israel and its area, Rena Ninan.

There was extensive discussion of the trauma being experienced by Arab children who the kindly Catholic missionaries and reporters were prompting to draw pictures of how they saw the world now that they’ve been ‘damaged’ by the cruel Israelis. The cameras made sure to show childish scrawls of helicopters with the hated Star of David on them and of Arab children with fountains of blood. There also was stock footage of Arabs carrying people on stretchers, and even some Israeli ambulances though it didn’t say why they would be evacuating Arabs from Gaza (for treatment at Israel hospitals at the expense of Israelis).

Hovering mildly in the background, nuns in their habits, noble emissaries of the religion of mercy instructed the little Arabs about how to express the pain they suffer from the aggressive Jews. How readily their agenda blends with that of the UNRWA, ISM, UN “Human Rights Commission” [sic] and kindred groups worldwide. The wild beasts love to kill especially, via the media when they can kill with feigned compassion and virtual reality.

Notable in their absence were any scenes of the Israeli town of Sderot which has been the target of about 6300 rockets in recent years, nearly two hundred last month. There was no mention of the Jews traumatized body and soul by the unprovoked attacks meant to murder civilians and to render Israel Judenrein; there was no mention of the yeshiva students recently murdered in cold blood: they did not fire rockets or bullets at anyone, their yeshiva was not a launching pad for attacks; their life was studying Torah in Jerusalem. There were murdered only because they were Jewish. There also was no coverage or mention of the fact that the family and entire neighborhood in Jerusalem from which their murderer hailed was not mourning his funeral but celebrating his marriage to the houris, the “seventy-two virgins” that are the reward of every “martyr,” that is, of a Muslim who murders Jews. No; none of this was mentioned or shown but the very same smiling Rena Ninan covered that event, briefly, without mentioning any trauma or showing any of the bodies literally shot to pieces but assuring the world that the Israeli response would be “severe.” But alas for the credibility of FOX and its correspondents, there has been no response except to protect the house where the bridegroom’s “marriage” is being celebrated and to prepare plans, under the guidance of the American government and Quartet to destroy yet more Jewish towns (Migron) and expel Jews from the center of the Promised Land.

Also not shown was any footage of the scenes on Gaza on the evening of March 06 in the hours after the Yeshiva boys were murdered. Then jolly Arabs, perhaps some of those in the ‘trauma story’ were running happily through the streets brandishing weapons while men carried candies on large platters for the pleasure of passing motorists, and speakers from a dais threw handfuls of sweets to the joyous throngs, -- a gigantic festival rejoicing at the intentional murder of Jewish civilians, the staple and desire of Muslims in the Middle East, like the one who stabbed a Rabbi in the neck as he walked in the Old City March 19.

As the Prime Minister of Germany barked her mutter tongue in the Knesset and choked out some ambiguous phrases of German interests in Israel’s “security” FOX went on its way doing propaganda for the Vatican and Hamas, Edom and Ishmael. A few minutes later, their ticker carried statements by Senator McCain saying that Israel had a right to defend itself against rocket attacks (ah, the loving kindness of the West) and that he appreciated its “restraint” and hoped it would continue so they could reach a settlement with “President” Abbas, the holocaust denier, Arafat’s senior colleague who recently boasted for Jordanian media that he had “fired the first bullet” in the PLO’s “struggle” against Israel in 1965. (“PLO” is the English acronym for Fatah under Russian tutelage since 1958 and first formed after WW II with American and exported German aids).

So if you want to know why the West is disintegrating, here is an aspect of the lies and malice responsible: the fish rots from the head down. The report, the comment by the “conservative” candidate for President and the cameo by Konigin Merkel, whose tongue struts on earth” in the original bark heard as the last sound by millions of murdered Jews shows what kind of regime sits in Jerusalem to fulfill this game; it also shows where this culture’s center of gravity is: in a gutter of blood and dreck from which no truth or life will emerge.

Only when it is turned about will there “be feasting and gladness, honor and a holiday” and the light of Israel will bless the world. May it be soon, for everyone’s sake.