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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."


Fighting for Life & Truth: the Last Battle

By Eugene Narrett, Ph.D

Let us say the last and essential battle, -- the ongoing battle until that day when the merits of the Children of Israel enable them to perceive and choose the scion of David who is present, ready and eager every day, in every generation to accept his role as king, Bar Nofli, a man born like any other man from a man and woman, husband and wife to lead in restoring the Kingdom of a fully sovereign Israel [1]. This day is near, here amid the deep sleep, the dread and great darkness of these terrible days whose full horror Abraham felt (Genesis 15:12).

We are the walkers of the long road of sanctification, the derekh Yehudi that the nations are rushing to bury, in their chaotic minds, once and for all, to slay the witnesses to and victims of their primal identity theft. Jews have endured so much of the aliens mad power games to attain this far goal of time to survive, triumph, bless and, -- it is necessary, all of history has shown this – to take “revenge against those fools who undermine civilization” [2].

The Minnim, the Hebrew-speaking gentiles oriented to Europe, Rome, Washington and London who have fallen by the wayside and have no share in the world to come [3] work with the nations and their mikhshol gadol (“great stumbling block”) [4] to blot out the nation of Israel so that it’s name not be remembered anymore (Psalm 83). They incite and arm Ishmael against us, -- they, the star-worshipers and notzrim are the virus that stole, deformed, and “poisoned our religion,” -- though the derekh Yehudi is not a “religion” in their fantasy-schizoid sense-- and then, in guilty denial attributed their sins to us, simple people that we are, put on us the viral, bloody and “rapturous” madness that define them: they are in a hurry as their composite civilization collapses of its internal contradictions, -- may the Highest Wisdom help and save all decent people – to crush us till we become vulnerable to their and our meisitim tormenting us 1700 years [5].

May Hashem help the good to thrive for Israel is ruled by “those who betray Jews to gentile authorities” [6] directly and indirectly so that they lose their livelihood, lives, property, the Promised Land itself and with it the possibility of performing true Torah and thus sanctifying the living reality and “Name” of the Creator; ruled by those “who cast fear upon the people for reasons other than the service of God.” Their failure to fight the wars of God is so total that their plan is to habituate Jews in the Promised Land to living in bomb shelters, or running to them, to never going outside with fear, -- if they can arrange it by refusing to fight either the milchemet mitzvah, the mandatory wars that are commanded for times such as these, much less the permitted wars in both of which Israel is commanded to serve not only God but all human beings by “giving their lives for the triumph of Hashem’s Torah and for revenge against those fools who undermine civilization” (supra). Thus the client regime shuts off water and starts to destroy beautiful simple places like Esh Kodesh, so lovingly built while supplying water, food, medicines, and electric power to the terrorists in Gaza. Thus terror and violence draw nearer…

Those who study events even in America, once the Medinat shel chessed, know that it too is being destroyed and that in the ensuing madness those who lament and oppose the destruction often blame the “Zionists” (Jews, they pretend there is a distinction yet never research the history of this matter) while successive administrations have used the media to indoctrinate Americans into believing, against all evidence that Israel is the cause of violence in the Middle East and the world. This is an ancient story: blame the Jews, justify genocide, take their land. Diplomats call it a “peace process.” Of course, at the end of the era of the appropriation and Judaism and Israel language itself is utterly corrupted: “security” is a war process, ignorance is strength and Yesod haTiferet become tattooed sluts. The seed, so precious to Israel, is desolated in the cult of population control.

To endure and conquer these perversions are our “specific challenge and service assignment and challenge from the Highest Wisdom” [7]. There is so much pain for many who strive for the Perfected Community of Yisrael HaShlaimim [ibid]: to be in the midst of this terror-struck world and have so little power save to find the group of men among whom is one fit to be a king of Israel; who watch, study and grieve from afar, trying to arouse and bring the words of the great from days past and present. Those who care for this destiny must unite.

“All those who oppose you shall be lost,” “utterly annihilated” not merely in this world but in the world to come: an eternity with the angel Duma and utter distance from the source of life [8]. Even now when, for decades, those who rule as clients of Edom betray, rebel, proudly sin in public, “cast fear upon the people,” make themselves accessories to murder by arming the enemies of the Eternal One’s beloved servants it will not last. Their tower of lies is collapsing upon itself; hence their haste, their ever more anxious and hollow worship of the goddesses of progress, manipulation and control; their destruction of human beings’ divine right to be free to choose the good, to have use of the land and integrity and sovereignty within their families: all these terrible things and the terrors that ensue are hastening to an end.

“Remember Amalek, what he did to you: ‘remember, with your mouths,’ speak of it; do not forget, -- in your hearts’” [9]. Israel is commanded to offer peace in both mandatory and permitted (reshut) wars; it has done so many times and has required a mandatory war since the 1940s. Lo tirah: Do not fear as they gather to scramble and again bury the dream of a fully humane and simple life of goodness such as is lived on the hills of Judea and Samaria. If Edom uses Ishmael to crush this source of light the world will be fully unbalanced and all borders collapse like chaos over creation, un-creating [10].

The sages of Israel anticipated this time frame and these developments; their prescience and accuracy should make believers of any still in doubt [11]. There are upheavals, grand designs by atheist worshippers of their own plans and power, and there “will be cessation with Hashem alone exalted on that day” (ibid). It will cause too much pain; Shakespeare and the Ramchal are eloquent and clear on this: we all affect each other, nothing is lost. But the basically good will be redeemed by their suffering if not by conscious atonement and the evil will be utterly annihilated, as they now are doing to the precious creation. In the midst of the land the Eternal One “will leave a humble and a forbearing people who take refuge in the Name of Hashem” [12]. These Jews already are there. This is why the powers want to uproot them: they are the living present that honors the past and therefore has a future. They are the antidote to “progressive synthesis” that has no identity, nothing but virtual reality, and no future other than tyranny.

Know the enemy and watch what they do: it is most blatant in the Promised Land because they know that it is there that God’s Name is great and that there is the one true claim they never can match. “Fear not, O men of Israel: I have made you like a new threshing iron with many blades; you will thresh and pulverize the mighty, and make the hills [their petty accomplices] like chaff…a storm wind will scatter them and you will rejoice in Hashem; in the Holy One of Israel shall you glory!” [13]. Those who remain will come to drink and eat, without money, the sustenance, the milk and wine of Judah streaming from the rebuilt Sanctuary on the Creator’s holy hill. “A nation that had not known you will run to you for the sake of Hashem, your God, for the Holy One of Israel” in its “battle for faith against those fools who undermine civilization.”

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