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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."

by Prof. Eugene Narrett

28 March 06, 28 Adar 5766

I must have been sleeping. I had this dream in which a leader of Israel said \'we have no beliefs, we have no traditions. We are tired of winning battles, we are tired of being brave......\' It was March 2006.

No; it wasn\'t a dream: it was a nightmare. Then, by providence divine, my beloved pinched me and I woke up and it was early morning on June 05, 1967. Jews had been anxious for weeks as the Arab nations again massed their armed forces and vowed to soak the sands of Israel in blood, to drive all the Jews into the sea. Then Israel attacked Egypt and the forces of the armies of Israel swept across the Sinai to the Nile. Israel attacked Syria and Lebanon, liberating the Golan Heights and upper Galil, to Sidon. When the displaced Meccan sharif in Amman bombarded Jewish Jerusalem, Israel drove the trespassers out of Judea and Samaria and into the deserts beyond Moav and Ammon.

The Temple Mount was in our hands. General eye-patch retired; Motta Gur heeded the counsel of Rabbi Goren and the abominations were taken down. The Mount was cleansed and sanctified. Mikvehs were built and the daily ascent of Jews to the Mount began. The beautiful synagogue there is a taste of sweeter things to come. They say that even at Tekoa they can smell the incense from the altar made at the Temple Mt. Institute.....

Of course, Israel annexed Judea and Samaria, the Gilead and Bashan all of which began flourishing with Jewish farms and towns. Oil was discovered in the deserts beyond Gilead. When Israel destroyed the PLO entirely in spring 1970, Russia pushed Syria into invading the Gilead.
Thank you very much: the Israeli counterattack destroyed the armed forces of Syria and in a last great battle by ancient Carcamesh near the Euphrates secured Israel\'s northeastern border. Aram was filled with Jewish settlement.

After a work by Israeli ecologists and marine biologists there was great trout and salmon fishing in the streams of the Lebanon, "this good Lebanon" Moshe called it when he described it as part of the Promised Land.

When Egypt, again prodded by the die-hard Soviets, attacked along the Suez-Ismail front in October 1973, the devestating Israeli counterattack led to the withdrawal of the Soviets from the eastern Mediterranean and the Israeli annexation to Gush Yehudah of the entire Sinai and formal ownership of the Suez canal. With the tithes from its operation, Israel realized the prophecy that "the riches of the west shall be given over to you, and I will bring you the wealth of nations" (Isaiah 60).

Giving America free passage for its ships, Israel helped America help the south Vietnamese defeat communism and form a self-sustaining constitutional democracy whose example spread throughout the region. A communist named Pol Pot became an ardent champion of balanced powers and gemillut chasdim. The Chinese and Japanese became Bnei Noach.....

When, in 1977, in a last ditch effort to re-assert its influence, Russia prompted its client, Saddam Hussein to launch a missile strike against the Gilead, the Israel forward defense systems achieved 100% shoot down of the missiles and proceeded to obliterate the Mesopotamian military. The Russian people rose up and by 1979 Communism, the cold war and the Russian Empire all were things of the past, bad dreams.

Jimmy Carter, an obscure peanut farmer from Georgia, had a small success as a fill-in for Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show. In his later years, he co-wrote a book about the wisdom of Judaism and the importance of blessing the Jewish people. The Herbert-Walker-Bush clan spent their remaining fortune on rocket ships and left for another galaxy with an ooze-master named Baker.

Meanwhile, Israel gave the oil fields east of the Euphrates to American companies, and to this day (Sukkot 2010), gasoline is .25 cents/gallon. Israel is the 3rd largest oil exporting nation on earth and, with its solar and de-salination facilities, sustains the highest annualized GDP and the cleanest environment. Animal and bird species thought extinct have begun appearing in the Promised Land. Re\'im are regularly sighted; even the chassidah....

The Persians have reverted to Zoroastrianism and in increasing numbers are becoming Bnei Noah. What did you expect after all those victories by the Jews.

A channel was dug from the Red Sea east of Aqaba to the Dead Sea to keep that mineral bank at its optimal level and allowing for maximal tapping of sweet water from the Kinneret.

By 1993, after fifteen years of consultation, the Sanhedrin was re-established and met regularly in its beautiful chambers on Har haZeitim. Its rulings were sought out by peoples everywhere. Among its daily study were the plans for rebuilding the Temple complex, projected for completion by 2015. By 2007, election had come to mean the selection by the people of the tribal areas of "men of accomplishment, men who love truth and disdain money."

All \'state lands\' have been sold at cost to Jews and the fertility of the Promised land is the wonder of the world. Hebron has grown to a sprawling all-Jewish city of 77,000 souls, its hills interspersed and surrounded with orchards and vineyards whose fruits and beverages are sought out from every corner of the earth. The entry to the caves of Machpela are thronged with Jews praying every day. West of the Jordan the Jewish population is twelve million, nearly 30 million throughout the dominion. What\'s amazing is the amount of green space.

Sober people talk about the imminent arrival of the Messiah. Ordinary folks figure he\'d probably already returned and was working incognito but happily, the job largely finished until it was time for the formal Chanuka haBayit........

Next time we\'ll do it right.

E. Narrett