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Kadima - in Bed with the Enemy
by Steven Shamrak

"I hope that Olmert wins," Mahmoud Abbas endorses Ehud Olmert\'s bid for the Israeli premiership during interview to an Italian newspaper.
Ehud Olmert plans to embark on another unilateral West Bank deportation of Jews immediately after next election. T he Herut party leader Michael Kleiner said: "With the money Olmert plans to use for the disengagement it is possible to implement an evacuation-compensation plan under which the (Arab) Palestinians are relocated to Arab states."

Israel\'s State Comptroller publicly reprimanded the current government over its failure to adequately care for the thousands of Jews it deported from their homes in northern Samaria and the Gaza Strip last summer.
(No respect for fellow Jews, no reverence for Jewish land. Kadima is just a bunch of corrupt power grabbing thugs and rejects! Often, I am asked: "What party should I vote for?" I can\'t advise you who to vote for, but by now you should know - whom you must not vote for! The list is big. Therefore, I mention only major and most dangerous \'Enemies within\': Labor, Kadima, Shuni, Shas ... Why Shas? The party has no political principles and is always ready to \'sell out\' for extra funding to its social programs.)

Lebanese Expansion Plan.
Lebanese President Emile Lahoud said that Lebanon should fight not only for the Shaba Farms, but also for land in the northern Israeli city of Metulla and in Kibbutz Misgav Am
Preparation for War is ON. A month ago the Lebanese Defense Ministry allowed the convoy, of arms-laden trucks from Syria destined for Hizballah to proceed. Iran has built an array of some 12,000 Katyushas and rockets in southern. Iran can shoot at targets south of Haifa. The UN on Feb. 13 condemned the Lebanese government for having blatantly violated UN Security Council Resolution 1559. (They hate each other\'s guts, but co-operate in the war against Israel.)

Food for Thought
by Steven Shamrak

" Nearly all political garbage of Israel has been collected into one basket - Kadima. The party has only one goal - Give up the Jewish land for Nothing. They must not be given political power!"
Volunteerism in Israel. Volunteerism in Israel remains among the highest in the world, with more than 18 percent of adult Israeli Jews engaging in volunteer work. (Somehow, it does not fit into the traditional anti-Semitic image of money-grabbing Jews!)

Antisemitic Jack.
British\'s Foreign Minister Jack Straw said that the world should worry about disabling Israel\'s nuclear capabilities as much as it is concerned with preventing Iran from going nuclear.
Hamas attacks Olmert\'s border plan. The Hamas political leader, Khaled Meshaal,, has said "Israel\'s unilateral disengagement from the Palestinian territories is a declaration of war against the Palestinian people". (Arabs will continue the war against Israel until Israel is destroyed. Therefore, why encourage escalation of terror by entertaining the stupid idea? The Jewish land is not Olmert\'s to give away!)

Quote of the Week:

"Unity, Purity, Conviction, Vigor - these are the armaments of every great Jewish activist since the beginning of Jewish activism. Use them in your wars, both great and small, on behalf of the Land of Israel and the Jewish people, and you\'ll see miracles, too." - by Malkah Fleisher.

From Missile to Solar Energy.

Israel could be relying on solar energy for 80% of its power needs in 30 to 40 years. Dov Raviv, the founder and CEO of renewable energy company, has conceived a plan to use existing technology to build the first gigawatt-capacity solar power plants on a large scale. Before entering the field of renewable energy, Raviv conceived and developed the Arrow anti-ballistic missile.
Iran is Nuclear within Months. Simon Tisdall and Ian Traynor Britain claimed Thursday that Tehran could acquire the technological capability to build a bomb by the end of the year. Iran\'s supreme leader. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, publicly backed the defiant stand of the country\'s hardline president on Tehran\'s nuclear program.

Voter Apathy in Israel.

Most young Israelis do not plan to vote in the upcoming general elections. According to a survey, only 44 percent of eligible Israeli voters under the age of 32 will cast a ballot in the March 28 poll. The apathy is especially pronounced among young immigrants, 72 percent of whom do not plan to vote. (Without the vision there is no future. Young people sense the aimlessness of Israeli leader. And do not want participate in the farce! Only by the setting and pursuit of the Jewish national goal, the spirit of Jewish people can be revived!)

Comments on Comments:

"...Israel\'s permanent borders, whereby we will completely separate from the majority of the Palestinian population and preserve a large and stable Jewish majority in Israel." - Kadima Party leader Ehud Olmert - Israel already has defined the image of the Jewish state\'s border. One just has to look at 10 agorot Israeli coin! We must not allow the giving away of the Jewish land to our enemies. It will not stop terrorism, just as the deportation of Jews from Gaza didn\'t. Transfer of Arabs, as outlined in the Sinai Option, from Jewish land will.)

EU monitors Flee Rafah Crossing.

European monitors at the Rafah crossing between Gaza and Egypt left their posts Tuesday after being instructed to do so in light of fears for their safety, after more than a dozen foreign nationals were abducted in the Gaza Strip and West Bank in protest of the IDF\'s Jericho operation. (What a joke! Security of Israel can\'t rely on International monitors.)

BBC Again.

The BBC\'s online news service has been censured by the corporation\'s governors for its anti-Israel bias. The BBC report suggested the UN called for Israel\'s unilateral withdrawal from territories seized during the Six-Day War, when in fact it called for a negotiated settlement between Israel and "every state in the area." (Israel already settled this by leaving Sinai.)

Crime is on the Rise in Israel.
In 2005, the number of sexual assaults rose 25% in Israel compared to 2004. (Aimless leadership produce apathy, frustration and encourages stupidity! Sexual promiscuity, use of drugs and crime in general are on the rise. But, Israeli leaders are smiling!)
Europe is Next. Following the publication by the French government of the "white book" on domestic security, Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin said that France was facing the worst terrorist threat in its history. (Islamic thugs tested their skills in Israel first. Now they turn their attention to the real \'prize\' - World Domination by Islam! Millions of Muslim migrants infiltrated France.)

Attack on Jerusalem Stopped.

The Fatah gang was 12 strong; it had deployed in Bethlehem 8 mortars, 0.3 mm machine guns and a large stock of shells and ammo. The hardware was already in position for coordinated shelling and shooting bombardments of the Gilo and Har Homa districts of the capital.

Kid for Terror.

The Palestinian Authority\'s ruling Hamas has launched a web site for children, preaching the moral desirability of being a suicide terrorist through cartoons and children\'s stories.

American interference in elections?

According to the London-based Arabic daily al-Quds al-Arabi, David Welch, the U.S. Envoy for Near Eastern Affairs, told leader Mahmoud Abbas that Washington wishes to see the formation of a Hamas-led government delayed until after the March 28 general elections in Israel. Under Palestinian law, a new administration must be appointed on February 21. (Our \'friend\' in action!)

Olmert\'s Legacy.

The state comptroller has been asked to investigate the "whitewashing" by the Jerusalem municipality of at least 300 cases of illegal Arab construction in the capital were "erased" by the municipality. Last month, the government spent 7.5 million shekels ($1.6 million) and deployed over 7,000 police and IDF troops in order to destroy nine buildings in the Jewish community of Amona. The municipality responded to the allegations, blaming the threat of Arab violence for the lack of enforcement. (But \'enforcement\' is in full force when Jews are concerned. They are just covering Olmert\'s track record of inaction against illegal Arab constructions.)

Gush Katif evictees received letters informing them that they must vacate before Passover. This despite the fact that for many, their temporary caravan homes are still under construction.(Olmert does not keep his promises. Check his \'legacy\' out. Do not make him next Prime Minister!)