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The Truth and the Consequences
by Bernard J. Shapiro
We recently were witness to the large AIPAC Conference in Wasington D.C. All the presidential candidates plus many Israeli and Amrican political leaders spoke to the group. These included: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Ehud Olmert, John McCain and Condoleezza Rice Ehud Olmert, Benjamin Netanyahu and other major political leaders.
There are many Americans (especially in the State Department, CIA, academic, Muslim and left-wing communities) who believe that AIPAC is an evil force that distorts US Middle East policy to our detriment. On the other hand, there are many pro-Israel Jews and Christians, who believe that it is indispensable in the defense of Israeli interests in Washington. Tens of millions of dollars are raised annually to support this organization.
The Truth is not found in these two views of AIPAC described above. Up until 1992, one could say that the second positive view of AIPAC was correct. For many years Tom Dine headed that organization and led a never ending battle supporting Israel and Zionism. The in the Israeli election of 1992, Labor leaders Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres took over Israel. Rabin became Prime Minister and Peres a Foreign Minister.
Peres with his associate, extreme anti-Zionist Yossi Beilin, began negotiating with the outlawed terrorist PLO. It became necessary to emasculate AIPAC to prevent American Jewish criticism of the planed Oslo Agreements. Dine was ousted after many years of great service in a very nasty coup. AIPAC was now in the hands of pliable leaders who would follow every lead of the Israeli government, NO MATTER HOW SELF DESTRUCTIVE.
And those self destructive plans came one after another in rapid succession: Oslo, Hebron, Wye, Road Map, Expulsion of Jews from Gaza, restriction on building in Judea and Samaria, persecution of religious Jews and violation of their civil and human rights and finally the elimination of the Jewish right to self defense. Education in Israel ceased being patriotic or Zionist and building a Palestinian pseudo state became the goal of the Israeli Government. AIPAC said nothing and cheered the governmentís mad dash to dismantle the long sought for Jewish State.
There are still some TRUE Zionist organizations in America. The ones that have fought the longest and the hardest for Israel are Americanís For A Safe Israel, Freeman Center For Strategic Studies, Zionist Organization of America and Pastor John Hageeís Christians United For Israel. These are the organizations deserving of your support.
1. TRUE ZIONISTS: All of Eretz Yisrael belongs in perpetuity to the Jewish People
AIPAC: We will negociate away any part of Eretz Israel the government believes will bring "peace"
2. ZIONISTS: Israelís right of self defense should be aggressive and not dependent of America or world opinion
AIPAC: Israelís defense should be based on what America allow and world public opinion find acceptable
3. ZIONISTS: It is moral and just to expel or transfer a hostile terrorists loving population from Israel. No racial implication, only behavioral characteristics. For example: Those who want to kill us should not be our neighbors.
AIPAC: It is immoral to transfer Arabs but it is Moral to transfer and expel Jews, as in Gush Katif and Yesha.
4. ZIONISTS: Gaza should be re-conquered, put under total siege, and starved until the Hamas terrorists surrender. Than means no food, water, medical supplies, electricity or fuel (which they use to fire rockets into Israel).
AIPAC: Humanitarian aid should flow to Gaza and a cease-fire that, leaves Hamas in place to continue the war, should be worked out
5. ZIONISTS: In order to save IDF lives, no consideration should be made for civilian "human shield" of Hamas. Stand off artillery and aircraft bombs should soften targets before ground invasion. Civilian casualties should be NO more considered than the Allies did during WWI in Dresden and Hiroshima.
AIPAC: The IDF military must act with great restraint, even if this means many more Israeli soldierís deaths.
6. ZIONISTS: No negotiations on the Golan, except demanding the Syrians return to the lines following the Israeli victory of 1973.
AIPAC: Whatever the Israeli government wants to do.
7. ZIONISTS: Protect all of Israelís water resources, including the Golan, the Judean-Samarian mountain aquifer, as well as prevent the pollution of water resources by sewage spill off Gaza coast and from Arab villages.
AIPAC: Support the Israeli governments plans to giveaway most of Israelís water resources to hostile enemies. And then they would want to replace this water through costly desalination schemes.
8. ZIONISTS: Would make Israel militarily independent of America and turn the relationship into a true alliance. Now it is an asymmetrical relationship, despite the fact Israel supplies the US approximately 5 times the military aid as America supplies Israel.
AIPAC: Loves to boast about its getting weapons from America, but never reveals the hidden cost. Every deal adds to the diplomatic pressure on Israel foreign policy. Every deal ends up in massive sales to Arab enemy countries like Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Every deal has some detrimental effect on Israelís local military industries.
9. ZIONISTS: Never discuss or give away any part of Jerusalem and also take over the Temple Mount from Islamic control. And of course allow regular Jewish prayer on the Mount.
AIPAC: Israel should not offend Muslims by asserting Jewish rights in Jerusalem and the Temple mount.
I could list many more differences between true American Zionist organizations and the pseudo Zionists at AIPAC . The above is enough for you to make a decision on who to support.
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Bernard J. Shapiro