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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."

by Emanuel A. Winston,
Freeman Center Board Member and Mid East Commentator & Analyst
When an animal becomes rabid, it can be unpredictable and extremely dangerous to all others. Such animals become bold; they will attack; they will infect those they bite. Itís a disease that kills both the rabid aggressor and its victim - unless treated quickly.
What does one do with a government made up of principals and followers who seem to have been infected to the point they can no longer distinguish friends (their own people) from enemies who pledge to kill them - and then actually carry out this pledge?
Unlike rabid animals, it is not the Jewish way to put down government officials, even when they make it possible for their own people to be murdered. Worse yet, those in control, like the biased Court system and certain Police officials delay trials and the subsequent caging of incurable corrupt, ineffective elected officials who have already enabled the murder of Jewish Israeli citizens. Successive governments have done this through secret agreements which have strengthened Israelís declared enemies and, at the same time, weakened the IDF (Israel Defense Forces).
It would be merciful to the Nation to put these people safely away so they can no longer harm themselves, the Jewish nation and especially the Israeli people.
For exceptional crimes against humanity (the Jewish people), the international Allied community held the Nuremberg Trials in Germany and the subsequent hangings of those convicted criminals. Adolph Eichmann was caught, tried, and executed in Israel. Of course, many were never caught and/or were protected so they could do it again.
We Jews are not immune from having traitors among our own people - in our midst. We remember the ĎJudenratí from the days when they served the Nazi regimes. We know them from today, sometimes called Left Liberals, sometimes using the name of "Peace", Kadima, Labor or a dozen other fronts.
Collectively, they have a few things in common. They do not like being Jewish; they do not believe that the Land G-d gave the Jews in perpetuity actually belongs to them - by right and by G-dís Will. Jews are too quick to kneel before the enemy and will even sacrifice their own kind - their own families - in order to appease Muslim Arabs or Western friends tied to Muslim Arab oil.
The current Olmert government and those who support de-Judaizing Israel are a very sick bunch. Some are in an advanced stage of a "political dementia" - not unlike having gone mad with rabies. They never learned the history of the Jewish people or are anxious to forget it. They are willing to see their own killed IF it will appease the Islamic "Jihadists".
Surely, a compendium should be assembled of those who committed crimes against the Jewish people and the nature of this crime. While it would be preferable to bring them to trial immediately, we Jews are reluctant to mete out Justice - even for the worst of crimes - against our own humanity. So, let this book of dishonor be assembled, with no provisions for exclusions in the future.
The Government of Ehud Olmert, with Ehud Barak, Tzippi Livni and Shimon Peres has made every mistake possible with respect to weakening the Jewish nation.
The unreliable Kadima members are meeting with urgency to maneuver the public into letting them stay in power after Olmert goes. Remember these are the same moles who planned a "coup díťtat" while yet inside the Likud Party. Then, the "Party Jumpers", led by Ariel Sharon, subverted Likud by creating Kadima.
Maybe itís a good idea to vote for Kadima because we will know where all the crooks are and we can keep an eye on them. Besides, in future criminal investigations they can have one pool of criminals to bring to trial instead of separate indictments.
At the moment, they are trying to rescue Kadima from its all encompassing reputation as being the den of corruption by saying the current Foreign Minister, Tzipi Livni, is squeaky clean...Oh. Really? Was Livni really so dumb, so unaware of her cohortsí behavior that she didnít see (or didnít want to see) their corruption? If she was that deaf, dumb and blind, then this is a mighty strong reason to insure she never becomes Prime Minister.
Livni is reported to want November elections as Teheran signs a coordinated missile agreement with Syria, HezbíAllah and Hamas. (1) The Crooks wish to stay in power - even in the face of a saturation missile attack - caused by their naive and stupid policies.
One is reminded of Josephus Flavius "War of the Jews" wherein he describes how the Jews of ancient Israel were consumed with fighting each other as the Romans crept up to cut their throats.
Livni is, however, well loved by the U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Andrea Merkel, Prime Minister of Germany because Livni has been so malleable. Whatever they say, she repeats like a wooden lap dummy. Most Israelis know she is a slow thinker, but obedient, which is why she was added to Sharonís staff and kept on by Olmert. Her decisions have been notoriously problematic and dull-witted - especially when she worked with the U.N. and Rice to end the Lebanon War of 2006 on the worst terms possible.
Now, as before, UNIFIL (United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon) troops are working with HezbíAllah, allowing them free access to South Lebanon and the continual build-up of their missile stockpiles.
The Kadima Party became a magnet for the most inept, corrupt politicians who could be gathered in one spot. There is talk that Likud under Bibi Netanyahu would seek to recruit some Kadimites to "Party-Jump" back to Likud.
Israel never gets a break politically. Here is an opportunity to get rid of the known corrupters gathered in Kadima now and yet Netanyahu wants to rescue them. What does this say about a Likud government under Netanyahu?
Letís ask Netanyahu to state his platform and then sign a contract with the Israeli people to keep every pledge. (Recall how Sharon lied - lied - lied and, once in power, ignored every pledge he ever made.) I doubt that Netanyahu will make a binding contract with the Jewish people and agree to resign if he breaks this contract.
I wonder what Israel would do if they elected One Honest Man who had backbone and really believed in the Jewish Nation?
What we do not need is another spineless crook ready to give up the Golan and 40% of Israel vital water resource that comes from the Golan Heights. The Golan has been peaceful for 35 years because Israelís observation posts in the Golan, on Mt. Hermon and Mt. Dov can look down into Damascus and spot the start-up of the first aggressive tank or plane.
We do not need to surrender Judea and Samaria and uproot more than 250,000 Jewish men, women and children. Why should we destroy their lives and homes? How would Israel even begin to pay to re-settle them? The 10,000 Jewish men, women and children evicted from Gush Katif/Gaza in 2005 still do not have permanent homes and most donít have jobs.
Must Judea and Samaria become like another Gaza with 3 to 5 million Muslim Arab Palestinians dumped into it so they could fire at the entire Israeli coastal area? Add to that the mountain areas aquifers which provides what was once clean water to the Tel Aviv coastal areas. Now the Arab Muslims allow sewage to flow into the valleys and from there into the fresh water resource aquifers.
Israel needs a new government that starts clean with people known to be ethical and well out of the circle of corruption. There really are people like that in Israel but, it will be hard to break the choke-hold the political parties have on the people. It starts with the Prime Minister with a clean record and his willingness to clean house.
I grant you such a successful selection will be a miracle. But, Israel was born and survived many wars by such miracles where the People fought for their lives, rights and the Jewish State so HaShem granted the needed miracles.