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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."


Never Again: Words Spoken at the Israel Day Parade

By Mark Langfan

Arutz Sheva

02 June, 2013


Only by all of us taking peaceful action together can we stop this terrible train before it leaves the station.

Mark Langfan

For far too many American-Jews today, "Never Again" is just a cliché. But to everybody who is standing here today, people who love Israel, "Never Again" is a call to peaceful action to save the lives of Jewish people. And, we need to act peacefully. We need to act fast.

For today, Israel is surrounded by millions of people who are religiously inspired by the genocidal hate of Adolf Hitler.
Take Iran. Why did Persia change its name to Iran? In 1935, Reza Shah, the head of Persia changed the name of "Persia" to "Iran" because Reza Shah was a rabid Nazi-Hitler lover and wanted to show common cause with Hitler.
"Iran," in Farsi, means "Land of the Aryans." Therefore, today, the "Islamic Republic of Iran" really means the "Islamic Republic of Hitler."
Which brings us directly to the '67 'Auschwitz' lines. Everybody, everybody, listen to me, the "1967" lines are "Auschwitz" Holocaust 2.0 lines. Israeli Ambassador Eban said it in 1969. Israel's current Minister Landau said it in 2013. And I'm saying it today. And what's more, I'll explain it.
Everybody has the AFSI Postcard with the "Demilitarized Palestinian State" on top. I'm now going to explain why the '67 lines are "Auschwitz" lines:
A "Demilitarized Palestinian West Bank state" means that, just like in Gaza, there will be no Israeli border guards, there will be no Israeli security anything. So the Palestinians are going to be able to smuggle into their West Bank state the same type of Katyusha rockets that the Gaza arabs have regularly fired into Israel.
But here's the big game-changer difference. Around Gaza, it's almost all empty farm land. So, from Gaza, it’s like firing a rocket from empty place into an empty place, you'd rarely hit something.
But, around the 1967 lines of the West Bank, you have the Israeli coastal plain that holds 70 percent of Israel's Jewish population. So, there's 4 million, 4 million Jews inside that 10-mile wide, by 40-mile long green-polka dot rectangle on the postcard. So, one Palestinian West Bank rocket into the green polka-dot Tel Aviv rectangle is like firing a rocket from Queens into Manhattan, you're bound to kill somebody.
We must urge President Obama not to push Israel to the ‘67 lines where a Hitler-inspired Palestinian state with Iranian rockets could wipe out Israel.
I urge everyone to take peaceful action for Israel. Everyone must fax and email this postcard to their family in Israel, and to their elected officials in Washington DC.
Only by all of us taking peaceful action together can we stop this terrible train before it leaves the station.
There is hope. Unlike the Jews of Nazi-Europe, the Jews of Israel are a vital strategic asset to the United States. Without the strategic anchor of Israel . . . America, Russia and China, would all face a nuclear-armed Iranian Middle-East Caliphate. Such an Iranian Caliphate would control 65 percent of the world’s oil reserves to further bankroll yet more radical Islamist terror, and more Iranian Shiite nuclear bombs.
So, by saving Israel, we are saving America, and the world.

G-d bless you all. Am Yisrael Chai.
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The writer, head of AFSI,has created an original educational 3D Topographic Map System of Israel to facilitate clear understanding of the dangers facing Israel and its water supply. It has been studied by US lawmakers and can be seen at