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Israeli 'Peace' Generals’ "Military Expert" Malpractice

By Mark Langfan

Arutz Sheva
16 June, 2013

At the core, why do we trust the Land for Peace former Israeli generals, and listen to their opinions?

Mark Langfan

Jews like to attack the Palestinians, the press, and anti-Semites as the greatest delegitimizers of Israel.  Poppycock!  The greatest threat and worst delegitimizers of Israel and the Jewish people are former "Gatekeeper" Israeli generals and admirals who ostensibly claim to be Israel's greatest and most trusted defenders.  I assert that today many of these former Israeli generals are in fact the greatest threat to Israel's existence. 
At the core, why do we trust these former Israeli generals, and listen to their opinions?  It's because we trust them to be apolitical "military experts," just like a doctor is an apolitical medical expert.  One doesn't ask one's doctor what his politics are.   When a doctor tells someone that he has cancer or a blood disease, you don't ask, "Did you vote for Likud, or Labor?"
Similarly, when Israeli generals make their rounds of lectures, and give their "military expert advice," Israeli and American Jews unreservedly lap up the Israeli generals' "military advice" as if the  "military science" advice is being given by an apolitical "military expert," no different than one would accept the unadorned apolitical medical advice given by a doctor. 
But, here's the Israeli General/Military Expert's malpractice.  When a medical expert doctor gives expert medical advice for a specific surgery, he is legally and morally bound to specifically and clearly disclose any and all significant and/or fatal risks of any suggested medical procedure or protocol.  For instance, if there is a chance of a 2% fatal complication from a specifically advised surgery, a doctor is ethically bound to give the specific "informed consent" risks to the patient, or the doctor can be sued for malpractice.  More dramatically, if a doctor failed to give a 99% chance of a known fatal complication to a suggested surgery, he would be likely guilty of second-degree murder. 
However, the Israel "Land-for-Peace" military-expert generals never gave ( or now give) the Jews whom they were advising to retreat from Gaza or Judea and Samaria, any clear, specific, 'plain English' warnings of the specific known risks of retreat.
In fact, the Israeli Land-for-Peace generals specifically advised the exact opposite; that there would be no rockets, that there would be no terrorism, that there will be "peace."
Yes, sometimes the 'Peace' generals make vague wafting hints of "painful risks."  But at the same time they pre-decide that the "painful risks are worth the risk" without affording the listener the real opportunity understand and the weigh the informed risks for himself.  But, a real medical doctor isn't allowed to "pre-decide" for a patient without specifically explaining the risks.
And there lies the Israel "military expert" fraud.  They give the "I'm giving you all the risks" appearance like a "medical expert," but the reality is they defraud the listener of "informed consent."
If a medical expert gave the same type of un-informed consent medical advice to a patient, and that patient died, the doctor would be put on trial for second-degree murder.  But instead, the same hallucinatory Israeli Land-for-Peace military experts fail to properly and fully prospectively warn of what is objectively virtually a 99.99% chance that radical Iranian-funded and directed Palestinians would smuggle rockets into Gaza, fire them and kill people.  Yet, these same military frauds are somehow still giving additional murderous suicidal military advice on a withdrawal from Judea and Samaria (the 'West Bank').
And the irreversible catastrophe is that these generals are not giving advice to just one patient as with a medical doctor where at most one person will die from the doctor's stupidity.  In Israel's case, these military frauds are laying the foundation for the annihilation of 6,000,000 Jews, and the destruction of Judaism itself.
To make matters even uglier, the non-military expert 'Peace' "pundits" then parrot the fraudulent Israeli military expert advice as if it is gospel from the Almighty.  Based on fraudulent military advice, these 'Peace' dupes then unwittingly falsely claim knowledge to distinguish between "security" and "religious" settlements.  These dupes only further  exponentially delegitimize Israel.
The grossly negligent (or worse) Israeli generals (and their duped "pundits") aren't the only ones who are at fault.  Mainstream Israeli and American Jewish organizations (and even the Israeli government) fall all over themselves to put these military charlatans on a pedestal, and fund them with millions of dollars to continue to purvey what is their suicidal military fraud.
It is these generals who delegitimize Israel the most.
These military frauds give uninformed Jew and non-Jews the false and delusional impression that Israel's retention of Judea and Samaria isn't important for Israel's security.  These military frauds, therefore, claim Israel's retention of Judea and Samaria is solely "religious," "messianic," and the "sole obstacle to peace."  The fact that these military frauds continue to spew their Land-for-Peace suicidal delusion despite the 15,000 Gaza rockets only shows their collective mass-peace-delusion is nothing but a massive death-cult.  The Two-State solution/Peace Process cultists like to attack settlers as irrational "messianics," when it is the Peace Process Cultists who are the real messianic fantasists. 
These military frauds are big on urgently warning (with an Israeli-accent) with "rational" doctor-like "cancer" diagnoses that "the Palestinians will overwhelm us."  But then, when these frauds are cross-examined with "100% probable West Bank rockets into Tel Aviv," they hysterically respond "we'll reinvade the entire West Bank if they fire one Katyusha rocket."  These military frauds shouldn't be "Gatekeepers," they should be keep in a "quiet room."
Just imagine if you went to a doctor for a cold, and he advised you that "You have to get your leg amputated immediately!" 
But then accidentally, a friend of yours tells you the doctor's suggested amputation has a 100% chance of killing you and the doctor didn't tell you the risks.  You would have the doctor arrested.  But the military fraud generals still get their speaking gigs. 
The only way the Jews can save ourselves from this Peace-Process-death cult is to not stop explaining (in a polite way) the dangers of the messianic fraud of "Land-For-Peace."  Never assume your neighbor understands what a "demilitarized Palestinian state" means, or that katyushas carry chemical weapons.
Don't expect your listener to ever admit you're right.  Never over-explain, always under-explain, and let your listener begin to think for himself.  Tell them to Google "what exactly is a ‘demilitarized palestinian state’?" These people have been mass-brainwashed and you have to talk to them as you would a severely brainwashed religious cultist.
Just remember, just like the emperor-has-no-clothes, the Israeli Peace-Process cult-generals have no uniforms.  The same way nobody would listen to a medical-expert doctor who killed his patient without informed consent, nobody should listen to these delusional military-expert Israeli generals who have violated our sacred trust and failed to adequately warn of smuggled weapons and Katyusha rockets.
As Winston Churchill advised, "Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, give up. Never give up. Never give up. Never give up."

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The writer, who often writes on security issues, has created an original educational 3D Topographic Map System of Israel to facilitate clear understanding of the dangers facing Israel and its water supply. It has been studied by US lawmakers and can be seen at