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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."

From James Linduff
Tactical Management

Mr Shapiro:

As I write this email, Syrian officials are removing government archives from Damascus in their preparations for war with Israel, and Iran has publicly stated that “the destruction of Israel” is almost upon the world. Hamas has established control over the Gaza Strip, and is busy cleansing the area of the last remnants of opposition. Lebanon is in turmoil.

In Venezuela, the government of Hugo Chavez has openly allied with Iran and Syria, and began a pattern of state sponsored political repression on their Jewish population. Venezuelan Press has stated that the expulsion of 25,000 Jews may be considered at some point in the future.

In Argentina, who has the largest Jewish population in South America, the phrase “be patriotic, kill Jews” began appearing in slogan graffiti nationally during the Lebanon War, and anti-semetic incidents are on the rise. There are also documented cases of Islamic radical cells and networks in operation in South America, which could engage in anti-Jewish activities at any time.

In Europe, Jews also face a variety of hostile elements, which is well known and documented and generally known. Anti-semetic incidents are also on the rise, as they have been for several years now. Jews are pouring out of Europe to Israel.

Each of these events is easily recognizable to any person with military experience as the preliminary “battlefield shaping” moves of an impending war of terrible scope. It could easily escalate into a world war.
Mr. Shapiro, we stand at the brink of another Holocaust, and everyone knows it. I really don’t have to cite facts and figures in academic style and format to make this apparent. All one has to do is listen to the nightly news. The question is, how will modern Zionism confront the issue when the pre-war posturing is over, and the much dreaded conflict to eliminate Israel from the map and exterminate the Jewish people all over the world begins? How will Zionism help the Jewish people to survive in the face of an enemy as determined as Hitler? What will be the role of Zionism in a conflict that threatens Jews wherever they reside in the world?

Any person of Jewish descent knows that Israel is a nation that resides partially in exile, and partially in the land. We also know this war portends to affect the diaspora and the nation of Israel equally. .

Will Zionism and its allied elements throughout the world distinguish themselves by taking courageous action to save Jews? Will non-Jewish Zionists prove to be the first real, tangible ally the Jewish people have ever known in their history? Will Zionism prove to be a channel to action for it\'s adherents to use for action in saving the innocent of Israel from another Holocaust? I certainly hope so, sir. I would hate to think that the support of Israel that has been enthusiastically voiced in the press would evaporate into inaction when the real challenges start.

If this were to happen, modern Zionism would have no choice but to melt into history as an ineffective and toothless ideal who lost when it failed, by inaction, to confront the planned genocide of the Jewish people.

If modern Zionism does become a tangible ally of Israel, however, it would have benchmark historical implications that I need not explain to you. The scope would be enormous.

Herman Wouk once said: "Zionism is a single long action of lifesaving, of snatching great masses of people out of the path of sure extinction." (This is My God, first edition (1959), page 264.)

Mr. Shapiro, this email all boils down to a nothing but questions. When will we, as Zionists, begin to take the necessary actions to snatch the great masses of Jewish people out of the path of sure extinction? Do we even recognize the fact that a train wreck is approaching? How long will we tarry? Are we, as a movement, up to the challenge, or have we ran our course? Will Zionism be able to confront the new challenge of 4GW, and Assymetrical Warfare?

I think we will sir. I think we will have new leaders who have yet to be discovered, and new talent yet to be tapped. At least I hope so.

I urge you, sir, to examine these issues, and incorporate them into the studies produced by the Freeman Center. Especially how Zionism can be an outlet to preserve life in a 4GW warfare conflict of global scope.

Thank you for hearing my comments on this sir;


James Linduff