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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."

by Emanuel A. Winston,
Member of the Board of Directors and Research Associate of
Freeman Center For Strategic Studies

Negotiate - Negotiate - Negotiate and "N"ever recognize that your negotiating partner is an irredentist, irreversible, irrevocable terrorist. Presently, Rice refuses to confront Iran until Iran is fully capable of responding with nuclear missiles which, of course, will be too late for everyone.

No doubt, after she and Bush are out of Washington, the "N" lady will deny her Chamberlain role when those nukes begin to explode. Of course, the lady who preaches "Negotiate" is no longer able to negotiate "Peace in our time" ad nauseam, she and the Bush family will have to find a super deep bomb shelter while all else must suffer the radioactivity of her negotiating.

Iran under Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Ayatollahs have time and again showed their contempt for negotiations. Negotiations for Islamists are there only to gain time to develop the nuclear bomb and spread terror across the planet in the name of Allah.

For the "N" lady this is unimportant compared to the need to leave George Bush an historic heritage as a great thinker. Regrettably, the articulate lady "N"egotiator is pathetically inept at projecting reality in real time and is actually "N"egotiating "N"othing.

Chamberlain saved Hitlerís dream by bleating that he had achieved "Peace in Our Time" by surrendering the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia - even as Hitler was building tanks, Stuka bombers, V-2 buzz bombs to rain down on England and had a project in the works to make an atomic bomb. Hitler would have, of course, succeeded had he not worked to death many Jewish physicists after he captured them. Fortunately, some of the best scientists - like Albert Einstein - escaped to America.

Chamberlain was too easily deceived by Hitler. On his death bed, Chamberlain said: "Everything would have been all right, if only Hitler had not lied to me."

So what does the "N"egotiating lady Rice have in mind for the Jews of Israel. Well, at the low end, she has also armed Arafatís legacy, Fatah. Rice refused to see the many groups of terrorists taking shelter under Fatah. Rice portrayed Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen - his terror name) as a moderate. The only difference between Abbas and Arafat was he did not have that repulsive rat face. Abu Mazen was Arafatís companion, assistant and financier for 40 years.

Whenever Arafat promised peace in English, he promised War in Arabic. Even the dense State Department has some translators who deciphered Arafatís speeches in Arabic, promising to follow Mohammedís example, lie to the world and then massacre your opponents - as when Mohammed signed the Hudaybiya Treaty promising peace to the Qaraish tribe of Jews for 10 years. But, Mohammed came back in 2 years when his forces were stronger, massacred the men, selling the women and children into slavery.

Rice had all this information - as did Colin Powell before her but, as State Department apparatchniks, they continued to pay Arafat Billions of American taxpayersí dollars and then continued the cash flow to Abbas when Arafat died.

The Abbas contingent of terrorists demanded salaries paid by the U.S. and E.U. and they demanded weapons. They are still demanding after failing to defeat Hamas despite having more men and weapons then Hamas. When Hamas attacked Abbas, Fatah didnít put up much of a fight - despite having U.S. arms, CIA training and an army three times as large as Hamas. Now we are informed that huge weapons caches of U.S. arms were taken by Hamas, adding to their weapons smuggled in from Syria and Iran. Hamas also confiscated Fatahís immense collection of Intelligence documents, including computers with hard drives very full of vital information.

All of this weaponsí and security accumulation has set Rice and her collaborators into a tizzy and back to hounding Israel to give up Judea and Samaria to Abu Mazen. (Keep in mind that Rabin, Peres and Beilin had already given up the seven cities on the high ridge areas to Yassir Arafat through the Oslo fiasco.) Now Bush, Rice and Baker, are pressing Olmert, Barak and Peres to fulfill their role as traitors and try to evacuate 450,000 Jewish men, women and children from the rest of Judea and Samaria to make it "Judenrein" and present it to those "moderate" Muslim Palestinians in Oslo territory.

You do recall them dancing on the roofs as Saddam sent 39 SCUD missiles into Israel? Do you also recall the street dancing in Jenin, Nablus, etc. when there were particularly successful suicide bombings in the Subarro Pizza Restaurant, the Dolphin Disco, Mikeís Place, the Moment Cafť, the Hebrew University cafeteria and so on and on - which killed and gravely wounded so many Israeli teens, young children and elder citizens? These murdering terrorists are what Rice calls "moderates" much the same as her "moderates" in Gaza who were supposed to take over the Jewish farms, grow crops and lead a peaceful life. Instead, they trashed the innovative greenhouses which Israel had left them.

That was another bite of Riceís poisoned apple she gave to Israel. Granted she had Sharon, Olmert and Peres working as insiders to complete her Chamberlain fantasy.

Do you have any idea how many terrorists sheltered under Abu Mazenís umbrella. This information has been shared by first Powell and now Rice. The PLO (founded in 1964), Force 17 (Elite unit of the PLO), Hamas, Abu Nidal Organization - aka Fatah (founded by Arafat in 1959) (Al Aksa Martyrsí Brigade - Fatahís military wing), Fatah Hawks, and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (Armed wing in The Al-Quds brigades), Tanzim, PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine), and PFLP-General Command, DFLP (Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine) and the Abu Nidal Organization. (1)

These were all loosely unified under Yassir Arafat who founded the and kept funded by American and European taxpayersí as the donor nations fed the terror machine, despite the irrefutable fact that the Intelligence Agencies of all the donor nations knew this virtual army of terrorists was all intertwined - including Al Qaeda. Perhaps Condi was out-to-lunch making empty intelligent speeches of how "Abbas is a moderate" and "Iran could be negotiated with."

She didnít seem as anti-Israel and ignorant of Middle Eastern Muslim history as President Bushís National Security Advisor. Her change must have something to do with those who work in the State Department - or the air in that building.

Surely, Chamberlainís Ghost must have morphed into Rice.

Now that Gaza has become a fully fledged operational global terror state, with terrorists from all over the world, presumably they will move on to the Olso cities in Judea and Samaria - of Schehem (Nablus), Bethlehem, Qalqilya, Jenin and Jericho who already operate as terrorist bases.

Next, valuable territory Olmert, Barak and Peres intend to surrender is the Golan Heights to Syria.

But, not to worry. Olmert is visiting Washington next Tuesday, June 19th, to be dressed down by Bush, Rice and Baker. Olmert will be told to allow in weapons to Abbas (Abu Mazen) from Jordan and Egypt - with Israelís army trucks making the delivery. They will be under the command and guidance of Olmertís new Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

Collaborating with the enemy in time of war is called High Treason and is considered worthy of hanging.

So what can Israel do to save herself and her people?

First, she can get rid of the plague before all are killed. This is "apropos" as we read the Parasha Shavua (Portion of Torah for this coming week). Korach and his traitors challenge Moses for leadership of the Hebrews who have just escaped from slavery in Egypt and who are enduring a hard trek in the desert. G-d opens the ground and swallows Korach and his key followers. Then a virulent plague starts to kill those who agreed with Korach, killing off over 15,000 before Moses orders the High Priest Aaron who is also Mosesí brother, to intercede and stop G-dís plague. I personally would have no objection to see Olmert and his crowd swallowed up and his cohorts in the Knesset killed by a plague but, of course, this is wishful thinking.

As for Rice, the Bush family and the oil boys that is G-dís province but, like the plagues of Korach, the American people will, sadly, suffer the consequences - although they are not at fault. But, I fear both the Israeli people and the American people will suffer greatly for not removing those who would destroy their nations.


1. "Palestinian Political Violence" from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia