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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."


By Bernard J. Shapiro

I was mad as hell at the Oslo sell out of Israel - and I am still mad as hell. I will tell you why. After 2000 years of statelessness, we Jews finally achieved a rebirth of our independence in our ancient homeland, Israel. After 57 years of struggle, sacrifice, blood and tears, Israel had defensible borders and the most powerful army in the Middle East. So what does Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon do? He follows in the footsteps of Former PM Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres, getting advice from Yossi Beilin.







The present Israeli government is leading its war-weary population,




Sharon, Peres and Olmert would like you to believe that peace, economic prosperity, and utopia await the people of Israel once the \'withdrawal\' (retreat) from YESHA is implemented. Their first step is the deportation of Jews from Gaza And the Shomron. Then it will be easy to progress to the total ethnic cleansing of Jews from Judaea and then from parts of Jerusalem.


Appeasement has never brought peace and it wonít now. Here is the more likely scenario:


1. Terrorists will raid at will from Gaza and elsewhere in the new "Palestinian state." Morters, rockets and missiles will begin to rain down on Israeli communities.


2. After surrendering its strategic heartland, Israel will begin to be struck by katyushas (and even smaller mortors and missiles will be able to reach Tel Aviv and other population centers on Israelís coast randomly across the central coastal plain. In every case Arafat (or who ever controls the Arab population after he dies) will disclaim responsibility and the international community will show no sympathy for Israel\'s plight. Indeed, Israel will be condemned by the world when it attempts cross border retaliatory raids.


3. Hundreds of thousands of Arabs will pour into ďPalestineĒ through the border checkpoints. They will create a large hostile population on Israelís borders who will rejoice in MORE terrorism to gain the REST of Israel.


4. Thousands of wells will be drilled on the Judean and Samarian hills by these Arabs, depriving Israel of 30% of its water supply.


5. The intifada (Oslo War), which started in 2000, will start again in earnest to drive the Jews from what is left of Israel. Israelis will continue to murdered, bombed, shot, knifed and stoned. Their bodies will be mutilated. Jewish blood will be very cheap again as in the time of the Nazis. In the meantime, the Palestinian military will get arms from the Arab countries and the West financed by United States, Europe and wealthy Arab countries. It will be Bosnia all over again, with only a matter of time before the last Jew is killed or expelled from Eretz Yisrael. The Arab old promise to "drive the Jews into the Sea" could be a sad reality.


6. A new intifada will be started among the Israeli Arabs. Why shouldn\'t they join the new Palestine with their fellow Arabs?


7. Having been so weakened by the above events, Israel agrees to withdraw from "Arab" areas of the 1949 borders.


8. The "so called" demilitarized Judean-Samarian hills protecting Israel\'s coastal concentration of population and industry around Tel Aviv, are occupied by Iranian, Jordanian, and Syrian troops. It takes 20 minutes to re-militarize this area.


9. Egypt, Syria, and Jordan sensing Israeli blood, join the Arab coalition for an all-out attack.


10. Israel is destroyed but does get a favorable obituary in the New York Times. The United Nations, however, condemns the deceased Jewish state for polluting the sacred land of Palestine with "filthy Zionist pig blood."


That sounds quite extreme and people keep telling me to tone down my rhetoric. "Don\'t be so strident", they tell me. It\'s good advice and maybe I would be more convincing if I didn\'t show so much passion in my writing. I\'ll do my best, but aren\'t you MAD also? Can any Jew, who understands history, not be anguished by the present course of events? This is a serious issue of life and death for our fellow Jews. And it is a deadly serious issue of survival for Israel. That\'s why I\'m mad as hell. So don\'t ask me to be a nice Jewish boy.......


.....And while I am talking about why I am mad as hell, here are a few more things I am sick and tired of.




There are a few things more that make my blood boil. Here is a list and the explanations:


1. I am sick and tired of the slowly escalating actions of the IDF to fight terrorism.


The slow escalation allows PA terrorism to become immune to Israel\'s strategy. It allows them to smuggle more guns, missiles, mortars, anti-aircraft missiles into PA territory. This is much the same as bacterial infections. If the antibiotic is not strong enough to eliminate it, then the disease will return in a much more virulent form. I would suggest that the IDF launch a massive offensive against the terrorists until victory.


2. I am sick and tired of the Israeli government\'s fear of collateral damage to the enemy.


The Arabs have no such qualms. In fact they target civilians in bestial suicide bombs. PA weapons factories, weapons storage depots and bomb making facilities should be blasted off the face of earth even if it causes civilian casualties. Remember that "he who is merciful to the cruel, will end up being cruel to the merciful."


3. I am sick and tired of Israeli PM Sharon\'s policy of restraint.


The adjustment to accepting the killing of Jews has become is an abomination. A Jew here or there murdered daily, pretty soon adds up to a lot dead and maimed Jews. I remember when the Al Aska terror on Israel began last September, The IDF general staff plans to re-opened a file called "Operation Thorns" which could re-take the PA areas. They estimated Israeli dead at 300.


Since then there have been almost 1000 Jews killed which is more than three times the estimated combat deaths with no apparent consequence to Arafat\'s ability to inflict casualties on Israel. There is one extremely important variable. The PA has used the last three years to build bunkers, firing positions, smuggle in heavy weapons and missiles, create an underground arms industry and organize an army of 80,000. The defeat of PA now would certainly be more costly. And it will grow with time. There is a very short window of time to defeat the PA terrorists with minimal losses. Many political analysts and military experts agree that Israel must take decisive action now.


4. I am sick and tired of the US State Department urging Israel to show "restraint."


Despite the fact that the CIA knows exactly WHO (PA) is attacking WHOM (Israel) the State Department continues call for a stop to the "cycle of violence." Whenever Israel is attacked viciously, there is rush to tell Israel "to turn the other cheek".


5. I am sick and tired of Shimon Peres trying to arrange another appeasement for the PA.


He claims to be seeking a cease fire and a return to negotiations. Let me be honest with you. I don\'t want negotiations with Abbas, I want to crush him and his terrorist gang.


6. I am sick and tired of the continued UN presence within the borders of Israel.


I\'s time to remove them and assert Israel\'s sovereignty. Israel should work to have the world withdraw its recognition of Arab refugee camps and refugees. It should condemn the hypocritical treatment of the Arab countries for exploiting these people for political purposes. Israel should declare in a strong voice that there are NO refugees. That status is not permanent and obviously should not apply to people living in the same place for 56 years.


7. I am sick and tired of the international boycott of Jerusalem as Israel\'s capital.


Israel should unilaterally announce to the nations of the world that all embassies MUST be in Jerusalem. Consulates may be in Tel Aviv or any place they want. Israel will no longer permit its eternal capital to be disrespected.


8. I am sick and tired that under both Labor and Likud governments, Arutz Sheva, Israel National Radio has not been fully legalized.


Whatever happened to freedom of speech? Arutz Sheva should not only be allowed establish facilities on land but also a television channel. I am also sick and tired of government television being controlled by the extreme left that doesn\'t represent the Israeli public. A lot of the time they represent the Arabs and not Israel\'s.


9. I am sick and tired of Israel\'s trying to be Mister Nice Guy to a hypocritical world.


Europeans are increasingly comparing Israel to the Nazis. Over half of all the resolutions of the UN since its founding have directed against Israel. At the recent conference on how to condemn Israel in Durban, South Africa, UN head Kofi Anan condemned Israel for existing. The Arab world openly plots the destruction of Israel.


10. I am sick and tired of Israel tolerating Moslem restrictions and desecrations on the Temple Mount.


The excuse that it would cause violence to exercise our rights there is absurd. Israel has the capability to enforce security. Virtually everything Israel wants do in the Land of Israel displeases the Arabs, who want us to leave. Jews should be allowed to pray on the Temple Mount and the destruction of Jewish antiquities by the Moslem waqf needs to be stopped immediately.


11. I am sick and tired of PA demonstrations of the fierceness of their terrorists and how they will destroy Israel.


Why not knock off a bunch of them during their demonstrations. Maybe they will be more circumspect.

12. And most important, the IDF and police should never be used for political purposes. Their purpose is to protect Israeliís and not expel them from their homes or persecute them.


I believe that we will defeat our current adversaries. We will succeed and survive from three sources of our strength: Love of Tanach (Torah), Love of Eretz Israel (Land of Israel, and Love of Am Yisrael (People of Israel).......In blood and fire was Israel born, and on a hot anvil was she forged. Her youth understood that life in the new Jewish homeland would require sacrifice. With stories of the stench of burning flesh from the ovens of Auschwitz embedded deep in their psyches, the young Israeli soldiers fight with the firm conviction that there is still no alternative "ein brera."

To that I would like add something the American soldiers used to say during the heaviest fighting in Viet Nam. This is dedicated (slightly revised) to the brave IDF soldiers who face the enemy every day: Yeah though I walk through the Valley of Death, I will fear no evil because the Almighty fights with me for the Restoration of Zion and for love of HIS people, Israel.

.......And for the Jews of Gaza and the rest of YESHA, I believe that He will NOT allow JEWS TO EXPEL JEWS FROM ERETZ YISRAEL.



Bernard J. Shapiro is the Executive Director of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies and editor of its monthly Internet magazine, THE MACCABEAN ONLINE, the Freemanlist and the Freeman Center Blog.