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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."

by David Basch
July 6, 2008

       "Where there is no vision, the people perish"
                                        -- Proverbs 29:18

I guess we can thank the Israeli leadership for demonstrating how true
the Bible\'s insight is, as this clearly obsessed universalist
leadership leads Israel\'s Jews into the furnaces of today\'s Nazis, the

When I use the term "obsessed" I kid not. For the Israeli leadership
is indeed pathologically obsessed with an ideology that comes with its
own false conceptions of actual human personality that thinks that its
own universalist ideals must necessarily be shared by the Islamists,
who speak in the lingo of such universalism to make Israeli leaders
salivate but whose actual goal is destruction of Israel and its
universalism and the establishment of Muslim Arab particularism.

Hence, for all the virtues of Israel -- its technological excellence,
moral striving for justice and mercy -- its flaws pull it down,
changing these to vices. For example, the technology is used to
support the Arab enemy in its battle to destroy Israel and the
morality becomes a meaningless hollow shell that reveals itself by its
injustice, callousness, and virulent hatred directed toward their own
clear visioned Jewish brothers that wish to preserve the Israeli
nation. This moralistic leftist obsession is the result of deep
personality flaws, perhaps one part Stockholm Syndrome -- a reflection
of the real fear in leftist Jewish hearts that make them side with the
views of the enemy -- and the rest being a warped "over righteousness
and an overly wise" attitude that blinds them to reality and makes
them a laughing stock in the eyes of the Arab enemy and gives that
enemy great hope that it is they who will eventually win the war
against the Jews as the rollback of Israel over the past decades
clearly show.

Those with a smattering of touch with biblical wisdom will recognize
that that Ecclesiastes warned that a sure recipe for self destruction
is "over righteousness" and being "overly wise." The anti-Bible crowd
apply the "over righteousness" to strict religious observance but it
is really directed against the kind of character that is not content
to be, for example, "kind to strangers" but must make the "stranger"
so much at home while he is still a "stranger" that the "stranger"
takes over and stamps the stranger\'s values on the society and
squeezes out that of the host.

Or another and better illustration is that when you defeat your enemy
and his designs, you are not content to have defeated him but must
also try to win his love -- mission impossible -- by picking the enemy
up at your own expense and giving him the chance to recoup and try to
destroy you all over again.

It is here that Ecclesiastes\' warning about being "overly wise" comes
in since this is not directed at "being wise," a virtue, but overdoing
it by thinking you are able to understand and predict everything --
which you can\'t -- and so venture far out on a limb that brings you
crashing down.  Here is the half baked wisdom of the leftists that
imagine that their own materialism encompasses the thinking of the
Arabs, who are really involved in a spiritual passion of destroying
the hated Jewish nation in its midst, and so the Arabs are unaffected
by the material largesse that Israel conveys on them, which does not
change their hearts to friendship, but, quite the contrary, to more
intense hatred and murder of the Jewish enemy.

But telling about all this does nothing to affect the warped
Leftist Israeli leadership that has been warned by many, many voices
for many decades about the disasters that the Israel leadership is
inflicting on their people -- all of which have come true in
spades. You see, the personal character of this leadership is
unaffected by warnings and reality in the same way that the
Nazis could not see another reality and needed to be defeated and
destroyed before something new could evolve. Note, even when the Nazis
were going down into defeat they still made killing Jews a priority.

The same is true of today\'s Muslim-Arab Nazis directed against Israel
and the Jewish people. These Muslim-Arab Nazis must also be
resoundingly defeated if they are to ever change their ways, not
reeducated in the way the Israeli leftists are obsessed in
trying to do and failing at at every step. But this type of obsession
is the mark of the Israeli leadership that embraces a killing form of
idealistic madness that ends up destroying the Israeli nation that it
is supposed to protect.

So where does Israel go from here? Clearly, unless the existing elites
of Israel are brought down, despite its defenses given to them by
warped institutions of the Supreme Court that is part and parcel of
the madness and that of the Israeli press that has long ago been
infested with agents of the enemy, bought and paid for. The only way
this can be done, it seems to me, is for a popular pro-Israel leader
to emerge with a captivating vision for the country that can rally the
masses of Israelis to his side that can effectively tie up the forces
of Israel\'s government in a series of paralyzing general strikes and
sweep these elites from power.

Can it be Netanyahu? I once thought so, but he -- sharing the madness
of Israeli leftists -- with zealous alacrity betrayed the people that
elected him. I am not sure that he has changed his character. But can
it be that in Israel\'s 6 or 7 millions there are none who can fill
this bill?

Israel is coming to the crossroads. Those who witnessed the first
Holocaust and the early soothers that lulled many to sleep in Europe
and America, trusting that God will do their work for them, know how
bad things can get if responsible human action is not taken.
Let us hope that responsible human action in Israel will not fail
at this time, the way it did 60 years before.