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Humiliating the Jew

Prof. Eugene Narrett

The Jews are for us the living words of scripture for they remind us always of what our Lord suffered. They are dispersed all over the world so that by expiating their crime they may be everywhere the living witnesses of our [Christian] redemption…If they are utterly wiped out, what will become of our hope for their ultimate conversion?”

In the late fourth century CE, Bishop Ambrosius of Milan and Syria and, about forty years later, Augustine of Hippo in North Africa formulated the official position of the Roman church on the Jews. To be sure, Ambrosius urged, prefiguring the holocaust, synagogues should be burnt for they are “a haunt of infidels, a home of the impious, a hiding place of madmen under the damnation of God himself.” But unlike John Chrysostum, bishop of Antioch who termed Jews “pigs and goats” (centuries before Islam termed them apes and pigs), “wild animals… marked for the slaughter,” Augustine took a different tack. Not all Jews should be killed, he argued, for their continued existence, in degraded and stateless condition makes them witnesses to the ‘truth’ that the Eternal One and Creator ‘changed His mind’ and rejected His people, “the House of Israel which God has cast off” [sic]. Jews, much reduced in number and even more in status by the Empire’s genocidal wars and its successor’s genocidal envy, calumnies, laws and pogroms would be living ‘proof’ of the new Jokerist redeemer and the ongoing formulation of the replacement theology built around his magical powers and rites so similar to those of Dionysus, Osiris, Dammuzi, Sebazius, etc. As for the Jews, “do not slay them, scatter them” Augustine argued; “utterly uprooted from their kingdom [and] under the dominion of foreigners” they will be “available as witnesses to the prophecies that were given concerning Christ” [1]. Since the Church is the “new Israel” the “Eternal City” laid claim to Jerusalem and committed itself to preempting Jewish restoration. This imperial principle informs Rome to this day, dominates western diplomatic, intelligence and even military agencies and underpins much of the turmoil in the Middle East, -- and the blame the “world community” strategically directs at Israel: Cui bono?

As for Chrysostum (345-407 CE), whom the Church terms “a saint,” this formulator of what is called “the gospel of John” preached that a synagogue is “a whorehouse and a theatre; a den of thieves and a haunt of wild animals…no better than pigs or goats who live by debauchery and gluttony, marked for slaughter. This is why Christ said, ‘as for my enemies who did not want me to reign over them, bring them here and slay them” [2].

This is the West of which one can say, “Adolph Hitler, Christian” adopting the Joker’s “fight against the Jewish poison” [3]. Hitler presented himself as a new age messiah and followed the Christian belief that “the obstacle to his thousand-year reign was the stiff-necked Jews”: “by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord” [4]. Indeed, his agenda (saving the world by burying the Jews) was expressed by Guibert de Nogent at the time of the First Crusade: “we desire to combat the enemies of God in the East,” he wrote referring to the Muslims in the Promised Land, “but we have [right here] under our eyes the Jews, a race more inimical to God than all the others. We are doing this whole thing [the Crusades] backwards” [5]; the Crusaders heeded him, commencing their holy work by slaughtering the Jews of the Rhineland, central Europe and then, Jerusalem in 1099, setting a road map for Hisster.

Given this history, there are no braver and more resilient people than Jews; suffused with a divine teaching the greatest miracle is that they have survived this vilification and the consequent assaults from the ‘religion of mercy’ whose idea of privileges for Jews was to remove gallows and pyres from Jewish cemeteries. Even critics of Rome’s engrained hatred and genocidal slander of Jews, often pursued by the Rome of the north, Germany, birthplace of Constantine, strain to distinguish “normal Christian anti-Jewishness, to say that Jews murdered Jesus” [sic] “and to degrade them for it” from “abnormal anti-Semitism to say that Jews slay Christian babies and to slay them for it” even though it is clear that these two forms of mad, a-historical fantasy feed into each other, supra [6].

Humiliate the Jew: this is the ugly, murderous and self-destructive essence of “the West.” It is embodied in the person of Tony Blair, newly come-out as a Catholic and leader of the Quartet’s unrelenting assault on Jewish sovereignty in the Promised Land. Blair also fronts the newly established (May 30, 2008) “Faith Foundation” that seeks a synthesis of all the “Abrahamic faiths,” that is, that sanctions replacement theologies and absorption of the Jew “in one vast humanitarian situation” as an Aquarian theosophist wrote. The power of “globalization” and its “breaking down boundaries” create the need for a world religion and interdependence, Blair says [7]. While Blair, like a good Communist or other communitarian was preaching “peaceful co-existence” in New York rather than Riyadh or Teheran, his affiliated minions were pressing Israel to dismantle checkpoints, Jewish homes and synagogues in the Promised Land, for example at Hebron. Israel has been besieged since the Jewish people reconstituted it and the Jews of the Promised Land have been besieged continually since the Roman Imperium pushed its sway into Asia.

As far as the powers are concerned, “Israel will [NOT] dwell apart” as Scripture prescribes; its borders will NOT ‘be sealed like iron and copper” as Moshe said in his closing words. It will, as Augustine wrote, be scattered, degraded and absorbed, folded into the batter of the globalist tutti-frutti cake of impoverishment and eugenics. To think: Israeli security services saved Blair’s depraved life [7-16-08], playing their role in Edom’s game of humiliate the Jew and revealing yet again that the perennial regime that rules them on behalf of Edom will go to almost any lengths to empower the enemies of the Jewish people, to make enemies of friends and brothers, and evil of good...

Modern Israel is pervaded by Hellenism and kowtows to the ancient animus and goal of the Roman imperium, the lie centered on “the man who never returned” because he never lived at all but, rather, was a pastiche of metaphors from Hebrew Scripture blended with dying and resurrected gods from pagan Egypt, Greece, Mesopotamia and India: a virtual reality god; a counter-factual history god whose rationale is outcome-based (e.g. by Anselm). A culture of lies is a culture of death, sterility and virtual reality, of belief in fantasies, of the dogma that ‘it’s all in the mind.’ Judaism is about deeds, settling, planting, building, Hechalutz and the goodness of an earth thus sanctified. Rome cannot abide this alternative model that makes its neo-platonic fantasies crumble into vulgarity and diktats. So its method is to humiliate the Jew. Typically, Bernard of Clarivaux, “the secret emperor of Europe” who “provided theological justification for killing non-believers” preferred “endless degradation” to murdering Jews outright [8].

Humiliate the Jew is the essence of the mis-named “captive exchange” in which the bodies of soldiers Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser were returned to Israel in exchange for freeing murderers of Jews (“terrorists”) and two hundred bodies of same. The chief among the freed killers, a beast who murdered a father in front of his four-year old daughter and then cold-bloodedly bashed in her head with his rifle butt, pledges to resume attacking Jews.

The IDF’s Chief Rabbi and Doctors indicated that the bodies of the soldiers had been abused before and after death. What is the proper response to such violations of Torah, natural and international law?

If Israel had Jewish leaders, when the President of the artificial state of the Lebanon (which belongs in its entirety to the Jewish people) joined throngs of locals to celebrate this released savage, his vaunting and the glee of Nasrallah, the IAF would have come swooping like eagles to obliterate them and establish a great lesson of deterrence and peace, shalom based on the shlaimut of Yisrael and the Netzach Yisrael.

It was clear from the first that the soldiers probably had been killed, or were expected to be killed. While there was constant, if hollow talk of Gilad Shalit and getting him back (it continues to this day), Regev and Goldwasser rarely were mentioned; this though their return was part of the highly touted UN resolution 1701 which terminated the one-sided war of Iran-Hezbollah against Israel, a war the perennial client regime, Edom’s subcontractors refused to fight. Do you remember? In response to the attack, murder and abduction of border guards and to four thousand rockets showered on Israel the regime refused to mobilize the reserves (the major part of the IDF) and refused to invade the non-state of Lebanon; it contented itself with ‘surgical bombing’ after batteries already had fired at Israel. In mid-August 2006, when American diplomats, pursuing the West’s “humiliate the Jew” script, announced that Israel had four days left to finish its “work,” Olmert sent small forces a few kilometers across the border on a no-win photo op. The result: casualties for nothing but humiliation, grief and outrage. Hizbollah has rebuilt and increased its strength under the complacent eyes of EU and UN observers, as many of us predicted would happen.

Olmert’s entire incumbency indeed has been a “finishing the job” of degrading the Jew; he is a great success and Western policy, led by American diplomats, the false friends, also is a success in this basic Western mission. It is they who arranged the dismantling of one hundred thirty Israeli checkpoints used to prevent Western-trained terrorists from murdering Jews. They sanitize and exalt the terrorist Abu Mazen who sent congratulatory words to the murderers above-noted and who will be hosted, again in Washington to get instructions for the latest Israeli ‘compromises’ or, one should say, the “endless degradation” of the Jews.

As so often and in so many events, the direction of Israel’s government by US diplomatic echelons showed the bond of shame that binds the client to the master on the Potomac that in effect reads from the script of Ambrose, Chrysostum, Augustine, Anselm, Bernard of Clairvaux and many, many more.

And we remember the admission by IDF Deputy Chief of Intelligence, General Ya’akov Amidror that “because of agreements with the international community it was decided to let the enemy strike first.” Who made these “agreements” and what were the carrots and sticks used to seal it? Perhaps someone will tell us what the current or next “agreement” is to immobilize and degrade Israel. One needn’t look far or dig deep: it’s called the “Road Map” in all its ramifications of expulsion, oppression and mockery of Jews whether in demolishing homes, turning a blind eye to the ravaging of Jewish farms and orchards or the international sponsorship, touted by local media of various assaults on the family and the status of fathers, men and memory. The West is about forgetting and burial of the past, the Jewish metaphors and history which it stole in constituting itself, the first great “postmodern social construct”: the postmodern shibboleths, the denial of integrity, memory, history and fact are engrained in the West’s essence.

Ishmael is the proximate but not the main problem: Edom is. It is the EU, the Russian and American ruling echelons that push the “peace processing” of Israel and enable and incite what is worst in Kedar. These also are the parties to the new world disorder; the rootless, borderless, impoverished, squabbling smorgasbord which negates all the discriminations that, as Judaism teaches the world was built, is sustained and from which the only true peace can emerge when Israel is settled in its place and Torah goes forth from Jerusalem. The new world scrambles discrete and fertile eggs (nations) to make a sterile global omelet; it is desolation of the seed, the negation of Ya’akov and his direct line of glory to the foundation of Joseph by Esau he is Edom. The eugenicists, re-definers of family and population controllers that have dominated culture since the late 19th century revive the ancient Greco-Roman habits of destroying newborns and fetuses, “exposing them,” a practice that Tacitus resented the Jews for “paying considerable attention to increasing their numbers,” as he saw their refusal to practice abortion and infanticide: “with them it is a crime to make away with any issue and their souls are immortal. Hence their passion for procreation and battle, their contempt of death... [9]

Now the entire world is to have the imperial population control of the great clanking, gleaming and sterile machine of Yavan and Edom, the West.

NATO is organized under the authority of the UN, a prominent venue for orchestrating genocidal slander of Israel and Jews. NATO is run by a coordinating council of ten Western European nations, Canada and America. The chairman often is a Spaniard, like Javier Solana or Jose Barroso although their state has little military power. It is notable that in its last century, the Roman Empire not only divided itself into two administrative units, West and East but that the West was further subdivided with Britain, France, the low countries and Spain being ruled by a “General of the West” such as Constantine or Maximus a favorite of Ambrose. The resurgent Germany also is a member and with a German Pope who formerly spear-headed Vatican acquisition of properties in Jerusalem one recalls the “Great Diet of Mainz” convened by Frederick Barbarossa in that city in 1184 to make of it “a second Rome” and illustrate the swelling, Vatican-sanctioned power of Germany, as writ large in the EU, a second “Holy Roman Empire.” In 1996, at celebrations of German re-unification, a rare showing of “the seamless robe” of Rome’s redeemer, allegedly found by Constantine’s mother, Helena and enshrined at Trier emphasized that an intact Germany was the garment of the divine body, the outward manifestation of the godhead wholesaled from the Vatican. Aryan and Catholic ambition and hegemony are deeply entwined; Wagner’s pagan synthesis was determinative. Not Israel but Germany is the integral nation that will mediate salvation through the teaching of the Roman Church, “the new Israel.”

The Roman element is no anomaly. Simultaneous to the formation of its enforcing Empire, Pope Innocent III required King John “to accept him as England’s feudal lord.” While the Barons negated this with the Magna Carta, the Pope did not accept its authority. Who has proved top lord in the end? The crusades were “a means of imposing doctrinal and political unity within the Church. Heresy became a capital crime. While this structure developed, the Fourth Lateran Council decreed the Jews to be “servants of sin” who would henceforth be servants of Christian princes, would wear special badge and clothing; would remain indoors during “holy week,” would pay special taxes as in ancient Rome and under Islam: “The more total the Church’s claim on the soul of the world, the more dramatically Jews stand out as ‘the original and quintessential dissenters” [10]. The doctrine of papal infallibility and moral supremacy and the magical, pagan aspects of Mariolatry have grown greater since the mid-19th century. If secular “humanism” and Darwinism rule today, they, with post modernism are only the last of the replacement theologies that began with the Church’s perverting of Holy Scriptures and Covenant. With The Highest Wisdom thus defied what but bewildering terrors could ensue?

Commenting on Ezekiel, the great sage, Rabbi Don Yitzhak Abarbanel specified that Britain, the Low Countries, France and Spain, “the children of Edom who are in the lands to the West of Rome and Italy will conquer Jerusalem and all the land of Israel.” Seeing the patterns developing as the Church formed the West from what it stole form Israel, the sages wrote that “the son of David [messianic king who will restore Israel, cf. Rambam, Hilchot Melachim 11:1-3, 12:1-2] will not come until Persia [Iran] falls to the kingdom of Edom, until the evil Empire of Rome spreads out over the whole world and seizes Jerusalem for nine months” (Yoma 10a). History, prophecy and informed discussion converge in our days whose trend-shapers claim to be beyond history though it is rushing toward them…The obsession with degrading the Jew centers all their games.

The proper response to the summer 2006 cross border attacks in the Negev and north would have been a demand to ‘stand the captives free and unharmed before us tomorrow or else we will destroy your cities and armies.’ But the perennial regime didn’t want them back; its role, one it plays willingly, relentlessly is that of its controllers: humiliate the Jew; Israel, no matter how secularized and multicultural it is, plays the role of “international Jew” whose sovereignty, dignity and integrity must be destroyed so the big lies of Rome can gloat over the ruin, maintaining its claim as the new Israel and steward of the holy places. As Ambrosius preached, the Jew must feel torments as the mystique of “the True Cross” becomes the emblem of a revived Roman imperium. Looking ahead to Alice Bailey and Adolph Hitler, the last letter of Ambrose “named the Jews as the Church’s last problem.” And since “catholic” means “universal” or “all-inclusive,” “pertaining to the universal Christian church,” the agenda of Edom goes hand-in-glove with globalism in all its aspects, the bankrupting and humiliation prominent among them.

With the July 2008 ‘captive exchange’ a new level of degradation of the Jewish people in Israel has been reached: murdered Jews in exchange for freeing murderers who will murder more Jews. This is done despite explicit prohibition of such blackmail routines by Maimonides, Rav Meir of Rothenberg, and the clear teachings of the Shulchan Aruch. The game played on the families of Regev and Goldwasser still are played with the Shalit family, and with all Israel, all Jews: your lives are cheap; you “deserve no pity.” So Israel is degraded and subservient just as Ambrosius and Constantine urged. Who benefits? The dogmas that demand humiliation of Jews to ‘prove’ their ‘truth’; the Muslims learned the basics of enforcing dhimmitude, as well as the concept of hell and global dominion from Edom. Nothing has changed…Rome is the feudal lord of America, and nearly of Israel, too. Soon, through channels it will order its servants to destroy Persia and then receive the degrading blame and sanctions: don’t slay, scatter them.

On the two-year anniversary of the Hezbollah assault, Prime Minister Olmert asked the UN to help Israel against the re-arming of Iran’s proxy. UN forces in Lebanon saluted the coffins of the 199 terrorists Israel returned. Olmert is a master of black humor and plays his role to the hilt. It is not only the perennial hostility of the UN (and of those who direct its functions) to Israel that makes this appeal grotesque; it displays to the world that those who rule Israel, politicians fronting for an oligarchy subcontracted to mighty global baronies have no intention of maintaining the State’s sovereignty. Tehillim (“Psalms”) may say that “God rules in Judah; in Israel His Name is great” but the post-modern world spits on such notions (though they encourage them in regard to Islam, their instrument of managed attrition). The cringing by Olmert who seems to love playing a role that shames and endangers his people was stated clearly by him in a speech in NY and column in the New York Times in which he wrote that “Israel was tired of fighting, tired of defeating its enemies and tired of winning.” In Olmert, Rome, Washington, London, Brussels, and Moscow picked a perfect model of humiliation and he has done his work. His financial corruption is a sideshow distraction to the West’s main work, -- degrading Israel.

Meanwhile, the Arab States and American government waits for Israel, alone and against all odds to finish the business the powers have contrived with Iran. This will produce a “two-for”: Iran will cease to be a major threat to all its neighbors, who intensely fear its military and economic power and its sectarian competition; and Israel will be blamed, just as it is blamed for all the rockets that shower its southwestern regions from Hamas for whose terror-fiefdom it provides fuel, water, and good, daily in the regime-managed game of humiliation. While Egypt and Hamas maintain the blockade of the fiefdom, the regimes of the nations show their center of gravity by blaming Israel for feeding those who murder Jews. That’s the game: humiliate the Jew; no incongruity or injustice is too gross for this ineradicable process of Edom and Ishmael (see Tehillim 83). It is who they are; it is the malice that will consume them after they, like “appetite, the universal wolf, first consumes the world and last eats up itself.” Rome is the city of the she-wolf and the fratricide born of incest…

Not only has Mr. Olmert, on behalf of his controllers (the man is hardly a free agent; his constituency certainly is not in Israel, not even in his own party, a one-issue fiction that exists to expel Jews from their homes) asked the UN to take-over the security of Israel, his government is overseeing the absorption of Israel into the EU via the Mediterranean Peace and Prosperity Zone, recently re-titled the Mediterranean Union whose chieftains convened in Paris, concluding their business just as the “captive exchange” was finalized. Syria’s Bashir Asad made a big show of not sitting next to Olmert and of stomping out when the servile Jew spoke. This routine is not new, nor is the degrading presence of Israelis at such confabs, nor is the role of the dictator of Syria, a Vatican-German colony. More interesting are the participants, specifically, those nations that do not border on the Mediterranean like “Jordan” and Bosnia, both creations of European imperialism using jihadists as their tool. Bosnia may be regarded as the hinterland of Croatia, the latter linked closely to Germany and Rome. “Jordan” is the eastern 77% of the Jewish National Home that the British took from the Jews in 1921-2. (It is ruled, interestingly, by the direct descendant of the Sharif of Mecca. Expect him to take a prominent role as the Fertile Crescent plan proceeds). The original British draft of the Balfour Declaration stated that “Palestine [all of today’s Israel west of the Jordan River, and “Jordan”] should be reconstituted as the National Home of the Jewish people” [11]. Under the stewardship of its local Corporate Socialists, i.e. fascists serving their Roman masters, the Jews of Israel are being dragged into global fascism for which they will provide medical, agricultural, and military technology and cannon fodder. By refusing to fully suppress neighboring and internal jihad their regime also provides a model of a State built on security and government intrusion. The “nation that will dwell apart and not be counted among the nations” whose “borders [should] be sealed like iron and copper” becomes Edom’s demonstration project for a constantly imperiled state where rights are forfeit to a promised security that forever recedes. Just as Edom desolates the seed it replaces the potential peace of Ya’akov-Joseph with War, indeed, with virtual wars of terror, attrition and film; together they are our Culturetainment, what the West has instead of culture. This is postmodernism, the lie that denies and destroys integrity and memory; on every level it dissolves into masks and shadows. Of the grace of Israel it makes horror, the horror of its neo-feudal dominion, its destruction of boundaries, wealth and life.

Constantine, the General-King of the West and his mother were Germans, born in Trier. When he built the legends to support his geopolitical and ideological hegemony he sent his mother on a ‘pilgrimage’ to the Promised Land from which she, it is claimed, returned with “the true cross” that some guilt-ridden Jews brought to her from its ‘hiding place.’ Like the “seamless robe” whose geographic and ethnic expression is the unified Germany and the Germans, it is housed in her rebuilt palace and indicates Europe’s pole star. As if to emphasize its points, as this essay was being written, German veterinarians denounced kosher slaughter, sought to ban it and proclaimed the German method of stunning its victims with a blow to the head is most humane (7-21-08). The sensitivity of Germans needs no gloss, nor does their dominance of the EU and role in the long crusade against the Jewish people in Europe and Israel. With a German Pope in Rome, and a Catholic Briton heading the “Road Map” and new universal (“catholic”) religion, they are poised to finish their task as Chrysostum, Augustine and Hisster defined “their duty.”

The “peace process” since 1967 is simply a clever, Machiavellian cover for the British “Fertile Crescent Plan” or “Arab Federation” from Mesopotamia to Egypt and its interlocking with Europe and, via NATO, with the NAU; beyond that, it coalesces and extends all the replacement theologies of which Western culture is constructed. Identity theft is its beginning and its terror-filled finish as it drives toward the universal rule of Rome. The children of Aphrodite and Ares (“war”) are “Panic and Terror.”

“The Jew must learn the lesson of absorption,” Aquarian Theosophist Alice Bailey wrote in “Sources of the World Difficulty” (September 1938). “When the world has solved the Jewish problem in one vast humanitarian situation, the problem will be solved and racial fusion will be possible” [12]. The occultism and “bewildering terrors” (psalm 73) that consume the West precisely complement the lies and self-negation on which its identity and geopolitics are based. The “deicide” charge, the relegating of the Jews to degraded, stateless and Dhimmi status, east and west all stems from the primal identity theft and deformation of their Torah and history, and the imperial theft of their land which is a denial of the Almighty and Creator: and still many in the West wonder and complain that their religion is routed by scientifically fraudulent “Darwinism” and secularism. It all began with their revision of Scripture and their giving the lie to the Creator to invent a new creed. As we see, “nothing will come of nothing; the wheel will come full circle.”

Like the master of lies, Gordon Brown, replacement of Tony Faith Foundation Blair as PM of Britain descended upon Israel proclaiming the continuing friendship of Britain [sic] and Israel while continuing to stress that the Jews must get our of their heartland and of “East” Jerusalem, that part of the “city that is built entirely united” (psalm 122) but which was partitioned by the British whose Mandatory occupation was considered more anti-Jewish than the regime of the Czars. No lie is too big for those whose replacement theologies and founding legends are built on lies, on chimera and fantasies.

When the Jew, individual or national is humiliated, peace recedes because true peace is built on individual and national integrity and wholeness (shalom is from shaleim) which is achieved by following the commandments of preempting and destroying hostile neighbors and “not giving them a foothold” in the Land. Only integrity is the bridge to peace, but postmodernism is based on the giddy denial of integrity. It is multiple-personality disorder as a cultural first principle. It is the madness of Gog of Magog that brings all the nations against Jerusalem and the Jews…

Globalism negates the principle of distinct sovereign nations enshrined in the Torah. The partition of Israel, the humiliation and murder of Jews destroys the pattern of creation and the Torah, that is, it destroys Judaism. So all these “peace processes” are crusades and jihads, religious hate crimes sanctified in the geopolitics of a terminally corrupt world.

The fusion of nations is the macrocosm of the fusion of genders and scrambling of families and parental, especially paternal authority that characterizes the fissionable, post modern West. Along with its burial of history and injunctions to live in the present and dream of the future, to be solipsists, it is the antithesis of Israel and the Jewish way based on memory, history, on facts and deeds as the basis for individuality and justice, property, charity, sanctity and vigorous self-defense; for national remembrance, glory and gratitude to the Creator, the One, the Unborn and the Undying (Deut. 26).

When Israelis refuse to be humiliated and put in place a governmental structure and government (the Torah sets forth the principles and structure of both) that will preserve the integrity of the people and their national and geographic identity, then the great powers will desist or find a different game. Their own people might even learn how to restore modesty and humanity in government and society. In the meantime, they remain addicted to the ancient model of humiliating the Jews and keeping the Middle East, and much of the world in a state of controlled disintegration. For most people, a borderless world will have no place for dignity, free will, joy or peace. It will be a world of toxic, sugar-coated dictates like those regularly presented to humiliate the Jew. “Those who bless him are blessed, and those who curse him are accursed” (Numbers 24:9).

1. “The Jew blushes…he is tormented also…pitiful, sick, impoverished, weak. And yet, they deserve no pity!” Funeral oration for Emperor Theodosius (395CE), whom Ambrose preached against for banning the destruction of synagogues in 393; Ambrose saw the Jews “as Satan’s surviving agents” and Jewish prayer as “vile perfidy,” “like a dog returning to his vomit”: James Carroll, Constantine’s Sword (Houghton Mifflin 2001), 200-17, 275 and notes; a book with good information flawed by modern politics, Catholic apologetics and frequent self-contradiction, quoting Augustine’s City of God (425) and Confessions (410) and Rosemary Reuther, Faith and Fratricide. The convener of the council of Nicea, Constantine, the General of the West (Britain, France, and Spain) murdered his wife and son and Carroll refers to his imitation of the new creed’s myth of God-the-Father sacrificing his son as “holy” or “sacred violence.”

The epigraph is Bernard of Clairvaux preaching on psalm 59, Carroll 271, 657 referencing Marc Saperstein, Moments of Crisis (1989).

Theodosius I, along with his co-Augusti {emperors} Arcadius and Honorius wrote to their prefect in the east ordering that he “repress with appropriate severity the excesses of those who, in the name of the Christian religion, presume to commit illegal acts and to destroy and plunder synagogues [Codex Theodosianus 16.8.9, 393 CE]. However, in just thirty years, pushed by Ambrose and Chrysostum, Honorius and Theodosius II wrote to the East ordering that while Jews must be compensated for plundered synagogues, “henceforth, no further synagogues are to be constructed and old ones are to remain in their present state.” February 15, 423; here the West was being born; Margaret Williams, the Jews among the Greeks and Romans, a Diaspora Source Book (John Hopkins U Press, 1988), 139.

2. Carroll, 213; and massive pogroms followed in Antioch and Alexandria the largest Jewish city of the time (414), its population of half a million Jews nearly extinguished by this Christian ‘love.’ Ironically, the “Revelation” in effect associates the ‘Satanic’ descent of Gog Magog and all the nations with the Crusades, John 20:1-10.

3. See for example his speech of April 12, 1922 and his “Program for Positive Christianity.” He said (point twenty-four), “the party stands for positive Christianity but does not bind itself to any particular creed or confession.” In speaking of his redeemer, he added, “how terrific was his fight against the Jewish poison…it was for this that he had to shed his blood on the Cross. As a Christian I have a duty to be a fighter…” In his article, “A New Beginning,” 2-26-1925, he wrote, “in a newly awakened NSDAP let both confessions [Catholics and Protestants] take their stand in the common fight…against the brood of vipers and adders…When we have taken this duty upon ourselves…we will become once more true Germans.”

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9. Tacitus, Historiae, Annals, 5.4.5 in Williams op. cit., 163, passim; Tacitus, [c.56-120 CE] writes “the Jews conceive of a sole divinity…and so they set up no images in their cities, still less in their temples. This flattery is not paid to kings, nor this honor to emperors…” but more typically mocks the Sabbath and Sabbatical year as evidence of the “indolence” of the Jews. Peter Schafer refers to Tacitus’ “grand synthesis of anti-Jewish traditions” and discusses, among a host of sources the charges of misoxenia, (hatred of foreigners), misoxenos bios (“hatred of life”), hatred of human beings (misanthropia) and impiety that Egyptian and Greek writers deduce from the Jews refusal “to fabricate images of the gods being of the opinion that God is not in human form.” Thus writers from Hecataeus, Manetho, Appolonius Molon and Diodorus Siculus prepared the motifs for pagan Roman and church vilification of Jews. Shafer, Judeophobia: Attitudes toward Jews in the Ancient World (Harvard Press 1997), 15-23, 31-33 passim.

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11. Lone Wolf: A Biography of Vladimir (Ze’ev) Jabotinsky (NY, Barricade Books 1996), Volume I.305-13 and see all of chapter 13, I. 262-362 for context on the opponents and whittlers-down of the plan for Jewish restoration, independence and a Jewish fighting unit. Those who preferred Jewish assimilation, “cultural Zionists” and “practical Zionists” joined British anti-Semites and competing geopolitical plans to betray the Jews, history, England itself, and Divine Providence.

12. Alice Bailey, Essays collected in The Externalization of the Hierarchy (Lucis Trust 1957); before the holocaust, Bailey regularly wrote that the Jews epitomize “the Forces of Darkness.” After the war she resumed her attacks, focusing on the error of allowing Jews to be sovereign in Jerusalem.