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Captive Exchanges, MU and Humiliating the Jew

The thoughts and writings of Prof. Eugene Narrett

In the late fourth century CE, Bishop Ambrosius of Milan and Syria and, about fifty years later, Augustine of Hippo in North Africa formulated the official position of the Roman church on the Jews. They should not all be killed, they argued, but small numbers of them kept around in degraded and weak stature so as simultaneously to prove the origins of the Jokerist redeemer and as evidence of how, as a result, the Almighty had rejected them as the chosen people and taken their Promised Land. This principle informs Rome to this day of the Quartet whose leader Tony Blair recently came out as a Catholic. 
Humiliate the Jew: this is the ugly, murderous and self-destructive essence of “the West” to this day. It is embodied in the person of Tony Blair, newly come-out as a Catholic and leader of the Quartet’s unrelenting assault on Jewish sovereignty in the Promised Land. On July 16 Israeli security services saved his life from his Arab friends, playing their role in Edom’s game of humiliate the Jew.
Humiliate the Jew is the essence of the mis-named “captive exchange” in which the bodies of soldiers Regev and Goldwasser were returned to Israel in exchange for freeing dozens of Jew-murderers (“terrorists”) and two hundred bodies of same. The chief among the freed killers pledges to resume attacking Jews. More...
It was clear from the first that the soldiers probably had been killed, or were expected to be killed. While there was constant, if hollow talk of Gilad Shalit and getting him back, Regev and Goldwasser rarely were mentioned though their return was part of the highly touted UN resolution 1701 which terminated the one-sided war of Iran-Hezbollah against Israel, a war the perennial regime of Edom’s subcontractors refused to fight. Do you remember? In response to the attack, murder and abduction of border guards and to four thousand rockets showered on Israel, the regime refused to mobilize the reserves (the major part of the IDF), refused to invade the non-state of Lebanon and contented its with ‘surgical bombing’ after batteries already had fired at Israel. When American diplomats announced that Israel had four days left to finish its “work,” Olmert sent small forces a few kilometers across the border on a no-win photo op. The result: casualties for nothing and Hizbollah has rebuilt and increased its strength under the benign eyes of EU and UN observers, as many of us predicted would happen.
And we remember the admission by IDF Deputy Chief of Intelligence, General Ya’akov Amidror that “because of agreements with the international community it was decided to let the enemy strike first.” How nice: who exactly made these “agreements” and what were the carrots and sticks used to forge it? Perhaps someone will tell us what the current “agreement” is to immobilize Israel.
Ishmael is the proximate but not the main problem: Edom is. It is the EU, the Russian and American ruling echelons that push the “peace processing” of Israel and enable and incite what is worst in Kedar. These also are the parties to the new world disorder, the rootless, borderless, impoverished smorgasbord which negates all the discriminations that, as Judaism teaches the world was built and is sustained.
The proper response to the summer 2006 cross border attacks in the Negev and north would have been a demand to ‘stand the captives free and unharmed before us tomorrow or else we will destroy your cities and armies.’ But the perennial regime didn’t want them back; its role, one it plays willingly, relentlessly is that of its controllers: humiliate the Jew; Israel, no matter how secularized and multicultural it is, plays the role of “international Jew” whose sovereignty must be destroyed so the big lies of Rome can gloat over the ruin, maintaining its claim as the new Israel and steward of the holy places.
Now, with the ‘captive exchange’ a new level of degradation of the Jewish people in Israel has been reached: murdered Jews in exchange for liberating terrorists who will murder more Jews. This is done despite explicit prohibition of such blackmail routines by Maimonides, Rav Meir of Rothenberg, and the clear teachings of the Shulchan Aruch. So Israel is degraded and subservient just as Ambrosius and Constantine urged. Who benefits? The dogmas that demand humiliation of Jews to ‘prove’ their ‘truth’; the Muslims learned the basics of enforcing dhimmitude, as well as the concept of hell and global dominion from Edom. Nothing has changed…
On the two-year anniversary of the Hezbollah assault, Prime Minister Olmert asked the UN to help Israel against the re-arming of Iran’s proxy. The man is a master of black humor and plays his role to the hilt. It is not only the perennial hostility of the UN (and of those who direct its functions) to Israel that makes this appeal farcical; worse, it displays to the world that those who rule Israel, politicians fronting for an oligarchy subcontracted to mighty global baronies have no intention of maintaining the State’s sovereignty. Tehillim (“Psalms”) may say that “God rules in Judah; in Israel His Name is great” but the post-modern world spits on such notions (though they encourage them from Kedar, their instrument of loosely managed attrition). But this cringing by Olmert who seems to love playing the role that shames and endangers his people was stated clearly by him in a speech in NY and column in the New York Times in which he wrote that “Israel was tired of defeating its enemies and tired of winning,” etc. Rome, Washington, London, Brussels, Moscow and Riyadh hardly could have picked a more perfect model of humiliation.
In Olmert, indeed in nearly every Israeli administration since 1948, Anglo-American and European planners have had reprsentatives of Britain’s “Fertile Crescent” plan or “Arab Federation”; it is in process to this day, with Russia serving as affiliated antithesis.
Meanwhile, the Arab States and American government waits for Israel, alone and against all odds to finish the business the powers have contrived with Iran. This will produce a “two-for”: Iran will cease to be a major threat to all its neighbors, who intensely fear its military and economic power and sectarian competition; and Israel will be blamed, just as it is blamed for all the rockets that shower its southwestern regions from Hamas for whose terror-fiefdom it provides fuel, water, and good, daily. While Egypt and Hamas maintain the blockade of the fiefdom, the regimes of the nations show their center of gravity by blaming Israel for feeding those who murder Jews. That’s the game: humiliate the Jew; no incongruity or injustice is too gross for this ineradicable process of Edom and Ishmael.
Not only has Mr. Olmert, on behalf of his controllers (the man is hardly a free agent; his constituency certainly is not in Israel, not even in his own party, a one-issue fiction that exists to expel Jews from their homes) asked the UN to take-over the security of Israel, his government is overseeing the absorption of Israel into the EU via the Mediterranean Peace and Prosperity Zone, recently re-titled the Mediterranean Union whose chieftains recently convened in Paris. Syria’s Bashir Asad made a big show of not sitting next to Olmert and of stomping out when the servile Jew spoke. This is routine is not new, nor is the degrading presence of Israelis at such confabs. More interesting are the participants, specifically, those nations that do not border on the Mediterranean like “Jordan” and Bosnia, both creations of European imperialism using jihadists as their tool. Bosnia may be regarded as the hinterland of Croatia, the latter linked closely to Germany and Rome. “Jordan” is the eastern 77% of the Jewish National Home that the British took away in 1921-2. The original draft of the Balfour Declaration stated that “Palestine [all of today’s Israel west of the Jordan River, and “Jordan”] should be reconstituted as the National Home of the Jewish people” [1].
Under the stewardship of its local Corporate Socialists, i.e. fascists, the Jews of Israel are being dragged into global fascism for which they will provide medical, agricultural, and military technology and cannon fodder. By refusing to fully suppress neighboring and internal jihad they also provide a model of a State built on security and intrusion. The “nation that will dwell apart and not be counted among the nations” whose “borders [should] be sealed like iron and copper” becomes Edom’s showroom and demonstration project for a constantly imperiled state where rights are forfeit to a promised security that forever recedes.
When the Jew, individual or national is humiliated, peace recedes because true peace is built on individual and national integrity and wholeness (shalom is from shaleim) which is achieved by following the commandments of preempting and destroying hostile neighbors and “not giving them a foothold” in the Land.
Globalism negates the principle of distinct sovereign nations enshrined in the Torah. The partition of Israel, the humiliation and murder of Jews destroys the pattern of creation and the Torah, that is, it destroys Judaism. So all these “peace processes” are crusades and jihads, religious hate crimes sanctified in the geopolitics of a terminally corrupt world.
The fusion of natures is the macrocosm of the fusion of genders and scrambling of families and parental, especially paternal authority that characterizes the fissionable, post modern West. Along with its burial of history and injunctions to live in the present and dream of the future, to be solipsists, it is the antithesis of Israel and the Jewish way based on memory, history, on facts and deeds as the basis for individuality and justice, property and charity. “Fusion” and “synthesis” of all peoples in “a vast humanitarian situation” also has been the watchword of cults arising from the Theosophists. They too, all, target Jews for “absorption.” That’s when “humanity has solved the Jewish problem,” she wrote. “The Jew must learn the lesson of absorption” [2].
When Israelis refuse to be humiliated and put in place a governmental structure and government (the Torah sets forth principles and the nature of both) that will preserve the integrity of the people and their national and geographic identity, then the great powers will desist or find a different game. Their own people might even learn some ways to restore modesty and humanity in government and society. In the meantime, they remain addicted to the ancient model of humiliating the Jews and keeping the Middle East, and much of the world in a state of loosely controlled disintegration. For most people, a borderless world will have no place for dignity, free will, joy or peace. It will be a world of sugar-coated dictates like those regularly presented to humiliate the Jew.
1. Shmuel Katz, Lone Wolf: A Biography of Vladimir (Ze’ev) Jabotinsky (NY, Barricade Books 1996), Volume I.305-13 and see all of chapter 13, I. 262-362 for context on the opponents and whittlers-down of the plan for Jewish restoration, independence and a Jewish fighting unit. Those who preferred Jewish assimilation, “cultural Zionists,” “practical Zionists” joined British anti-Semites and competing geopolitical plans to betray the Jews, history, England itself, and Divine Providence. 
2. See my essays on Alice Bailey’s writings in her collection, Externalization of the Hierarchy (1957, Lucis Trust), the essay quoted is “The Causes of the World Difficulty” from September 1938.