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American Jewish Leaders Silent on Israel’s Crisis

Since the Israeli government, pressed vigorously by the US State Department, expelled 9000 Jews from their homes, farms, schools and synagogues in Gush Katif and Northern Samaria in August 2005, jihadists have showered rockets and mortars on towns, cities and farmers within the 1949 borders of Israel. To this assault, the response by a corrupt and defeatist Israeli regime has been minimal. 
During this same time, the 9000 deported Jews have been dumped throughout Israel in trailer parks. The jobs, permanent residences, and compensation they were promised have been lacking. That the “world community” does not mention or care about these brutally displaced Jews is not unusual; but there also has been a failure of mainstream American Jewish leaders to speak publicly against the ethnic cleansing and its bitter aftermath. The highly touted “two-state solution” means more destruction of Jewish homes and more expulsions of Jews from the land of Israel.
These dual failures of trust, to the expelled Jews (whose deportation, it is claimed, will bring “peace”) and to totally suppress the rocket war on Israel, dismays lovers of Israel. One such person is Bernard (“Buddy”) Macy of New Jersey who in the past three years has become an impassioned advocate of justice for the deportees and for accountability and meaningful action from American Jewish organizations on behalf of an intact Israel.
Macy had served as a recording secretary, fund raiser and Trustee for the Jewish Federation in northern New Jersey for twenty-five years. In February 2006, he resigned to protest the national UJA/UJC refusal to begin emergency funding for the refugees and for their silence about the brutal ethnic cleansing of Jews from Amona, eighteen miles north of Jerusalem. Since then, Mr. Macy has pressed actively for mainstream Jewish leadership to assist and educate Americans about the embattled position of the Jewish people in the Promised Land.
In response, he has heard that “we don’t need another meeting,” in other words, ‘go away and don’t disturb our cozy ties to policy makers in Washington or our reputation as advocates for Jewry.’  This dismissal now includes the refusal of two prominent American Jewish leaders, Howard Rieger of the UJC ( and Malcolm Hoenlein, head of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations ( to participate in a debate / discussion about the mistreatment of Israel’s internal refugees and the fact that Israel’s government refuses to respond to the war against it with military action that would protect its citizens, suppress Hamas and Hizballah and establish a basis for true peace.
These topics are of great importance to all Americans and, in fact, to all people. Yet as often happens when the official truth will not bear scrutiny, genuine discussion remains unheard. But the matter is still open; like poverty in the attic, hard truths will not go away.
On May 30, 2008, Macy emailed Messrs. Rieger and Hoenlein with an invitation to join with Dr. Arieh Eldad, Member of the Knesset, retired Brigadier General and head physician in the IDF, and with Dr. Eugene Narrett, writer and author on Israel and geopolitics, both of whom had agreed to debate. Macy’s email and follow-up telephone calls to Rieger and Hoenlein went unanswered. The “leadership” still ducks discussion; no surprise: their posture as champions and helpers of the Jewish people in the Promised Land would be discomfited by a full airing of what they have done (helped sell the “peace processing” of Israel) and failed to do (be genuine, vigorous and public defenders of Israel’s Biblical heritage and legal rights to all the land west of the Jordan River).
Education is essential to leadership but in all fields we find that education has been corrupted by those in positions of authority. This betrayal of trust is at the core of many crises in the modern West and its taproot, Israel. So it has been in this matter. In a follow-up email this week, Macy wrote his readers that by refusing an informative discussion, Mr. Rieger and Mr. Hoenlein “have once again demonstrated that they are unfit for their positions of Jewish leadership.” The same could be said for AIPAC which serves our diplomatic echelons by ‘koshering’ all candidates for President, even one with ties to Hamas and Fatah.
Among the points obscured from Americans and from Jewish communities around the world is the fact that the Road Map phase of the peace process, an Orwellian misnomer, demands the ethnic cleansing of Jews from the historic heartland of the Jewish people and their holiest sites, even from the Temple Mount where Jews are forbidden to pray. True Jewish leadership would alert American and world Jewry and their friends to these brutal facts; but those in office do not truly lead. The same is true in Israel which has not had genuine Jewish leadership in the sixty years since the state was re-born. If it had, the military victories of 1948, 1967, 1973 and 1982 would have been secured, not thrown away; the PLO would not have been rescued (1982) and sanitized (1993) and we would live in a different and better world.
Just as Americans watch their jobs, borders, education, and health systems disintegrate while Congress fiddles and candidates emit sound bites, the failure of American Jewish leadership, and the erosion of the status of Israel in Washington was clear at the State of the Union address when ALL members of Congress applauded plans to carve a state for a “non-people” called “Palestinians” from the center of Israel. Talk of surrendering the Golan Heights (“the Bashan”), site of much Jewish history and of one of the six “cities of refuge” elicits nothing from the ostensible leaders of American and world Jewry.
Throughout the West as in Israel, failures of leadership signal civilizational collapse. Jewish “leaders” say nothing while Israel, pressed relentlessly by the “Quartet” and an entrenched oligarchy hostile to Jewish sovereignty, delivers fuel, food, and water to those showering her with rockets. Jews are discriminated against fiercely by Israeli courts; as Aaron Klein has detailed, Jewish-owned land is given to Arabs who build while Jews are expelled. But American leaders are silent and people go about their lives ignorant of the catastrophe hovering over Israel, Jews and the West.  
All Americans need to hear the facts about these matters and to see how official Jewish leadership relates to the land and people of Israel. The burial of history threatens us all and is part of the godless new world emerging from many parts of our culture.
True Jewish leaders would declare unequivocally that a “Palestinian” State carved from the heart of Judea and Samaria would be a terrible blow to regional and world peace and a lethal offense against truth, history and memory. Dr. Eldad, head of the new HaTikva (“the hope”) party and whose father was a distinguished Professor who worked for Jewish independence notes that “a Palestinian State will lead to the destruction of Israel.”
The range of opinion in the American Jewish community is not being heard in the media. The American people do not favor a two-state solution and if better informed would oppose it even more strongly. Nor do they believe that true peace will result from arming jihadists whom politicians term “moderates.” These matters need a public airing. If the Emperor is naked let us dress him with an honest and honorable policy that sustains our friends and disarms our enemies.
America will have its debates; perhaps matters of substance will be discussed. The present condition and future prospects of Israel also need to be addressed openly and fully by the official leaders of American Jewry.