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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."

Hard Facts Israel Must Face--and The Actions They Must Do

By Bernard J. Shapiro

1. The world will never accept Israel’s right to live in peace.

2. The Arabs can kill hundreds of thousands and no one will say anything. One Arab killed by Israel will raise a storm in the media.

3. The current conflict in Gaza is a good example. Hamas uses civilians to make Israel look bad when they attack military structures and targets. Israel uses the Iron Dome system to protect its civilians. 

Thus the death toll looks disproportionate. The media uses this to damage Israel’s image.

4. Israel supplied the concrete, electricity and fuel to build the tunnels that allow terrorists to attack its civilians. This MUST stop.

5. Instead of sending Israeli soldiers into the tunnels to destroy them and risk death, there are other methods. Israel can pump high potency gas and air into the tunnels and then light it. The fire will spread throughout the tunnel system and destroy Hamas and their rockets.

6. Israel does not have to agree to a cease fire until Hamas is destroyed and Gaza returned to Israel. The disengagement was a disaster and we all know it.

7. Jews should once more be allowed to re-build their homes there.

8. The disaster of leaving Gaza should never be repeated in Yesha (Judea and Samaria). Can you imagine rockets raining down on the Israel’s coastal plain from the hill overlooking the high concentration of population and industry?

The Freeman Center's Plan for Israel's Future Security

Several factors are important for Israel’s security. Israel must greatly increase its population through massive aliya. The dramatic rise in anti-Semitism in the world make this even more important. A larger population will need a strong economic base to provide jobs and a huge increase in housing for the new immigrants. The ridiculous restrictions on building in Yesha must be ended. No nation or organization in the world should tell Jews where to build in their own country.

The idea that Israel must put its building “on hold” until “peace” is achieved is absurd. There will be peace with the terrorists “when elephants can fly.” The “so called peace process” was always a hoax. Time to end the fantasy and wake up to the hard facts.

As oil revenues come online from Israeli drilling, more money needs to be put into military research and development. Some of the funds must go into venture capital funds to attract investors and build a larger economy to provide employment to Israel’s growing population. Everyone should be mobilized in the new economy, including orthodox Jews, women, Druze and Christian citizens.

Hostile Arabs who are not happy living in a Zionist country should lose their right to vote and be given funds and tickets to leave the country. We do not need disloyal people within our borders.

The right of Jews to pray on the Temple Mount in peace should be protected and respected. If Arabs riot or attack the Jews they should be arrested and expelled.

Israel should not be forced to fight the Arabs every few years in some strange kabuki dance of death. The Freeman Center recommends the General Patton principle: Move fast and destroy the enemy and force a surrender on our terms. Israel’s demands for “quiet for quiet” just delay a few years the next battle, where more Israeli soldiers will be killed and wounded.

There should be no cease fire. In fact, The siege should be tightened: no electricity fuel or supplies (even food) until surrender. No more Mr. Nice Guy. The world be damned. Where were they during the Holocaust when we needed help?

Be strong, Bibi. Israel has a major ally, better than Obama and Kerry. It is the Almighty who protects His People Israel with a Mighty Hand.

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Bernard J. Shapiro is the Director of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies and the editor of its publications.