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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."

Diskin: Israel Nears Point of No Return on Two-State Solution -- NOT!

by Bernard J. Shapiro

Freeman Center For Strategic Studies

13 July, 2013


Despite his former Shin Bet military and intelligence service, this is the most stupid strategic analysis of Israel's policy I have ever read.

Diskin, an extreme leftist can not even see the what is right before his eyes. He also learns nothing from history. He is still pushing the "peace hoax" with the "so called Palestinians" long after the hoax is 20 years old with tens of thousands of Israelis killed and maimed.

He still blames Israel for lack of negotiations. I oppose negotiations, because one should never negotiate what is rightfully theirs. He cites false demographic data, ignoring the fine work of Yoram Ettinger. He also ignores the fact that birthrates change and Israel is subject to immigration. 

A strong Zionist approach to the Arab minority problem would cause voluntary emigration of unhappy Arabs from Israel. 

What would make them unhappy---not being able to kill Jews and convert Israel into Palestine. It does not bother me if they are unhappy.