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Serious/Satirical Commentary 

By Steven Plaut 

1. Hebrew University Hires Leftist Extremist from the “Yesh Gvul”
Organization to serve as its Point Man against Ariel University

This past month saw the launching of a pseudo-academic jihad by the
Tenured Left and by Israel’s Ivory Cartel against the accreditation of
Ariel University in the Shomron (Samaria). The Tenured Left is upset
because of the location of Ariel on the other side of the “Green
Line,” the 1967 border that the Left wants to be reinstated so that
the Palestinians will be able to operate their own terrorist rocket
base in the West Bank that will bathe Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in
rockets and make life in Israel impossible. The Ivory Cartel is the
lobby of the “seven sisters,” the seven universities in Israel, the
lion share of whose budget comes from the Israeli taxpayer. These
operate like a group of pirates divvying up the loot allotted to them
by the taxpayer and do not want anyone else sharing in their treasure

The academic standards of Ariel University are not the issue,
because pretty much everyone, including a panel of decorated experts
with world class reputations, has proclaimed that its standards are
superb, in fact they are far better than the standards at Ben Gurion
University. The Tenured Left is upset because it insists that Ariel
is a “University of the Right,” never mind the huge portion of its
student body who are "Palestinian" Arabs. The Tenured Left has no
problem with the four liberal arts universities in Israel acting
unambiguously as “Universities of the Left.”

Well, Kalman Liebskind, the intrepid columnist for Maariv, has a
weekend column (
revealing just how the Hebrew University, one of the two strongest
and oldest institutions in the Ivory Cartel, is battling and agitating
against the accreditation of Ariel. It seems the Hebrew University,
which also led a campaign in 1964 to block accreditation to Bar Ilan
University, officially hired a radical anti-Israel leftist extremist
to lead its campaign. It commissioned a “report” about Ariel written
by Dr. Zeev Rotem, who just happens to be a long-time agitator for the
extremist Yesh Gvul organization, an organization financed by all the
usual forces of darkness specializing in promoting mutiny and
insurrection among Israeli soldiers, especially among those in the air
force (see .
Yesh Gvul has long led the campaign for soldiers to refuse to
serve until the Israeli government adopts the political agenda of the
communist party. Rotem used to teach at Tel Aviv University. He
likes to accuse Israel of committing indiscriminate murder and
atrocities against “Palestinians.”

For more details, in Hebrew, go to

For the very best analysis to date of the jihad by the Left against
Ariel University, see this clip:
Since it is in Hebrew, let me explain that it is a spoof of the
Israeli local version of American Idol, where the star singer being
tested is Ariel the Mermaid, representing Ariel University, and she is
being savaged by the panel of the Ivory Cartel.
See also

2. The Israeli leftist, possibly mentally deranged, who set himself
on fire to protest the fact that he was not getting what he considered
“enough” welfare form the National Insurance Institute (Israel’s
social security), died in hospital over the weekend.

The Left held a big “march” and is unanimous in proclaiming that
the guy’s death is a byproduct of the terrible inequality and gaps in
wealth and income prevailing in Israel. The Left is trying to
capitalize on his death as part of its campaign to demand that Israel
adopt “Scandinavian style socialism,” the new “dream” of the Israeli
Left. The Israeli Labor Party and Meretz are among those trying to
make political hay out of the death.

Inequality causes suicide deaths? Scandinavian socialism is the solution?

Well, let’s take a look-see. The following are the suicide rates
for men (they are always lower for women – shown as the second number
in parentheses) in a sampling of countries. The data are from the
World Health Organization:

Suicide rates of men (and women)

Supposedly Non-egalitarian Israel: 7.0 (1.5)

Scandinavian egalitarian countries:

Finland 29.0 (10.0)
Sweden 18.7 (6.8)
Norway 17.3 (6.5)
Denmark 17.5 (6.4)
Iceland 16.5 (7.0)

Piggish Capitalist Countries:

US 17.7 (4.5)
UK 10.9 (3.0)
Singapore 12.9 (7.7)
Holland 13.1 (5.5)
Italy 10.0 (2.8)
Germany 17.9 (6.0)
Canada 17.3 (5.4)

3. I understand that James Holmes, the shooter in the Batman movie
theater in Colorado, may be coming to Ben Gurion University to teach
in the Department of Political Science. Shimon Peres already wants to
offer Holmes his own capital in Jerusalem and half of the Negev.

* * * * * * * 
Dr. Plaut teaches at the Graduate School of Business at the University of Haifa, Israel Occupied Territory.