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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."

by Emanuel A. Winston

Middle East Analyst & Commentator

Some time ago I noticed a small article in U.S. Defense News about the Europeans ‘somehow’ planning to employ NATO as their military arm as a Rapid Response Force. My alarm bells started ringing that this was a threshold move to gather sufficient military power to cross the Mediterranean Sea and occupy the Jewish nation of Israel, claiming it was a "necessary move toward regional peace" - for the good of all". Nothing in that small article suggested that there was a far greater ‘Game Plan’, intended to pacify the Arab and Muslim oil nations by driving the Jews either onto a smaller sliver of land, as originally proposed by the U.N. or to extinction....whatever was doable first. That translates to seeing that which was not supposed to be seen.

Sometimes clues expose the intentions without the hard evidence of what is called the "‘smoking gun". So, let’s start accumulating the bits and pieces which, by themselves, don’t tell all of the story but point us in the right direction.

We know that in 1947 the U.S. State Department worked diligently at the behest of the Saudis, Egypt and the oil corporations to kill the U.N. proposal to allow the Jews to have their ancient homeland, the only place in the world where they could be safe as Jews and upon which to settle themselves a State.

When the State Department’s strenuous efforts failed, thereafter they used every hostile stratagem to subvert Israel’s existence by arming the Muslim Arab countries to a point that it would be a foregone conclusion that Israel would be easily overrun, occupied and driven off the planet. They also created small enclaves of Arabists within America’s most important government institutions to act with hostility toward Israel and threatened American Jewish leaders to force them into silence.

Instead of their hostile plans succeeding, the constant assaults of the Arab Muslim nations by wars and incessant terrorism, forced the Jews of the new born State of Israel to develop an army of consequence and a people with strength, fortitude and courage. As a result, despite being mightily armed, the Arab armies shamefully lost 6 wars and resorted to terrorist proxies to attack the Jews in order to save their Muslim Pride.
The Arab Muslim oil nations went ballistic and employed their international oil servants, the multi-national oil companies, to carry their message of hate into Washington and to the Generals of the Free World. The Europeans were easy recruits to Arab Muslim plans of Genocide as proven, age-old Jew-haters. By adding their vested interests in escalating oil needs and prices, the Arabs had a dedicated ally. All oil-using nations began pandering to the Middle Eastern oil states and their consummate hatred of the Jewish State.

Perhaps that is why the NSA (National Security Agency) developed a secret center nicknamed: "The Jew Room" in which various Intel agencies exchanged information about Israel specifically and Jews generally. According to John Loftus’ book "The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People - 1920-1992" (1) this "Room" was off limits to all American Jews. (2) As I recall, fundamentalist Christians who supported Israel were likewise unwelcome. Clearly, subverting an ally by misusing the word ‘democracy’ as cover is not something Washington Arabists would want exposed to the American people.

At that time, according to our laws, American Intelligence Agencies were restricted in their ‘domestic’ spying so they traded with British Intelligence Agencies to by-pass those restrictive laws as follows: the Brits agreed to monitor the American Jews in the U.S., while the CIA reciprocated by monitoring British Jews for the Brits in England.
Clearly, in deference to the foreign influence of the Saudis, among other Arab Muslim nations, American Jews and all their organizations were under surveillance. The American "Jew Room" was where the various Intelligence Services traded information about Jews when needed which was also passed on to Egypt, the Saudis and others. This was particularly true of Israel’s defensive and offensive plans regarding their hostile neighbors. Presumably, this would include electronic surveillance both from satellites and, on the ground, from Humint (Human Intelligence).

While Israel was adhering to the M.O.U. (Memorandum of Understanding - Agreement signed by American Presidents to share vital intelligence with Israel), Arabists in the State Department would simply pass it on to the Arabs and conceal it from the Israelis. Apparently, that twisted arrangement continues today for whatever benefits it brings government and commercial interests from grateful Muslim nations like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, ‘et al’.

The American people admired the plucky little Jewish nation that could beat a well-armed Muslim civilization numbering millions.But small Arabist cabals in Washington were dedicated to the rivers of oil and the trillions of dollars that flowed out of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, and the Gulf States. These became the ‘Shadow Government’ (4) that drove American foreign policy in the Mid East. Every new Secretary of State seemed to change character upon entering the hallowed halls of ‘Foggy Bottom’ - the State Department. Please note that our current Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice hardly ever voiced a negative word against Israel while she was President Bush’s National Security Advisor. However, after entering the State Department, her public statements seem to be extraordinarily slanted against Israel. The recommendation called: "restraint" was more than a mere word spoken through back channels and publically to Israel.

The word: "Treason" doesn’t even approach what these evil people were doing in the name of true Americans via a hijacked foreign policy. The oil interests lined their pockets, as crude oil was conveniently ramped up. While plundering the national treasury, they insured that Americans began to spiral down in their ability to afford daily living - which rose exponentially with the extortionate price of oil. Seniors saw their retirement savings diminished to the point that they had to choose between food and their medications. This meant absolutely nothing to the oil barons who joined the Arabs in posting profits which escalated beyond mere petty thievery into the stratosphere. Quietly being whispered in Washington was that, when gasoline reached $4 per gallon at the pump, it would be necessary to nationalize the oil industry.
So, what is the next move for the Arabists and their "Shadow Government" in Washington despite their clout in the Oval Office?
One ‘band-aid’ solution was that they need a war sufficiently large enough between Israel and the Arab Muslim Palestinians which (to save the ‘poor Palestinians’) would warrant a U.N. call for Global intervention. "Intervention" means the use of a mix of military forces under the umbrella of the U.N. but, actually driven by Washington Arabists with the E.U. (European Union) of the world with words of "Peace", "Saving the Jews" and "we must save those poor Palestinians" to justify t led by France, Germany and England, among others. The well-informed propagandists are prepared to flood the communities heir moving troops into Gaza, Judea and Samaria (the so-called ‘west bank’). This, of course also includes forcing the Jews out of the Jordan Valley, off the Golan Heights in order to establish an elevated U.S. military base to oversee the vested interests of the major multi-national oil corporations in the region. Goebbels understood the need to manipulate the minds of the people if Genocide was to be willingly accepted.

But before that venture, a small war is needed. The present clash in Gaza may suffice when Israel is forced to re-occupy Gaza merely to stop the rain of Kassam Rockets and Katyusha Missiles - with the ongoing unification of the various deadly terrorist organization into one protected base of global terrorist operations. When Israel starts to clean out the terrorists from Gaza, the Global Media will be urged by Washington to show Palestinian families suffering, to justify intervention by the Free West. Israeli suffering from Arab Muslim Palestinian Terror and cascading missiles will be positioned in the media as Israel’s own fault for daring to strike back at her tormentors. Should Israel refuse to passively allow occupation of their ancient homeland, there could be a manipulated conflict, staged like the Gulf of Tonkin incident.

A report entitled, "Israel, Foreign Preference - Foreign Influence Cases" in "INSIGHT MAGAZINE" of the Washington Times (3), said the Pentagon has sought to increasingly restrict access to Americans Jews with relatives in Israel for jobs in the FBI, CIA, NSA., etc. This report, authored by Sheldon Cohen, reviewed 47 security clearances hearings held by the Pentagon since 1996. Eighteen of the 47 applicants were granted clearances but the report cited other cases in which the Pentagon banned security clearance from dozens of Americans, mostly Jews, who either lived, worked or have relatives in Israel.

Within that article the authors outline the question posed by the Pentagon to American Jewish applicants for security clearance: "Would you be willing to join a U.S. attack on Israel and abandon your relatives if the Jewish State was threatened?" That’s like asking anyone: "If the situation arose where there is a choice of saving their mother or their father - or your daughter or your son? Who would you choose?" It’s a question that should never be asked and, if asked, never answered unless, of course, the game plan by Arabist moles in Washington is to, indeed, create a pretext to invade our ally, Israel.

When the Jews of Europe were gathered up for extermination by the German Nazis and Europeans, they too were asked exactly that question when they were off-loaded from the cattle cars before entering the Nazi death camps. For example, if a woman held two children, the Nazi officer would ask which child would she keep and which would she give up to be taken away.

Is this what the Pentagon questioners are asking to entrap the Jews? Will you fight against the country where your religion and soul resides or will you fight against that country because Arabists, slaved to oil, want the only Jewish nation to be obliterated as the Europeans - at the behest of the German Nazis attempted to do? Is this then the role to be adopted by American officers while telling the American people and Congress that, it’s not Saudi Arabia or other Muslim nations who hate America’s Judeo-Christian ethics but, somehow, it’s the Jewish nation which threatens our national security. If Hitler and Goebbels were able to sell this Orwellian psychosis to the German people, why not sell it to the Americans?

Looking past what I shall call "The Weinberger Doctrine" of subverting both the Jewish State whenever possible, there was Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger’s extensive opportunities of threatening American Jews. Jonathan Pollard blew the whistle on Weinberger’s scheme to withhold vital information from Israel on the development by Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Syria and others - of WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) including NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) weapons - much of which was paid for by Saudi Arabia. Weinberger used the exposé by Pollard to exclude Jews from research programs that could similarly expose collusion to occupy Israel or to subvert her. The question arises: Was there a (hopefully) small, limited circle within U.S. Intelligence who spied upon our ally, Israel, as we spy on all others but, act as hostiles while pretending friendship? When Gen. Alexander Haig (Sec. Of State) was asked (on TV) if America spies on her friends, he answered: "I certainly hope so." (4)

Why were Weinberger and his cronies so deeply tied to Saudi oil, while overlooking their role as deep pockets for global terrorists? He and his cronies were never investigated for treason for these crimes, acting as a rogue operation within American Intelligence. Perhaps that was why President Reagan accepted Weinberger’s resignation or, in other words, fired him. Some believe that Weinberger was dismissed for countermanding President Reagan’s order to have Americans fire on Syria after the Marine Barracks was blown up in Beirut at Syrian instigation killing 242 American Marines in 1983.

Have you ever noticed how Syria is always so carefully protected in Washington, no matter what they do? Imagine what James Baker and former President George Herbert Walker Bush could tell us about the inner workings of a doctrine that put a wall around Syria.


Was the arrest of Jonathan Pollard a pretext to expand a supposedly closed down illegal covert operation by the FBI called "SCOPE" whose purpose was to compile lists of Jews in government, research and institutional leadership, ‘et al’? This operation was revealed publically in the WALL ST. JOURNAL January 17, 1992. (5) Jews have played a disproportionate role in advanced research and development, assuring that America stayed well ahead of her enemies, like the Soviet Union. Albert Einstein, Robert Oppenheimer, Edward Teller, among many other Jews were the reason that American could build a nuclear weapon (before Germany) which subdued Japan in two blasts, saving an estimated million plus American soldiers who could have died trying to take Japan with conventional forces. The Weinberger Cult, buried deep in the State Department, Pentagon, CIA, ‘et al’ has continued to flourish with its primary victim being the Jewish State of Israel. Would the Congress dare to investigate the existence of a "Shadow Government" and would the New York Times or any other major Media sources publish this story? [Please note list of 11 major articles out of 68 written by E. Winston discussing "Shadow Government"] (6)

American Jews need not apologize for bettering the lives of all Americans, all humans, for their work in medicine and technology both in the civilian and military sector while the Islamists bring us nothing but global grief. As for Israel, the Israelis were always ready to fight side-by-side with American soldiers against such threats from Iraq, Iran, Syria, or any other hostile Muslim nations. I cannot help but wonder if this same "Shadow Government
would dare to evolve such plans to invade England, France, the Netherlands, Germany and then, as cover, question the loyalty of dual citizens from those nations?

One: If the Defense Department is supposedly asking questions of loyalty to protect America, perhaps it would best start within the bowels of State Department, whose employees - especially those who have cycled back into the American system after serving abroad in any one of the 23 Arab Muslim countries or 40 some total Muslim countries. It seems that the Muslim cult is both invasive and pervasive to those who served there, absorbing the Muslim prejudices by osmosis and by money enticements for their future jobs. It is often noted that the State Department (Foggy Bottom) has a ‘revolving door’. Once someone serves in such Muslim governments of the world, he (or she) returns to take up ‘expert’ residency at the Middle East desk, biases intact and well-honed. Worse yet, when these former diplomats leave ‘official’ government service and are now on the direct pay roll to Middle East oil sheiks, do they act as moles deep within our American government institutions?

Two: As gate-keepers for those who enter this country, how is it that the State Department colluding with the Department of Immigration has worked so diligently to permit the entry of Muslims, to flood America with hostile Muslims, both in our vital industries and universities where the incoming Muslim students invariably choose Nuclear Physics, Biology and Chemistry. Most of these fields have military application when the young zealous Muslim students return to their countries of origin (or proceed to fit into America as ‘loyal’ citizens who can subvert from the inside).
Both Britain and Canada are first beginning to learn about second generation Muslims who adopt the extreme religious hatred of Saudi or Taliban Wahhabism. France is experiencing a massive increase in violent anti-Semitic acts from the ‘critical mass’ of Muslims now in France.
I cannot help but wonder if other Americans, both Christians and Jews who come under suspicion if they believe that Israel is a true friend and devoted ally, while the Saudis are looked upon as hostile enemies? Remember that of the 9/11 hijacking bombers, 15 of the 19 were Saudis and the other 4 were Egyptian. Not all Muslims are terrorists, for sure. But, all the terrorists (except for Oklahoma City) have been Muslims.
When WMD were transferred directly or indirectly to Saddam Hussein during his 8 year war with Iran, little to nothing was investigated. It all fell into that black hole entitled National Security well used by father President George H.W. Bush and James Baker - as described by the 9/11 Commission and prior to that as Iran-Contra. When Saudi Arabia acquired long range missiles from China, the U.S. State Department remained unusually silent, despite the probability that they were probably nuclear capable and stationed in the Rubi Kahli Desert of Saudi Arabia. (The Saudis refused to allow inspection.)
Why was not the Pentagon and the State Department questioning the visits by the notorious Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, father of the Islamic Atom Bomb of Pakistan who made frequent visits to Egypt with his nuclear ‘package’ - as he did to Libya, Iran and Iraq? Do I hear a resounding silence? Who at State, the Pentagon, the Oval Office decide to keep this buried tightly under wraps as a matter of national security? Who created what I hope is a limited secret policy to protect and preserve hostile Muslim regimes while using American resources to cast Israel as a threat?
Am I being paranoid to think that the same German doctrine of World Rule (as in the Third Reich) is still alive and thriving as it did all through the last WW2? There we found cooperation by U.S. and European companies, like the Ford Company, through their subsidiaries, selling trucks to the German Army. Have we forgotten the sale of the mobile SCUD missile launchers to Saddam which was reportedly sold by Matrix Churchill, a subsidiary of a major American corporation. How deeply are they entrenched in the State Department, Pentagon, Intelligence, ‘et al’?
What should irk all Americans and Congress is that we rely upon the State Department, the Pentagon, the CIA, NSA to reflect American values and protect us from our enemies and not from our friends. Has a secret America become like East German Stasi where everyone was under surveillance? Americans do not anticipate secret cabals within these organizations to run a "Shadow Government" and make their own policy. As mentioned earlier: I don’t remember Condoleezza Rice, then as National Security Advisor, being an outspoken representative of pro-Arab Muslim policies as she is now ever since she entered the portals of the State Department. It seems as if State runs America’s foreign policy and almost all those at the top, represent the ideals of those unknown and unidentified ‘experts’ within who drive that Agency.
This is how Adolph Hitler came to power because neither the German Parliament nor the German people recognized that Power had slipped from their hands into evil. It all looked legal then and it is looking legal now. They have good PR. (I am not accusing anyone in America of assuming a Nazi style agenda but, this is how it happens.)
Clearly, it is time to question the insiders about their loyalty to America or, is it their loyalty to their own doctrine? Weinberger and associates had a doctrine with a bias in favor of "their good friends" the Saudis which embodied a reverse bias against Israel. A Hitler-ian legacy brings no honor to the great nation of America because that is NOT who we are. To allow a gang of Dr. Strangeloves to subvert and trash the American way is a mistake which cannot be undone, unless Congress takes a sword to that Gordian knot.
A Game Plan for occupying Israel in deference to the Saudis and their proxy terrorists has been laying on the shelf, awaiting the right moment to be utilized. (Its time may have come.) The present face-off between Israel and the Palestinian Arab Muslim terrorists can be the opportunity for Washington Arabists to claim to bring "Peace" but, the underlying reason will be to force Israel to cede more of her G-d given Land under supposedly U.N. "Peace"-keeping soldiers. This would be a replay of U.N. collaboration with terrorists in Lebanon when they were there as so called "Peace-Keepers".

The so-called Peace-Keepers would, of course, be primarily U.S. and European soldiers, formed into combat units, straight out of NATO. It is here the Pentagon wants to know if Americans (including especially American Jews) would go along with an attack against Israel, in deference to Saudi and other Muslim countries’ wishes. Perhaps a better question is to ask all Americans (both Jews and Christians): Would they agree to serve in an attack on the only Democratic nation in the Middle East so the oil companies can continue to post astronomical profits?
This also requires the pre-recruitment of accommodating Leftist Jews in Israel’s government NOT to fight occupation but to accept such an invasion in passive silence and thus become something like a Bosnia under U.N. supervision. That recruitment has been in progress for some time, led by Shimon Peres, then Ariel Sharon and now Ehud Olmert - all following the failure of the 1993 Oslo Accords.

Wherever Good establishes itself, Evil is sure to follow. Evil comes to nest and, like any parasite, it hides itself, using the coloring of Good as its cover. Most parasites know that, as long as it does not kill the host but merely feeds on it, they too will live on. But, when Evil truly takes over and, in its greed, devours its host, it will eventually die - unless it can transfer itself to another host. We have in this great land Islamo-Fascists burrowing deeper inside of our most valuable institutions. The Pentagon, the CIA, the NSA are not supposed to be servants of the Saudis through the offices of the State Department. We have watched Eurabia flourish as France, England, the Netherlands, Germany have started down that slippery slope where Muslim critical mass has started to take control through violence.

We have many Good institutions in America which is what makes it a great country. But, the parasites of Evil have found it too comfortable and safe a nesting place while the Good acts too late to survive. Strong indicators of a nation’s decay is when they first use the Jews as an explanation for evil behavior. That is happening now across Europe and within certain American institutions which cater to the predatory nature of Islamo-facsism. None of the Muslim nations can achieve a decent living standard for their people so the leading dictators blame the Jews and recruit the oil parasites of the West to support their failure to achieve. Therefore, we should not be surprised to see the Arabists in the Pentagon, State Department, CIA cut open the familiar wound of Jew-hatred. We have excellent patriots in our American Services but, some have been brain-washed to see things through an Arabist lens. In effect, shifting the focus of the failure in Iraq and Afghanistan to win over the hearts and minds of hostile Muslims of Iran, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia and that bunch called Palestinians so the sacrifice of Israel will buy some time.

To build up a case against Jews so we can accommodate the Muslim oil world by attacking Israel is what Arabists hope to achieve. It is the enemy within our institutions which endanger us - not our proven allies as Israel is. Let us start the clean-up and clean-out to bring the State Department, Pentagon, Oval Office and Intelligence Agencies back to the American way and the awareness that they are not the Government.
Some will recall the old movie, "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" where Jimmy Stewart as an elected Congressman, fights corruption in Congress against deals in his home state run by the party bosses and subversion at the highest levels of Government. I do not know if it is anymore possible to take back America from the hustlers and special interests whose loyalty lies with Arab oil nations who openly express their hatred for anything American and Democratic. Here I address the President, the Congress and Institutions which should be serving Americans and not adopting the secret ways of subverting what we Americans stand for.
Does it really pay to allow the crippling of Israel by advancing the cause of Palestinian Islamists so they can run wild as they now do in Iraq and in Gaza? Israel has often been referred to as America’s Aircraft Carrier in the Middle East. Some will recall that it was Israel who provided the on-ground Humint Intel to Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell and General Norman Schwarzkopf when America took back Kuwait from Saddam Hussein. Israel also supplied air cover for incoming U.S. cargo planes for much of the 6 months it took for a reluctant President George H.W. Bush and James Baker and Colin Powell to get ready to fight Saddam. One American General publically congratulated Israel for her invaluable assistance, where upon the Bush, Baker, Powell clique relieved him of command. The pretense that the Saudis, Syrians, Egyptians, actually helped free Kuwait without Israeli assistance was a charade that had to be maintained.


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