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Arab Casualties? Remember Dresden: End of Story
by Prof. Eugene Narrett
9 July 2006

Stopping for gasoline this evening (after taking out another mortgage to finance the trip to the grocery store, gas and food), while paying I heard a female BBC newsperson nattering an Israeli official of some sort about the deaths of some "Palestinians" in Gaza. The poor fellow was sputtering, straining for justifications without straying from the corral of leftist, \'peace process\' categories of thought and word which send Israel to the incinerator every time.

Rubbish and damnation ! Especially when talking to a Brit about collateral damage during war (and that\'s what the jihadists have been doing to Jews for six years, minimum, shooting rockets within the borders of pre 1967 Israel.

No need to review here the evidence that the so-called \'Palestinians" are a hostile population that plots to murder and wars on Jews everywhere in Israel and even outside it. During a war, a hostile population is subject to attack and their death, as \'collateral\' (unintended) casualties or even if targeted is legal and to be expected.

You don\'t want to get killed, don\'t war on another people. Even Jews eventually will strike back and defend themselves, although the "world community" frequently considers \'motions\' to withdraw this right from Jews.

That\'s right: they want us to just get in the cattle cars again without any resistance or fuss...

Given the restrictions under which the entire IDF operates when striking back against Arabs (thanks to all the Labor \'Zionists\' and their suicidal havlaga), and given initial studies from the field, those much-ballyhooed deaths were not the result of IAF weaponry. Too bad; and this is what anyone should tell any BBC or other twit chattering and slathering to finger the Jews.

DRESDEN, March 1945: a scarcely fortified city in east central Germany a few weeks before the end of the war in Europe. The British decided it was time for payback for the blitz of 1940. So they fire-bombed Dresden and basically melted it, slaughtering about 200,000 civilians. The British idea of an apology? When they put up a statue to RAF General \'Bomber\' Harris a few years ago the Germans whimpered about it not being quite cricket. The British told them to stuff it.

End of story.

The British government and its institutions, not least their armed forces, were major accomplices of the Germans \'final solution\' to the Jewish problem, that the BBC still wants to solve. Why: because of their total perversion, 1920 -48 of the League of Nations Mandate to re-establish the Jewish national home and facilitate Jewish immigration into it. the British bombed civilian populations daily for years during WW II even though the Germans had no intentions of exterminating the British as the Muslims have for exterminating the Jews (you can read it in their sermons or Koran).

The best answer to all such criticism from the "world community" and its media is to unleash the IAF, protect the lives of Jewish soldiers, and to obliterate the hostile population in Gaza and in their rotten terror-haven cities in Judea and Samaria. Annihilate them and remind the \'bleeding hearts\' about Dresden and about how they had no room for any Jews during the shoah.