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Prepare for the Coming of the Provocation and the Blood Libel 
by Nadia Matar

The short history of the modern State of Israel teaches us that when the Israeli Left is panicky and fears losing control of the country, it is capable of doing anything to maintain its standing and power. The end - staying in power - justifies the means, and so the leaders of the Israeli left find nothing wrong with initiating provocations against their political rivals, spreading blood libels against them, and even murdering them in cold blood.When Chaim Arlosoroff, one of the heads of the Labor movement, was murdered on the Tel Aviv shore on June 16, 1933, those involved in the investigation knew that the murder suspects were most likely Arabs, but this version didn\'t go out to the public at first. Instead, they decided to accuse members of the Revisionist movement with ! the murder.

Avraham Stavski, Zevi Rosenblatt, and even Abba Ahimeir were arrested and charged with murder and/or incitement to murder. The people in Israel were shocked, and a terrible campaign of slander and delegitimation was launched against all the members and supporters of the Revisionist movement. The brilliant timing of the murder raises the question, who really wanted to kill Arlosoroff?

The murder was committed just a few weeks before the elections to the Eighteenth Zionist Congress, in which the Revisionists were expected to win a great victory. Their strength was constantly on the rise, and this posed a tangible threat to the left, headed by Ben-Gurion. The murder of Arlosoroff and the left\'s blood libel against the Revisionists put an end to this trend, and the left preserved its political strength. An additional fascinating point should be mentioned: a dazzling political career lay before the young and brilliant Chaim Arlosoroff - and some said that B! en-Gurion viewed him as a threat. Arlosoroff\'s murder therefore was of benefit to Ben-Gurion in more than one way. In 1934 the court convicted Stavski and acquitted Rosenblatt. Stavski was sentenced to death. On July 20 of that same year Stavski also was acquitted, on the basis of a Mandatory law that a murder suspect cannot be convicted on the testimony of a single witness.  Years later, in 1982, Prime Minister Menachem Begin decided to establish the Bekhor Commission to determine who killed Arlosoroff. The commission declared that Stavski and Rosenblatt did not murder Arlosoroff, but was incapable of determining who had committed the crime. To this very day the leftists continue with their blood libel, and charge that the Revisionists murdered Arlosoroff, when it is clear to all that they were the last to have gained any benefit from such a crime.

Shamefully, there are copious additional examples of the willingness of the left to cross every political red line in order ! to stay in power. For example, the episode of the Altalena that occurred in 1948. Ben-Gurion\'s people feared losing power because of the public admiration that Menachem Begin would enjoy if he were to succeed in bringing the arms that were so necessary to the fledgling state, and so they resolved to attempt to eliminate him and his movement. Ben-Gurion ordered the sinking of the Altalena. After the ship sank and the Etzel [Irgun Zevai Le\'ummi] men were swimming to shore, Ben-Gurion\'s men fired at them and coldbloodedly murdered 16 Etzel members. In any normal country, such an affair, in which the prime minister ordered the killing in cold blood of innocent citizens, would have led to the fall of the government and the placing on trial of everyone involved in the affair. This did not happen, because Ben-Gurion spread a blood libel against Begin and his people, as if they had planned to use the arms on the ship in order to conduct a putsch, and therefore "there was no alternative to ! shooting at them in order to save the young State and its institutions."

Moving on to an additional example, one closer to our time: in 1995 Israel was swept by a tremendous wave of Arab terror resulting from the accursed Oslo accords. Rabin and Peres, the architects of Oslo, brought to Israel the arch murderer Arafat and the band of terrorists around him, and gave them weapons, ammunition, and cities of refuge. As could be expected, this led to the daily murders in Israel of Jews - men, women, and children. All the polls clearly showed an overwhelming majority of the people of Israel were furious over the Oslo accords, and wanted to replace the government in order to stop this madness. The Rabin-Peres government was in danger of collapsing. There was an urgent need to divert public attention from the Oslo disaster and to delegitimatize those who attacked the Oslo accords. A GSS agent popped up: Avishai Raviv, the provocateur who initiated all kinds of actions against Arabs a! nd members of the government, all in order to defame the national camp. The height of success for the witch-hunt against the Oslo opponents was the Rabin assassination, which was followed by a national campaign of  persecution of every Jew who belonged to the national camp. This led to the almost total paralysis of the camp of those opposing the Oslo accords, who did not dare to raise their heads. To this very day, the left continues to spread the blood libel, as if the entire national camp is guilty of the assassination. It is clear to us that elements in the left, specifically, were interested in the murder of the Prime Minister, and therefore we continue to demand the establishment of a commission of inquiry that will conduct an independent investigation of the question: who really was behind the Rabin assassination?

And now, all the polls in the governmental media admit that the Sharon-Peres regime has a serious problem: a majority of the people of Israel oppos! es the "disengagement" plan (that is, the plague of retreat, deportation, uprooting - and even the initials of these words in Hebrew spell out the word for "plague": nega). It understands that if, Heaven forbid, it were to be realized, the wave of terror that would overwhelm the country would be so massive and monstrous, and the demands by the world for a return to the 1949 armistice lines would intensify to such an extent, that the very existence of the State of Israel would be endangered. The old Mapai hands Sharon and Peres are panic-stricken. They are well aware that their government is in danger. Sharon insists on not heeding the will of the people, but the people insists on showing him just how fierce is its opposition: everywhere you turn, you see orange in solidarity with the residents of Gush Katif and the Shomron, and in protest against the expulsion plan. Everywhere that Sharon and the other forces of deportation appear, our wonderful youth heckle and shout at them "A J! ew does not deport a Jew." Hugging Condoleezza Rice and the terrorist and Holocaust denier Abu Mazan will be of no avail. The Israeli people want to depose the Sharon-Peres-Hamas regime. The people want, at long last, to have a Jewish-Zionist government that will not surrender to terror, and that will protect our G-d given Biblical  homeland.

Accordingly, we must lose no time and warn from every possible forum that we are aware of the possibility that the Mapainiks Ariel Sharon and Shimon Peres, the summa cum laude disciples of Ben-Gurion, together with the anti-Jewish Department of the GSS, are preparing a horrible provocation in order to totally delegitimize the national camp, one that will totally silence the national camp and allow the deportation forces to carry out their plans. It is not clear what they are plotting for us. Will a GSS agent masquerade as a settler and, Heaven forbid, shoot the Prime Minister, a senior government minister, or a soldier? Will a GSS ! agent do something on the Temple Mount? We don\'t have a clue. There are infinite scenarios.

What can be done to prevent this? First of all, we talk about it. The more we spread the word that we are aware of this possibility, the greater our chances of preventing the realization of the provocation. We must make it clear that the camp of those opposing the retreat-expulsion-uprooting plan does not have to resort to force and violence in order to stop the deportation. Our strength lies in our numbers. The tens of thousands of soldiers and police who will not obey the illegal deportation order, the tens of thousands of Jews who will cut the fences and stream to Gush Katif and Samaria on D-Day (the day they try to close these areas), the tens of thousands of Jews who will disrupt the country with nonviolent acts of civil disobedience, are, please G-d, enough to prevent the implementation of the decree.

The use of force and violence, attacks against leading members of the go! vernment, shooting at soldiers, and the like, will only cause us harm. Sharon and Peres know this, and so they are undoubtedly cooking something up along these lines. Most of the leaders of the national camp, Rabbis, and public figures, fell into the trap of the blood libels by the left against the national camp that I mentioned above (the Arlosoroff murder, the Altalena affair, the Rabin assassination). Instead of raising their heads\' going on the offensive and accusing the libelers until the fall of their regime, they preferred to engage in breast-beating for something they did not do.  This must not happen again!