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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."

Prepare for the Coming of the Kassam
by Moshe Leshem
June 28, 2005

Not long ago, a headline appeared in the Yediot Aharonot newspaper that said, "Kassams, the Day After". All at once, the media and the various security elements got it. Reality finally began to penetrate the heads of those who tried to sell the uprooting of the Katif region and northern Samaria in "disengagement" packaging, in "determining our own destiny" wrapping, of those who promised that our soldiers will no longer be killed in Gaza.

In December 2004, signs appeared throughout the country saying, "Prepare for the Coming of the Kassam!" The signs were stuck to walls in many towns and along the nation\'s roads, in the north and in the south, within range of a Kassam rocket fired from Gaza or Samaria.

My! warnings and those of my colleagues were received, as is usual in these parts, with derision. We were once again the ones spoiling the celebration; just like during the Rabin administration, when we called out until we were hoarse, "Don\'t give them guns!" At the time, we were said to be "afraid of peace." Then, when we distributed tens of thousands of posters in towns and cities in the north and the south, there were those who said we were "sowing panic."

But within two months, in February, the headline "Ashkelon May Be in Missile Range" had already appeared.

The Palestinian Authority, led by the arch-murderer Abu Mazen, has again sold the government of Israel the lie of the ceasefire-that-never-was. It is now clear to all that the lull in violence was for allowing the gunmen to rest (tahadeyya), for rearming, for manufacturing rockets and mortar shells, for smuggling all manner of weapons and for target practice.

The government of Israel cannot tell t! he public that it was unaware of all that was happening right under our noses. Ousted IDF Chief of Staff Moshe (Bogi) Ya\'alon\'s warning that "the disengagement will give terrorism a tailwind" is coming true. Outgoing General Security Services (GSS) director Avi Dichter\'s warning that Gaza will become South Lebanon and northern Samaria will become Gaza is also coming true. The media, which ignored or buried their warnings, has become as concerned as elements in the security establishment and is beginning to tell the public the terrible truth.

Uprooting 8,000 Jews from the Katif region and the destruction of flourishing towns will not only not bring about peace or calm, it will bring 44 towns into range of the Kassam rockets. Hundreds of millions will be invested in protection. As if it were a consolation, industry leaders come and offer "a bright and colorful roof that passed a test for Kassam rocket and mortar shell strikes." (Yediot Aharonot, May 5, 2005) Note the emp! hasis on "bright and colorful", which covers in a layer of sugar the bitter pill of the chilling security situation created by Ariel Sharon\'s government. The color and brightness serve a similar purpose as the word "disengagement", which is a much more pleasant term than "uprooting and expulsion".

And what will the security services do if towns - among them, large cities like Ashkelon, Ashdod, S\'derot and Netivot - are bombarded with Katyusha rockets? In that case, the colorful roofs will be shredded like paper. Can anyone now get up and tell me that Katyusha rockets will not make their way into the hands of the terrorists in the Gaza Strip?

And what of Samaria? Will the defense establishment wait until the fall of the first Kassam on Hadera or Afula before it begins defending the dozens of towns and tens of thousands of homes that will come into range of rockets from Samaria? Kassam rockets targeting Afula were found in the Jenin region, and others threatening Beit ! She\'an were found in Kfar Yamoun.

So, what will they tell us then? How will they justify the uprooting of Sa-Nur and Homesh, which prevent the creation of a terrorist strip that could be more dangerous than Gaza simply by their presence in the center of the "terror city triangle" - Jenin, Shechem and Tul Karem?

The public, which dreamed of disengaging from terrorist elements, is beginning to understand that such disengagement only brings about more deadly terrorism. As usual, we will hear the leftist demagogues telling us that the moment such an act of terrorism occurs, then we will "smash them," and other frenzied slogans.

It is important to remember that uprooting communities and ethnic cleansing of Jews will only increase terrorism and the appetite of the murderers to continue hitting the Jews anywhere they are able. It is also important to remember that uprooting Jews from the Katif region and northern Samaria will bring the danger of terrorism to the d! oorsteps of the Negev towns, to the plains of Ashdod and Ashkelon, and to the center and north of the country, from Kfar Saba to Afula and Beit She\'an.

All of this is in addition to the terrible rift that will open up among the people, the destruction of the army and the police, and other awful dangers. But there is still a chance to prevent the danger; it is still possible, with the pressure of the masses of the House of Israel, to block the foolishness. If we don\'t do so, then don\'t say you weren\'t warned.