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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."


by Emanuel A. Winston, Mid East Analyst & Commentator

It would appear that the latest Bush Family Doctrine is to apply sufficient hostile pressure on Israel in order to force Israel to sever her ties with America. Since it would not be a politically acceptable to the American people or Congress for the Bush Administration to initiate this termination, the Bush Plan is to force Israel to walk away.

Some will recall the French method under Prime Minister Charles De Gaulle. In the mid 1960s the French were supplying perhaps 3/4ths of Israel’s arms. But, on June 2, 1967 De Gaulle declared that France would not longer supply "offensive weapons" to the Middle East - which meant Israel. In deference to the Arabs, De Gaulle stopped delivery of the Mirage fighter jets and the Israeli-designed Jaguar (German) missile ships, built in Cherbourg, France. Israel was forced to go it alone. (Israel built her own version of the French Mirage aircraft.)

But, the French people in Cherbourg continued to build the boats. Having received 6 boats prior to the French embargo, the Israelis sailed 3 finished boats out January 1969 (as if they didn’t know about de Gaulle’s embargo). Then, despite and because of the ongoing War of Attrition, on Christmas Eve 1969 in the face of a huge storm, they smuggled out five of the remaining ships that had already been paid for - with the help of the Cherbourg ship builders and residents who did not agree with De Gaulle’s high handed approach. (1) At that time France had not yet begun turning itself into what is today called "Eurabia".

Now, once again appeasement of the Arabs has raised its ugly head as the Bush Administration applies immense pressure against Israel for manufacturing and selling arms to clients world wide. The reasons given are that Israel is (or was) selling arms she invented and developed, like the UAV (Unmanned Ariel Vehicle) called the "Harpy". Israel developed high tech military hardware on her own and, in order to make such huge projects cost-effective, sold 100 of her own drones, the Harpy, to China in the 1990s. The U.S. had no objection to this sale at the time. Now, China sends some of the Harpy UAVs to Israel for repairs and upgrading. But, the Americans stated objection to such sales is that one day the U.S. will perhaps have to fight China in defense of Taiwan. (2) This is also the excuse given when the U.S. forced Israel to cancel a USD $2 Billion sale to China of the Phalcon radar reconnaissance planes in 2000. (3) In addition to the $2 Billion loss, Israel had to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to China in reparations.

That reason given is a thin, bendable reed since China can purchase UAVs from Russia, France or a number of different countries ignoring U.S. objections. The main reason is that American military manufacturers wish to quash all competitive sales, but the only nation the U.S. can really lean on is Israel.

In my opinion, the U.S. will never go to war against China merely to save a small ally - particularly where ‘business and trade’ are concerned. That applies to Israel as well as Taiwan.

While they cannot threaten all other nations to cease selling arms into those markets where the U.S. military/industrial complex wishes to sell, they can and have threatened Israel. Israel has necessarily put herself in the position of having one supplier, much as they relied once upon the French. So, once again, as with the French, appeasement of the Saudis has the Bush Administration betraying a friend, ally and client Israel. Where there is no respect for a captive client, the seller can’t resist twisting their arms, particularly when there is a big buyer like the Saudis to satisfy.

Recall how the U.S., under Casper Weinberger, forced Israel to cancel her development of the Lavi, a cheaper, better air superiority fighter than the F16 - as well as being an excellent ground support jet. Israel had already built 3 Lavi planes when Weinberger forced her to stop. At the time its was Prime Minister Rabin who caved on the Lavi and now it Sharon who is being dragged around like road kill.

The U.S. government has already imposed restrictions on Israeli participation in and access to technology from the JSF (Joint Strike Fighter) program. After Israel developed the Arrow anti-missile interceptor with her own technology and the bilateral Mobile Tactical High Energy Laser (THEL), the U.S. is planning to purge these major defensive systems of all Israeli content. Who loses? America loses excellent technology from Israel and Israel loses her own sovereignty and earned profits if Washington exercises veto rights over Israeli-approved exports to China, but also to India, Singapore and any other countries. (4)

It would be far better for Bush if Israel would initiate severance. To accomplish this Bush has generated a plan which uses the excuse of "sales to China" to break contracts and cut off delivery of spare parts - many already paid for. Bush has demanded that Israel submit all military systems’ contracts to the U.S. for review with specification of pending sales to any country.

Not only is this a shocking blow to Israel’s ability to sell anywhere but it was intended to embarrass and humiliate the Israeli government to the point where she would sever her ties to U.S. suppliers. America understands that other countries would not wish U.S. Intelligence to see what they are buying - along with the details of the Israeli-developed technology. We are informed that Israel has accepted the Bush Diktat because it has no choice...nice work, George!

U.S. policy keeps its own pending contracts and specifications super-secret, assuring the purchasers that only they would know the details of the transaction. While the U.S. (Bush) applies a heavy hand to Israeli sales, it does NOT do so when it sells America’s most advanced and deadly weapons to Israel’s dedicated enemies, the Arab Muslim nations. It’s the "do as I say and not as I do" syndrome when it comes to Bush policy ‘vis a vis’ Israel.

The Bush Doctrine applies another tactic in its dealings with Israel, namely, killing two birds with one stone. It knocks off the Israeli competition and it advances the Bush plan of appeasement of the Arabs by pushing Israel to sever her ties. Regrettably, Israel by necessity, has put all her eggs in one basket. The American people don’t wish to terminate their alliance with Israel but rather, a small but very powerful Arabist cult, led by the Bush State Department wishes to break off contracts with Israel. If you want a confirmation of this attitude, just subpoena certain high level officials, such as former President Bush, James Baker, Casper Weinberger, Admiral Bobby Ray Inman, and a few others to answer question before Congressional Hearings.

Israel has been the U.S.’s only democratic friend and strategic ally in the Mid East because of their shared Judeo-Christian background and ethics. The majority of Americans support Israel against the Arab Muslims, as Americans usually support Right against Might. Most American Presidents saw that it was to their political advantage to support Israel in her fight against Arab Muslim Terrorist nations (including Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Lebanon, Jordan - among others.) Coincidentally, most of these same nations view themselves as enemies of America - although we pretend they are our friends - as in the case of Saudi Arabia.

Since the discussions of Partition in the U.N. in 1947, the U.S. State Department has been the Arab Muslim voice NOT to allow the formation of Israel as a national homeland. When they lost that vote and Israel became a sovereign nation, the State Department became completely Arabist. Their prime goal from that time on was to cut America’s relationship with Israel and thereby to appease the Arab oil States.

The Bush Family Dynasty continued on this track, making sure their perfidious goals remained hidden behind speeches of support for Israel. Were it not for the pressure of the American electorate and the American Congress, Presidents - like Nixon, George Herbert Walker Bush, Clinton, now George Bush would have cut and run, leaving Israel hanging and twisting in the wind. It was much easier to deal with Arab tyrants than a Jewish State that had a democratic base not unlike America. I imagine that, if the American people were to understand the motives and goals of the Bush Dynasty, they would be outraged. Congress would also begin to look into the Bush policies and certain connections to Arab oil nations. If Congress had the nerve, they would investigate the $60+ per barrel of oil and the billions of dollars flowing to the oil companies with friends in the White House. These excess profits have once again generated new weapons’ contracts by the Saudis and other Arab oil nations.

The Bush Administration’s Arabists have launched a drive to "disengage" America from Israel. Evidence of this includes the current sting operation by the FBI against AIPAC (American-Israel Public Affairs Committee) in order to destroy any Jewish-based voice to the Congress and the American people. While this ploy has not gained much steam, the intent is to make this entrapment a big public spectacle - using the cooperative Media to carry it forward.

And now Bush has initiated a humiliating embargo of technology, spare parts, termination of contracts to force Israel to cease fighting Arab ‘Jihadists’, so, the "Disengagement" will go forward as if there was no Terror. This same program is aimed at shutting down Israel’s ability to manufacture and sell arms on the world’s market and thus compete with the U.S. military/industrial complex.

To further Israel’s humiliation in the hope that she will walk away, the Bush Administration’s latest move is the invitation to Saudi Arabia and Egypt to sit as full members of the "Quartet" (the pro-Arab State Department, anti-Israel U.N., anti-Semitic European Union and historically anti-Jewish Russia) - all of whom known for their extreme hostility to the Jewish State.

The latest danger to Israel’s safety, security and sovereignty is that Bush, through Condoleezza Rice, has pushed a beaten Sharon into inviting the Egyptian Army into the Sinai Desert (supposedly de-militarized by the Camp David Peace Treaty). Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak demands the right to bring in armor and helicopters to ‘stop’ the smugglers who bring weapons, explosives and Terrorists from Egypt into Gaza. This on-going transfer of weapons and Terrorists would not be possible without Mubarak’s current direct assistance and complicity. Bush and Rice know full well of Mubarak’s assistance to the smugglers but couldn’t care less.

Then, we have Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, lying at the top of her voice, denying that the U.S. has been in discussions with the Terrorist organization of Hamas. When the U.S. Military admitted such discussions, the new spin was that they were trying to lure ‘reasonable Terrorists’ (an oxymoron, for sure) to leave Hamas and join Abu Mazen’s Al Aksa Martyrs’ Brigade. As you may know, Head of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen) has refused to disarm ANY of the Arab Muslim Palestinian Terrorists but instead, has invited them to become ‘armed Policemen’ (cum Terrorists). Rice seems to have been snookered by this ploy and has gone along with it.

Parenthetically, I would remind our readers that Bush has been enraged against Israel (prior to his interference in Israel’s defense against the Arab Muslim Terrorists) because Israel’s Military had succeeded to a great degree in suppressing Terrorist actions. Israel’s Military and Intelligence successes have similarly enraged Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Syria all of whom have passed their irritation down to Bush. He has begun to meddle in and against Israel’s security and sovereignty.

I also remind the reader that then Secretary of State James Baker III, President George Herbert Walker Bush, Baker and their Saudi connections are currently advising the current President. Remember Jim Baker expressing his anti-Semitic attitude when he was overheard saying: "F..k the Jews; they didn’t vote for us anyway!"?

Severing relations with Israel is high on the Bush agenda in order to appease the Arab Muslim oil world.


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by Ze’ev Schiff Ha’aretz 6/26/05