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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."

By David Basch

The prime objective of the Olmert government is to deliver an election
victory to Kadima, which had been passive for years against Arab
attacks from Gaza. It was goaded to action because Israelis were
beginning to see that this government is more involved in destroying
the conservative Israeli political challenge to its rule.

What the Olmert government and the leftists wish to do is to discredit
the conservative Jewish opposition by creating a new Arab state on
Israel's territories as a fait accompli, forever proving that God's
promises to Israel in the Bible will never, ever come true.  Olmert
and the leftists believe that the resulting demoralization of the religious
conservative sector, will leave the secular leftists as the only credible
leadership of the country.

This leftist goal -- being their highest priority -- has resulted in
the motivated blindness of the leftists to the reality of an Arab
enemy that does not ever wish to make peace with a viable Israel and
will use every advantage gained by acquiring strategic Israeli
territory to destroy Israel. The left cannot accept this reality since
it exposes itself as incompetent to defend long term Israeli survival.
Its incompetence is proven by its having brought back Arafat and his
terrorist army as part of the disastrous Oslo process and in surrendering
strategic Gaza.

In the current action in Gaza, this government wants to
create the image that it is truly involved in a competent way in
protecting the country and thereby negate the image of its gross
incompetence in having surrendered vital, strategic, Gaza territory,
which situation has now come back to haunt the country. What the leftist
leadership really wishes to do is to is drive Hamas from Arab
leadership so that Gaza can be taken over by Fatah and then the
leftists can proceed to surrender all the Israeli territories to Arabs whose
only desire for a new state is to use it as a tool to replace all of Israel.

Israel's people must be mindful of what this blind, obsessive, leftist
government has been about and bring in a truly pro-Israel government
that is capable of resisting the onslaughts of the Arabs and their
allies in the West, including the appeasing US government that is willing
to sacrifice Israeli security to win Arab hearts to Western interests
-- a fool's errand as shown by the past record.

And Israelis should not believe the dubious rumor that the leftist,
surrender-artists of Israel were going to act against Iran's nuclear
facilities but were prevented from doing so by the US. This is another
ploy to fool Israelis about the wimpish nature of their government.
I pray Israel's people will not fall for it.

The only forward policy for Israel at the moment is, yes, to degrade
the capabilities of Hamas but also to create a permanent, very wide,
corridor that separates Gaza from its supply of weaponry from Egypt.
That will make the many supply tunnels ineffective.

Doing so is the only policy that will help Israel regain control over
her southern border. It will reveal to the Arabs that Israel has no
intention of destroying herself in favor of the illusion that a new
Arab state that will not be anything more than a terrorist state on the
model of what Gaza is today and what the Eastern territories were
under Arafat and still are under Abbas.

Any Israeli who thinks such an inevitably enemy Arab government
set up side by side with Israel will bring peace is cutting his own throat
and that of the future of Israel.