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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."


By Irwin N. Graulich

Let's strip this fight down to the actual bare facts. You elect a Nazi-like terrorist government, (and I use the comparison precisely), whose primary goal and charter is the destruction of the state of Israel.

They create schools where textbooks expound on the concept of Jews and Christians being monkeys and enemies of Islam who must be destroyed. They establish summer camps that teach 7 year olds the virtues of becoming suicide bombers, actually constructing a sample vest model complete with dynamite sticks, in arts & crafts. They continue to publicly describe Jews on radio, tv and newspapers as something lower than vermin, all of whom must be exterminated.

They spend all their time building tunnels and smuggling weapons to kill innocent civilians in Israel, instead of building businesses and a better life. They fire rockets regularly into Israeli towns and cities to goad Israel into a short-lived response that ultimately becomes a pr coup. They have weekly parades attended by upwards of 100,000 people screaming, "We will destroy the Zionist criminal pigs," and much worse.

Then, when this moral democracy legitimately and legally responds to the thousands of rocket attacks on its cities through a serious military action, you cry like babies. Please--I need an air sickness bag. Those brave (sic) Hamas leaders run underground like sewer rats, leaving their supportive, so called "innocent civilians" to die for them.

And much of the world continues to repeat the same mistakes of history. In fact, Europe learned absolutely nothing from WWII. Instead of learning that decent, moral nations must "fight evil," the Europeans learned that "fighting is evil."

Europeans have decided to befriend evil, let them move into their cities with their own corrupt value system, and now Parisians, Britons, the Dutch and others are just too afraid to confront this new hate-infested, violent phenomenon. It is the French embracing the Nazis once again--kiss kiss. And please do not forget--it always begins with the Jews, but it never ends with the Jews.

Next, we have the UN--that infamous massage parlor located on First Avenue in New York City. Several NYC politicians have suggested turning it into a homeless shelter, which would certainly do a great deal more good for society. Evil does not disturb the UN. Israel disturbs the UN!

Unfortunately, democracies have a disastrous achilles heel in our modern, hi tech world. It is called visual media--which includes a camera, television and the Internet, devices that allow anyone to show video totally out of context. Dead Palestinian babies, wounded women and children are 24/7 on al Jazeera, in one continuous loop. Joseph Goebbels would be proud!

Hamas and Hezbollah have discovered this new weapon which is more deadly than any missile or grenade launcher--the tv camera. 21st century technology has given rise to visual terrorism where one shows dead families in a UNRWA school without the context of Hamas terrorists shooting grenade launchers from windows. CNN leads this new propaganda group with names like Christian Amanpour, Ben Wedeman, Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Rick Sanchez and Don Lemon---all of whom have shown a particular bias against Israel for defending itself from terrorism.

Had these so called reporters been covering Dresden during WWII, the Allies would have been forced to stop their attacks and Americans today would be speaking German or would be lampshades. Of course, we would hear the American point of view and the Nazi point of view, a sign of media fairness. And good ol' Larry King would be interviewing Herr Hitler with all of the necessary respect he deserved.

Truth be told, what did you expect would emerge from the sick soul of Ted Turner, one of the most twisted minds in America today. His "baby" is a despicable network made up of predominantly amoral fools.

Has there ever been a war where the opposing army actually called civilians on the telephone, dropped leaflets, sent emails or text messages in order to warn them to get out of harms way? It sounds like something out of The Twilight Zone--yet no one focuses on this incredible moral action by Israel. I mean rubber bullets--the Israeli army invented them out of a deep sense of compassion and morality.

Sorry, Americans and moral people everywhere are much smarter than that--after all, have you seen the deformed, incinerated and horrific baby pictures from Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Yet, any decent human being knows it was the Atom Bomb that ended WWII, saving many more lives in the long run. That is the sad reality of war. Who told you there is no military solution to some things?

And why the uproar in the Arab and Muslim world today? Because "honor" is the most important value in their lives--and those pathetic weak Jews just keep wiping the floor with them at every turn. Israel continuously shames every Arab and Muslim country by defeating them in battle or defeating them in progress. It is obvious today that 1.5 billion Muslims in 48 countries with their big mouths and big threats about the "Poor Palestinians in Gaza" are simply afraid to intervene or militarily confront that ridiculously small Jewish state of 6 million. All those big macho armies talking tough, yet acting like frightened little girls.

The lives of average citizens in most Arab and Muslim countries are horrendous. Dictators from Syria to Lebanon to Iran to Gaza need to blame their horrible living conditions on someone--and naturally it cannot be the dictators they worship and fear. Instead, who better to fault for their miserable lives than the Jews aka Israel?

We don't have a flush toilet because of the Jews. We do not have freedom of the press because of those Jews--of course. And the crop this year was bad...all because of Israel. It's the Jews aka Zionists fault again and again. Yet that tiny thriving democracy of Jews continues to make medical discoveries and invent high tech products every day. How dare those despicable, arrogant Jews achieve so much in our midst, and make us look bad.

Israel left Gaza completely in 2005. Checkpoints located on Israeli territory and the sea remained, with the only things not permitted into Gaza being weaponry. Everything else was welcomed--and nothing, nothing was ever built in any part of The Gaza Strip except things related to murder and destruction. I mean, a refugee camp for 60 years? The Jews have continually humiliated Hamas, the Palestinians and the entire Arab/Muslim world because of their successes--militarily and societally. And they will never be forgiven for it. It is actually an affront to Islam as well.

Hamas took a page right out of the Nazi playbook by creating a party that has a terror arm and a social arm. The Nazis built roads and hospitals...and gas chambers. And the Jews learned a lesson that they needed to return to their own historical homeland and build it back up. It did not take very long, much to the chagrin of its neighbors.

So my dear Hamas lowlives--you dare "tease" that hardworking, moral democracy with terrorism and rockets. What the hell did you expect?

Irwin N. Graulich is a well known motivational speaker and author on morality, ethics, religion and politics. He is also President and CEO of a leading  marketing, branding and communications company in New York City. He can be reached at