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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."

by David Basch

Herb Keinon's RECENT Jerusalem Post article analyzing the leftist
Israeli government tactics in Gaza was not very assuring.

True, Keinon told of this government's desire to degrade, discredit,
and remove Hamas from power in Gaza. But what Keinon doesn't discuss
is what this government intends afterward. This leftist government
wants to eliminate Hamas so it can surrender the area to Abbas's Fatah
group and then proceed to surrender Israel's Eastern territories to
them for a Palestinian Arab state.

What this government wants is a cosmetic, inconclusive settlement that
superficially looks good so that it can pose as the savior of Israel
and win the next election. Many rightly suspect that there is a great
deal of collusion going on in the background with Israel, the
Arabs, and with the US to make this happen.

The leftist gang of three -- Olmert, Livni, and Barak -- do not regard
Fatah as the threat it is. Fatah is no less dedicated to Israel's
destruction than Hamas, if only a little more subtler in its tactics.
Imagine the day of Fatah power over Gaza and over the Eastern
territories. Then today's Gaza threat could emerge from all
geographical sectors at once, with Gaza having continued to be the
funnel for massive weaponry coming into the Arab areas. Thus the
ruining of southern Israel that has occurred under the threat of Gazan
bombs could be extended throughout all of Israel.

The same tunnel vision that was displayed by the leftists government
that returned exiled Arafat and his terrorist army and repeated that
disaster again in Gaza by expelling Gaza's Jews to surrender to
surrender the area to become a dangerous Arab military base is again
in danger of being repeated. This time not only happening in Gaza but
throughout Israel coming from ceded Eastern territories.

It is difficult for ordinary people to imagine that Israeli leftist
leaders could be so treasonous and so out of touch with reality to
allow this kind of thing to happen again and again. But this is easily
explained by the leftist, mad obsession with holding power in Israel.
To the leftists, holding power has a higher priority than safeguarding
Israel's security. To forever hold such power, the leftists wish to
destroy conservative Jewish political influence in Israel. Having had
the experience of losing control over Israel under Begin, Shamir,
Netanyahu, and almost under Sharon, the leftist will do anything to
discredit Judaism, including the surrendering Israel's Jewish
heartland and Jerusalem as a means of demoralizing and discrediting
Judaism in the country.

So fanatical is the leftist lust for political control that they
willingly blind themselves to the grave dangers they inflict on
Israel. They believe that the US -- with whom the leftists collude
with so that the US can appease its Arab allies -- will be ever ready
to rescue the country, fiscally and militarily. The leftists look
forward to huge US payoffs to them for playing ball and the leftists
see it in their self interest to risk Israel's security by
surrendering strategic territory.

But this US security blanket is a thin reed. The US failed to honor
its security agreement with Israel in 1967 to keep the Gulf of Aqaba
open against the Arab blockade and Israel had to fight that war alone.
Nor is the US's repeated support for Arafat and the Arab side over the
past 15 years reassuring. Nor is it reassuring that US eventually
reneged on its security agreement with S. Vietnam and allowed its
collapse. The danger of a weakened Israel without its strategic
territory is very great and could put Israel in a situation in which
it will find that US aid can only come too late with too little.

Clear signs of the leftist lack of due diligence for Israel's security
is the failure to demand and insure that the border with Egypt and
Gaza is safeguarded. Tipshi Livni wants to entrust this to
peacekeepers, the same that failed in Lebanon. This leftist government
fails to acknowledge Egypt's role in helping the supply of weaponry to
the terrorists of Gaza. The smuggling tunnels are blamed by Israeli
"defense officials" as though the tunnels and even the extensive
overland smuggling of weapons to Gaza could go on for a moment without
Egyptian government collusion.

But the leftist gang of three don't want to call attention to this
since it would draw attention that Israel will take no action to
permanently close the Gaza opening for weaponry, which will remain
open to supply Fatah if those terrorists gain power there.

That the leftists will settle for a cosmetic solution to the current
crisis that Herb Keinon points to, a truce that fails to prevent
future weapon deliveries through Gaza, shows how shallow the policy is
that Israel's leftist government is trying for. It happens to be a
necessary oversight since it can only be accomplished by taking
possession in depth of border area between Egypt and Gaza and these
leftists want to pose as saviors of Israel and not call attention to
their disastrous Gaza surrender of the area. Were Israel to take
military possession of a much widened Philadelphia route along Egypt,
it would kill the possibility of the cosmetic settlement that makes
the leftists look good to the perpetually unaware Israeli public.

The current government of Israel is treasonous and dangerous to the
survival of Israel and must be removed in the next election.

David Basch is an architect and city planner in New York as well as the Freeman Center's political philosopher. Basch is also an expert on Shakespeare and the author of the book, The Hidden Shakespeare, which proves through talmudic and other Jewish sources that Shakespeare was in fact Jewish.