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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."

By Emanuel A. Winston
Freeman Center Middle East Analyst & Commentator

Suddenly, NPR, National Public Radio, is interested in the details of "fear from bombs". Through the years, when the Arab Muslim Palestinians were engaged in suicide bombing of Israeli marketplaces, restaurants, family celebrations, buses - wherever civilians gathered - NPR barely expressed interest in the Terror and feelings of Israeli victims.   That's why they call NPR - National "Palestine" Radio.
When Hamas Palestinian Arab Muslims began its daily firing of Kassam Rockets, Katyusha Missiles and Mortars, including Grad missiles from Iran, an onslaught of Terror rained down on Southern Israel for 7 years. But, NPR showed only enough interest so it could tell Congress who funds them:
"See, we are reporting the news."
Only when Israel s absurd suicidal policy of restraint had ended, only then did NPR ramp up its reporting - BUT - from the Muslim Arab point of view. NPR just interviewed (January 4th) a Palestinian psychiatrist who ran out the Palestinian line that the "poor victims of the bombing had been terrified" - including himself.
He told how he was afraid to walk to his car, thinking he could be killed at any minute. I thought back to all those years where any Israeli, man, woman and child, getting on a bus, shopping in a market, going to a restaurant, eating lunch at University cafeteria......also thought that those maniacal suicide Muslim Arab bombers had planted a bomb to detonate remotely or by wearing a bomb vest to blow himself (or herself) up with as many Jews as he could.
Then I replayed the scenes in my memory of the 7 years that Jewish men, women and children ran for any cover when they heard the warning siren, giving them 10 to 15 seconds to find shelter before the incoming Rocket or Missile hit them. That, Mr. Dr. Palestinian psychiatrist is being terrified! That s what Terror is. When Israel decides - finally - to stop the Terror by striking back at the Terror organization, that is War, justifiable War, proportionate response - even if it is too late.
NPR wasn t the only anti-Israel, pro-Terrorist news outlet covering this war, Israel s 9th war (1) of self-defense against Arab Muslims prepared to "wipe Israel off the map" - as they declare.
The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, LA Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, BBC, London Times,  et al reported with a distinct bias. We might expect news outlets like Al Ahram of Egypt, Russia s Pravda, Al Jezzera to be provocateurs, urging the people to hate and kill Jews. But, when the western Media adopts the doctrine of the Middle Ages and provokes the killing of Jews and the elimination of Israel, then they have actively joined the ranks of today s Terrorists.
Clearly, they have chosen to drop their protective shield of the so-called "neutral and fair" Press and become combatants on the side of propaganda. Goebbels, it may be recalled, thought of the German Press and radio as vital to his Genocidal operations. Surely, today s Media can be no less.
Another example of excessive Leftist bias has been CNN, long considered a pro-Palestinian, Muslim, Arab voice and usually hostile to Israel. This was displayed in full force as Paula Hancocks of CNN was outside of Gaza, reporting on what she felt was happening in Gaza. Her demeanor was on the verge of hysteria, both in her voice and facial expressions. This was not a reporter speaking about the facts but an advocate for the Hamas Palestinian Muslim Arabs. I don t recall Hancocks getting so worked up over the "thousands" of Rockets being fired on Israeli civilians over 7 years, nor the fear and pain as Israelis in Southern Israel were constantly diving for cover, as the siren alerts came day and night.
FOX NEWS did a very straight-forward reporting job until one reporter came out-of-the-closet as a perfect match for Christiane Amanpour. It was Geraldo Rivera. He is very dramatic. Geraldo managed to get in every bit of slanted accusations, both through his own pronouncements and commentary, plus that of his guests like Hanan Ashrawi who was allowed to run wild and unchallenged with her usual pro-Palestinian line. Geraldo ran footage of Palestinians, Muslims and Leftists, marching in London, America and other capitals of the world, wherein he concluded the world was against Israel s invasion of "her" tormentors in Gaza.
Actually, the "world" favors Israel taking down the Hamas vicious Global Terror base. President Bush blames Hamas for the War - for Hamas 7 years of Rocket bombardment against Israel s civilians in the South.

When Geraldo interviewed Alon Pincus, Israel s Ambassador, he cut Pincus short and managed to interrupt with other interviewees, unlike the open-ended Ashrawi screed. Lo and Behold, Geraldo was a male version of Christiane Amanpour and others on CNN.
FOX should launch him over to CNN as "birds of a feather." Geraldo also managed to start the ball rolling about blaming Israel if American targets were hit by Muslims. But, Geraldo did many nations a favor by showing how many hostile Muslims were residing in the nations as they marched and shouted in rage. Geraldo, I am sure, didn t intend to show the anarchy of the Leftists and Muslims, but, he did!
FOX NEWS, I repeat, did an excellent job across the board - except for Geraldo. He was a real surprise. He reminded me of James Baker s Jews Boys, Dennis Ross, Aaron David Miller, Dan Kurtzer and later, Martin Indyk who, as Jews, could find nothing Israel did to defend herself acceptable.


1. Israel s 9 Wars of Self-Defense: 1948: War of Independence; 1956: Suez Canal; 1967: Six Days War; 1970-71: War of Attrition; 1973: Yom Kippur War; 1982: Peace for Galilee against Arafat s PLO in Lebanon; 1991: Saddam Hussein s 39 SCUDs - Israelis in gas masks; 2006: 34 day War against Hezb Allah in Lebanon; 2009: Today s War against Hamas Terror Rockets, Missiles and Mortars.