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A One-way Ticket to the Zero-State Solution

By Mark Langfan
Arutz Sheva
22 January, 2014

A "boycott" is comparatively harmless to the Zero-State Solution.

Mark Langfan 

Earlier this month, Justice Minister Tzipi Livni stated that “the boycott is moving and advancing uniformly and exponentially.”  

Exactly to her point, Defense Minister Ya’alon responded that if security compromises would lead to “rockets from Nablus, Ramallah and Jenin onto Ben Gurion Airport, then I would rather have a European boycott” on Israel.  

Unable to intellectually or rationally respond to Ya’alon, Livni resorted to sophistry and made an even more intellectually specious statement:  “In the context of priorities, I prefer the Galilee, Kiryat Shemona, Tiberias and the Negev over the isolated settlements outside the ‘settlement blocs.’” 

What Livni doesn’t understand, or doesn’t want to understand, is that without all, I repeat ALL, the heroic Jewish settlers of Judea and Samaria, there will be no Negev, no Galilee.  There will be no Israel, period. 

But, as a prefatory note, Livni omitted Sderot and Ashkelon from the fanciful list of Israeli cities that she considers her “priorities.”   In her messianic bubble, Livni can't process the fact that these Israeli cities have been rocketed solely because of her suicidal failed peace 'policies.'  If anything, for Livni, the Gaza rockets only serve to further convince her of the "end-of-days" messianic and delusional salvation of the "Peace Process."  

A step-by-step analysis:

#1:  What DM Ya’alon is really saying is: No Judea and Samaria means no Tel Aviv, means no Israel.  So, a "boycott" is comparatively harmless to the Zero-State Solution.

From the 'West Bank', Palestinian terrorist rockets and anti-tank missiles will fall in the densely-populated Tel Aviv-Sharon Plain which holds 70% of Israel’s population, unlike sparsely populated Israeli areas around Gaza.  The practical difference is between rockets falling in Montana versus New York City.  A rocket from Montana, like Gaza, will rarely hit anything.  But, a rocket into the Israeli coastal plain is bound to kill somebody or blow something important up.

Hence, Israel will have no choice but to immediately reinvade the very areas Livni is screaming to retreat from.  An Israeli army reinvading the 'West Bank' State after an Israeli 'West Bank' retreat will have to fight topographically uphill against a highly dispersed Palestinian Arab force commingled with innocent Palestinian Arab civilians. These armed Palestinian Arabs will be armed with thousands of small, easily smuggle-able 5k range anti-tank missiles.  The highly-trained terrorists will be barricaded in highly-fortified compounds that have already been pre-built  and are ready for immediate occupancy. 

People in Israel often joke and scoff about the “empty Palestinian mansions” of Judea and Samaria.  Any objective observer would realize that those buildings aren’t “empty millionaire mansions,” but steel-rebar-reinforced line-of-sight anti-tank battle positions waiting to be immediately occupied by anti-tank-armed Palestinian Arab troops the second Israeli troops leave. 

And, if Livni screams about the EU boycott now, just imagine the EU boycott, nay, the UN world total boycott, after a “retreat-rocket-and-reinvade” scenario. It would be exponentially worse.  And does anyone think Obama is going to let Israel waltz back into the area after he did everything in the world to evict Israel from it in the first place?  And, anybody who thinks President Obama will issue a UN veto against total Israeli boycott with a Chapter VII chaser in an Israel-West Bank "re-invasion" scenario should be admitted to an insane asylum for peace cultists. STAT.

And as for the Israeli "economy" Livni  claims she's worried about, a single ball-bearing war-headed Katyusha landing in Ben Gurion Airport destroying a parked and fueled 747 will paralyze the very “exports” to Europe Livni is so worried will be boycotted in the first place.  Insurance will be revoked for any and all Israeli-bound planes.   Israeli export-import-commerce will cease, tourism will freeze.  One katyusha rocket into Ben Gurion Airport, and the Israeli economy would be crippled.   Israel would lose more money in one day after a ball-bearing Katyusha attack on Ben Gurion than any EU boycott would exact in one year.

#2: Livni knows Israel is not a country in Europe or North America, and its neighbors want to annihilate it. 

Maybe Livni didn’t hear that Egypt just labeled Hamas a “terrorist” organization.  The Arab Egypt didn’t label Hamas a “terrorist” organization because they murdered Israelis.  Egypt made the designation because they murdered Egyptians on behalf of Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood.  If Hamas is murdering Egyptians by the dozens, if given half-a-chance, they will murder thousands of Israelis.  Does Livni want to repeat her “Gaza retreat" and bring Iranian-Hamas rockets into Judea and Samaria so they can murder Tel Aviv's Jews?

To round out this point, Abbas has already lost control over Judea and Samaria.  Everybody knows Abbas is powerless, except for Livni.  But that’s not really true.  Livni isn’t a moron, she is just suicidal.  Livni really knows Abbas is powerless, but she needs him to be the fig-leaf for her false “peace.”  In signing any “peace” agreement, Abbas knows he will be signing his own death warrant. 

Livni isn’t just buying the same “Peace” rug for the 5th time from Abbas.  Livni is “buying” a “Peace” rug from Abbas when she knows Abbas doesn’t even own the rug.  The moment Israel leaves Judea and Samaria, Livni knows Hamas will murder Abbas.  You see, Livni and the entire Israeli “Peace” camp needs Abbas to engineer a fraud on the Israeli people.  

Livni and her fellow Two-Staters very well know that soon after the end-of-day's “Peace,” Iran will be the masters of the area overlooking Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion Airport.  

#3 An elbow is also “isolated” from one’s "strategic" hand, but without your "isolated" elbow, you can’t use your "strategic" hand.

Livni is employing the classic strategy of the messianic Israel left, divide and conquer.   Unfortunately, Jews often like self-dividing themselves.  (Secular v. Haredi, Ashkenazi v. Sephardi, etc.)  Livni knows the “isolated” settlements are an integral part of the entire Judea and Samaria settlement structure.  By destroying the “isolated” settlements, Livni knows she will destroy all the settlements including the "strategic" ones.   Many of the “isolated” settlements are really “connecting” settlements to the "strategic" settlements.  This is because with the “isolated” connecting “elbow” settlements evacuated, it will be impossible to get to the “strategic” “hand” settlements.

This can hardly be an ignorant or naive position of Livni's. Livni comes from a long line of Israeli and Jewish leaders who believed that they knew whether the Jewish people should live or die better than the people themselves.  Livni has a messianic-complex that is much worse than the Jewish leaders of the Holocaust who “decided” for their flocks and who then led the people to their slaughter. In the Holocaust, Jewish leaders didn't have the IDF. 

#4  The "Boycott" demands are the total annihilation of Israel.

There is no true "end" to the "BDS" demands.  Is it just Judea and Samaria?  How about after Jerusalem is divided?  And we can't forget all the millions of "refugees" who want to move into Tel Aviv.  When exactly will the boycott stop?  Will the EU Jew-haters and the Jew-hating Jews who first engineered the boycott stop their boycott if Israel cedes all of Judea and Samaria and divides Jerusalem? 

No, they'll never stop.  In fact, by rewarding the Jew-haters with Israeli concessions, Livni is exponentially encouraging and empowering them to never stop until there is no Israel.  To these Jew-haters, any Israel is too much Israel, and a violation of Palestinian rights.

So in conclusion, from stem to stern, Livni's "boycott" threat is nothing less than an unmistakable sign that Livni and her Peace cultists are turning Tel Aviv into a big shtetl of Auschwitz.  If Livni's "boycott" threats work and Israel caves, Israelis should prepare for the Zero-State Solution. 

Livni's "Green Line, now" versus "EU Boycott, now" is a knowingly false choice.  It's really "Green Line, now, with UN total Boycott and Chapter VII authorization later" versus "EU Boycott, now."  This is because Israel's future re-invasion of the 'West Bank' will bring a UN boycott and Chapter VII authorization against Israel. 

 If Livni's "Boycott" blackmail “thinking” cows Israel now, the Zero-State Solution will be coming sooner rather than later.

* * * * * * *

The writer, who writes on security issues, has created an original educational 3D Topographic Map System of Israel to facilitate clear understanding of the dangers facing Israel and its water supply. It has been studied by US lawmakers and can be seen at