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Iran's Iraqi Defeat: Arabs Will Vanquish the Persians

By Mark Langfan
Arutz Sheva
04 January, 2013

Iran is going to get its just desserts when Assad falls. Here are the details.

Mark Langfan

Assad's soon-in-coming death, will make Qadaffi's death look like a summer picnic. Iran's pipe-dream that a coastal Alawite/Shiite enclave can survive a Sunni tsunami propagated from the wanton Shiite murder of 70,000 Sunni men, women, and children is a delusion. Any residual Assad remnant holdouts in the Syrian Latakia mountainous coastal region, will be washed away like a child's sandcastle in a rip-tide.
But the real loser will be the Persian house of cards that Iran has constructed on a foundation of terrorism, murder, evil, cordite smoke and Shiite mirrors. With Syria torn from Iran's bloody villainous hand, the entire Persian Shiite crescent project from Iran to Lebanon and beyond has begun to implode. Iran's next inexorable cataclysmic defeat will be in Iraq.

Due to Iran's hijacking of the Al-Maliki government (with the full blessing, and approval of Obama), Iraq is already a failed state in a state of full civil war. The Sunnis are peacefully Ghandi-like blocking Iranian weapons supply trucks to Assad with their unarmed bodies. Once one of Al-Maliki’s henchmen shoots a peaceful Sunni demonstrator, the Iraqi Sunni fire will explode. 

The Arab Shiite leader Moqtada al-Sadr rightly sees the Western Iraqi Sunni revolt as his "Iraqi Spring" wave to reject the Iranian Puppet Al-Maliki. The Kurds will gladly ignite the battle and have already started shooting down Iraqi helicopters. The Kurds are 35 million people strong divided between four countries: 18 million in Turkey, 8 million in Iran, 7 million in Iraq and 2 million in Syria. There are mega-billions of oil and gas in the Kurdish area of Iraq and Syria.

The Kurds and Exxon are not going to allow Iran's unshaven puppet-doll Al-Maliki and Iran to get their bloody hands on a penny of the Kurdish billions of oil and gas. Even the otherwise brain-dead Turks have finally awakened to the reality that the Kurds are their first line of defense against the waxing Shiite Iranian menace. Israel, with its 200,000 Kurdish Israeli Jews, will be perfectly placed to tend and support this Kurdish miracle. The Kurdish Peshmerga armed with medium range drones with armor piercing missiles, modern mobile and tiny radars, and highly mobile medium range anti-air missiles will render the northern Iraq/southern Kurdistan areas impregnable to any Iraqi northern advance.

But, there's more. Once the Sunni jihadis draw and quarter the mass-murdering Iranian Puppet Assad, the jihadis will now have a new irresistible battle: the Iraqi Shiite Persian puppet Al-Maliki. Al Qaeda won't tarry long in a post-Assad Syria. Al Qaeda battle-hardened Syrian fighters will quickly fly east to Iraq, like moths to a fire.

With Iraqi/Iranian war supplies lines over-stretched north fighting the Kurds, the Sunni jihadis will set the Iranian-supplied IEDs their Hizbullah teachers taught them to set against the precious American troops in Iraq. But now, the al Qaeda jihadis will be set their IEDs against their true Shiite Persian enemy. This time, the Sunnis of Iraq will welcome the jihadis as liberators from the Obama-installed sectarian Shiite despot. Funded by gulf interests, the Sunnis of western Iraq will turn western Iraq into a Shiite graveyard.

Then, then, there's the Arab Shiites of eastern Iraq. Once these Arabs see the Iraqi Kurds and Iraqi Sunni Arabs have their freedom, they will realize that the Persians have played them for the "Shiite" useful idiot suckers they truly are. The Persians didn't want to liberate the Iraqi Shiite Arabs, but instead have knaved to enslave them and steal their oil resources and build nuclear bombs. 

Quickly, these Iraqi Arab Shiites will see the Persians for the oil resource scammers for what they truly are: genocidal mass-murderers falsely using the name of Islam as a cover for their megalomaniacal Persian hegemony. The Persians only sold their Shiism "rug" to the Iraqi Shiites as an opiate with which Iran could steal the Iraqi Arabs' oil. Iraqi Arab roots and their own eyes will inevitably provide the anodyne to Iran's intoxicating Shiite opiate. The Persian evil will be exposed for the Muslim mass-murdering deviation it truly is. With Al-Maliki and his Iranian henchmen dead, Iran will be shorn from its Iraqi moneysupply and sanction-busting daisy-chain oil laundering schemes.

For finally, there is the Iranian western-most topographically flat province of Ahwaz, populated by Arab Shiites sitting west of the Zagros Mountains effectively cut-off from the eastern Iran and eastern Persia. The Ahwaz province, just north of the Persian/Arab gulf, sits on almost 90% of Iran's total oil supply. So, without the Arab province of Ahwaz, Persian Iran is finished, kaput. No Arab Ahwaz oil, no Iranian Persian money, no Persian nukes to destroy the world, no having to listen to black-turbaned psychos spouting on about a hidden twelfth imam. 

With the Arabs of Iraq breathing the pure air of freedom from Persia cordite smoke, the Arabs of Ahwaz will want the same Persian-free air. The 4,000 meter high Zagros Mountains will serve to protect the Arabs from Persia, rather than protect Persian Iran from a United States attack. The Persian Gulf will once again become the Arab gulf.

The future is now. Assad's demise will irreparably break the Iranian chain of evil, and set the fuse for true inevitable Middle East freedom from Iran, and the downfall of the Persian Tehran Tyrants.

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