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by Emanuel A. Winston,

Freeman Center Middle East Analyst & Commentator

Let’s start with one of the beginnings which was to remove Israel’s Sovereignty. Some will remember the Oslo Accords fiasco which Shimon Peres and Yossi Beilin created when they met secretly with Yassir Arafat and the Norwegians in Oslo. Their meetings were kept secret because - as Yossi Beilin revealed at an International Conference for the Winston Institute for the Study of Prejudice - that they "didn’t want to make it public because the Israeli people would have stopped ‘us’." "Us" was Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres and Yossi Beilin. Their plan was to advance the "plan" far enough so that when it was finally made public, the Israeli Knesset would have to ratify it because the U.S. and the E.U. were behind it and they had no choice.
As planned, it reluctantly passed as the infamous Oslo plan which turned out to be a disaster for the Israeli people - We were cornered as planned by Peres and Beilin with the State Department playing its usual role as ‘spoiler’.

Moving on to Stage Two: Recall the plan offered or rather imposed by President George W. Bush that was called the "Road Map". This proclamation was issued as if President Bush was an imperial King to a vassal state that was somehow owned and subservient to whatever Royal Commands issued from Washington. Israel was treated as merely something like Puerto Rico or Hawaii or a ‘de facto’ protectorate of the U.S., with a Presidential team dedicated to appeasing Arab oil nations.
Some will recall President George H. W. Bush’s Secretary of State James Baker III with his team of Court Jews, Dennis Ross, Aaron David Miller and Daniel Kurtzer. They were the point men in evolving plans on how to force Israel into compliance first under President George Herbert Walker Bush. Ross, Miller and Kurtzer who were called Baker’s "Jew Boys".
That same ‘advisory group’ continued under Sr. Bush’s son, George W. There were always others who ran the "Shadow Government" who were closely tied to Saudi Arabia and the Oil Gulf States. Keep in mind that most of these same people seem to have a permanent home on the Presidential Advisory Group - no matter who the President happens to be.

To continue:

You might be asking yourself what nation would accept dangerous marching orders from another nation - unless they were either conquered or that obedient nation at it highest levels of leadership were deeply in collusion and accepted the marching orders called "The Road Map".

Well, that was more or less past history except for the repeated track record that was developing, called "re-partitioning". First, there was the under-the-table Oslo affair. Then there was the ‘arrangement’ for "The Road Map". We all recall Washington’s recruitment of the once great defender of Israel wherein the warrior Sharon followed instructions to abandon Gush Katif/Gaza with Ehud Olmert completing the betrayal.

We frequently hear from President Barack Hussein Obama and his crew, complaining about everything that’s going wrong is all the Bush family’s fault. Recall that Obama has pretty much the same anti-Israel advisors that Father Bush had, that his son had and that Obama has now: Ross, Miller, Kurtzer, later Martin Indyk, Baker III, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Brent Scowcroft and a host of dedicated Arabists who needed Israel to capitulate from the inside in order to appease the Arabs and expand their oil interests. All of the above deny any hostility toward the Jewish State of Israel and they assure us that what they are doing is an effort for "Peace" and that it’s good for the Jewish State.

There were, of course, personal biases - involved in a range from ethnic hostility, well-known in Washington, from the U.S. State Department and the Israeli Leftists who were anxious to divest large tracts of the Jews ancient Biblical heartland to the Arabs. That side of the equation would include but not be limited to Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres, Yossi Beilin, Ehud Barak, Arik Sharon, Ehud Olmert, Tzipi Livni among others.

Let’s pick up the trail:

Now, Barack Hussein Obama replicates these prior plans that of diktats out of the Oval Office which mandate that Israel must obey his commands...for the good of all - other than Israel. We are already familiar with Obama’s ‘diktats’ to Israel’s Prime Minister Binyamin (Bibi) Netanyahu to cease/freeze all construction in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem. He included Jerusalem but, temporarily backed off when there were signs of strong resistance from Netanyahu’s Likud Party. But, now we understand that Obama and his team will issue something like the Bush "Road Map".

Clearly, Obama has become, or always was, an adversary of the Jewish Nation/State - in deference (or submission) to Islam and Obama is pressing for America to separate from Israel.

Doubtlessly, radical Islamists already in America, courtesy of the U.S. State Department, can receive their orders to start synchronize Terror attacks across our nation while Obama insists Israel cease her valiant fight against Terror.
Obama’s expected "White Paper" does not have a name yet but, be assured, Obama’s Court Jews will think of something catchy and false. Here I refer to Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, and of course, Baker’s original "Jew-Boys" - especially Dennis Ross who is accompanying George Mitchell on his Mid East Peace marathon.
It may be assumed that Netanyahu and Ehud Barak complete the circle of players - just as their predecessors accepted their role as under-the-table collaborators.

We must also assume that Obama’s proclamation (like "The Road Map") will include forced evacuation of 300,000 Jewish men, women and children from Judea, Samaria, the Jordan Valley, the Golan Heights as well as all those parts of Jerusalem (north, east and south) that Jordan illegally occupied and desecrated for 19 years from 1948 to 1967. Obama’s ‘Diktat’ to Israel will mandate a retreat to the 1948 Armistice Lines, giving up water rights under the Judean/Samarian Hills and the Golan which comprises more than 2/3rds of Israel’s fresh water.

Building Terrorist nation is the same appeasement tried by the World’s nations when they surrendered the Sudetenland to Adolph Hitler, hoping to appease him and halt his expansion across Europe.
The next follow-on move of betrayal would be to introduce an occupying foreign force, called "Peace-Keepers" to assist the establishment of an Islamic Terrorist State.

The ‘idea fixee’ is to have such orders come from Washington and command obedience from the Knesset in any subsequent vote asked for by Netanyahu. In Chicago that’s called a set-up or a "fix". I guess it’s called something else in Washington and in Obama’s office.

The same scam has been repeated many times as I outlined before. Of course, other players are in on the scam of re-partitioning Israel into easily conquerable pieces. The U.N., E.U., the Russians, with the U.S. under Obama as coordinator as well as England and France as co-conspirators. An alive and thriving Israel upsets the Arab Muslims because they couldn’t conquer her. They now insist that Israel must be conquered by American diktats and so-called diplomacy. The diplomacy part is recruiting Israeli Leftist leaders through threats, bribes and blackmail. The nations of the world (and especially American Arabists) insist on Treason by their mostly willing Israeli Leftist recruits.

We await Obama’s White Paper instructing Israel to break up her Land and intimidate Israel’s people - while abandoning her sovereignty. Obama is playing the role "Pharaoh" - and you know what happened to him and Egypt!

One more thought. Why is Israel’s Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu attaching Israel’s future, even her existence and sovereignty to the dimming star of a one term failing President?