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Drop Dead Jimmy Carter
By Irwin N. Graulich
January 4, 2010

Sorry Mr. President--I just don't forgive you. How dare you think you
can demonize one of the most moral nations in history--and get away
with your crimes. How dare you blame Jews for your pathetic world
view, which gave credibility to the most evil characters on the face
of the planet. Your apology is worthless.

President Jimmy Carter will undoubtedly be known as the worst
president in American history. He allowed the Shah of Iran to fall and
the evil Khomeni to gain power, giving Muslim extremism the fuel to
spread like cancer throughout the world--ultimately leading to 9/11.
His presidency was a true calamity from interest rates skyrocketing to
21.5% to the disastrous rescue attempt of the US embassy hostages, to
the Carter "malaise" he created throughout America. A total
catastrophe and tragedy would sum up the Carter administration at its
best. I mean, a born and bred true Polish anti- western antisemite in
the tradition of those who aided the Nazis, actually became his
National Security Advisor---Zbigniew Brzezinski.

Carter's cute little "al chayt" prayer of forgiveness is as impressive
as Jeffrrey Dahmer's apology cries. The ex-President finally realizes
what a total putz he is--so what? "We must not permit criticisms for
improvement to stigmatize Israel," Carter wrote recently. Please
Jimmy, save those platitudes for your wife.

You cannot write books filled with outright lies about Israel and
Jews, going on lecture tours and media interviews--fraudulently
accusing Israel of apartheid, occupation, war crimes, terrorism,
obstacles to peace, targeting innocents and other despicable labels.
And then you beg for forgiveness? I mean is that a joke Jimmy boy?

Ex-President Carter recently met with Hamas--the modern day version of
the Nazis. Chamberlain redux? No, Carter is much, much worse. What
Jimmy Carter has done is join the list of well known historical
antisemites to create a new type of Jewish Blood Libel. With
tremendous passion and foolishness, Carter pretty much alone gave
credibility to the "Israel Blood Libel," which propagated throughout
mainstream Western democracies, especially in Europe, to falsely
accuse Israel and Jews of using Arab/Muslim blood to expand Israel's

In a similar vein to his fellow antisemites throughout history, Carter
focused on the blood of children in Gaza and the West Bank, as if
Israel purposely targeted non Jewish children to explain their
horrific deaths. The fact that terrorists stationed their weapons and
missiles in schools was totally irrelevant to the Jimmy Carter immoral

These Jewish Libel accusations by someone who was an ex-president of
the United States gave instant credibility to the lies coming out of
the Arab and Muslim world. The original Jewish Blood Libel gave rise
to attacks on Jews from the first century through the Middle Ages, the
Renaissance, right up until the Nazi era. It was pretty much Jimmy
who created the modern day scenario which spurred attacks on
Jews in France, England, Spain, Belgium, Mumbai, and many other

It was obvious to Jews throughout history that the Jewish Blood Libel
was all based on lies because the Jewish Bible, the Torah contains
many specific laws against using blood in any way--even animal blood.
This same Bible is filled with laws pertaining to the sin of harming
innocents. Therefore, this concept of being extremely sensitive to
hurting innocent people has become dominant in the Jewish psyche and

Thus, when Palestinians, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon,
Turkey, Jordan, et al all accuse Israel of purposely targeting
innocents, Jews worldwide know that this Jew Hatred is based on pure
lies. However, as we know about lies, if it is repeated often enough,
people, especially Europeans and the Left begin to a believe it as a
fact. That is the tragedy facing both America and Israel today--the 2
most moral nations of modernity.

Is there a nation in the history of the world, who during a war
instigated against it, actually dropped brochures, made phone calls
and sent emails warning innocent civilians to leave an area that was
going to be attacked? Only Israel has cared so much for "the lives" of
innocent people, even people who hate it and wish it destroyed.

However, due to Carter's Christian faith, he actually believes that
all Jews should and will actually forgive him, showing a major
difference between Judaism and Christianity about sin and forgiveness.
Since Jesus' death atones for the sins of those who have faith in Him,
Carter mistakenly thinks that all Jews will ultimately forgive him and
move on.

However, only non-Jewish Jews like Abe Foxman of the ADL, who have
almost no knowledge of Judaism, will forgive Carter for his massive
evil. According to Judaism, God Himself cannot forgive anyone for sins
against another person. The only way that Carter can actually be
forgiven, would be to go to every Jew worldwide and ask for
forgiveness--not make his blanket empty announcement, because his
grandson is running for office in a Jewish district in Georgia.

What is ironic about Carter is that he has committed the same "libel
accusations" on America, creating the American Blood Libel. Carter's
comments over the last decade have included the rhetoric that "America
is a torturer at Abu Ghraib, has performed criminal acts by water
boarding in Guatanamo, we're occupiers in Iraq and colonialists, we
attack Arab countries for Halliburton or for oil," etc. etc. Some day
we can all expect an empty Carter apology to America.

So for the damage that Jimmy Carter has caused to both Israel and
America, I do not forgive him and neither do many millions of other
Jews or Americans. The best I can do for one of the most horrific
American men of the past 3 decades is say, "Drop Dead Jimmy Carter,"
and then you can ask your maker for forgiveness.

Copyright by Irwin N. Graulich

Irwin N. Graulich is a well known motivational speaker and author on
morality, ethics, religion and politics. He is also President and CEO
of a leading marketing, branding and communications company in New
York City. He can be reached at