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"For Zion's sake I will not hold My peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I will not rest"

Jan 2008



  • THE FREEMAN CENTER EXPOSED - THE GOOD AND THE BAD (?) ..............Bernard J. Shapiro


  • REFLECTIONS OF A FRUSTRATED ZIONIST - YEAR END (2007) ..............Bernard J. Shapiro


  • THE HUB OF THE UNIVERSE, THE WORLD AND OF ISRAEL ..............Eugene Narrett, Ph.D


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    By Bernard J. Shapiro

    Please read this message carefully.

    The Freeman Center has been around for so long (since 1992) most people take it for granted. Readers depend on the Freemanlist daily news and commentary. We have always had a unique philosophy of being generous to other Zionist organizations and new authors. While most Jewish websites distribute only their own material, we send you a mixture of excellent material from many sources. Sort of a one stop shop for serious Zionists.

    At the time we launched our website, there were less than 10 strong Zionist sites on the Internet. Today there are 10,000 Jewish sites, many of them Zionist. The new ones came up following our lead and copying our model. They had much more money and jazzier graphics. We have always concentrated on being primarily a text site for people wanting in depth reports and commentary on the news. In the USA, academics, the military, the government and many politicians read our reports. I don't claim to have convinced anybody of anything. We provided the information for sound judgments. Some understood it and some didn't.

    Many love my no punches barred pro-Israel commentary on Israel and World events. Some object to how harsh my criticism is to the "democratically" elected government of Israel or the organized mainstream Jewish community in America. For my critics, I say, thank you . Why? If I pleased you and were popular , then I would not be worth "bucket of warm spit" (Harry Truman). Groucho Marx said it a little different: "I don't want to be a member of any organization that would have me."

    Many important writers and political/military analysts got their start broadcasting on the web through the Freemanlist and in the Maccabean, including: Dan Nimrod, Lou Rene Beres, Yosef Bodansky, Boris Shusteff, Mark Langfan, Major Swawn M. Pine, Gerardo Joffe, Elyakim Haeztzni, David Wilder, Yoram Ettinger, Gary Cooperberg, Paul Eidelberg, Emanuel Winston, David Basch, Ariel Natan Pasko, Steven Shamrak and many more.

    At the time we stared the Freeman Center, including The Maccabean and the Freemanlist, the self-destructive process know as Oslo, was rearing its ugly head. The Freeman Center (along with Arutz Sheva, Paul Eidelberg, Herbert Zweibon-AFSI, Women in Green (Ruth and Nadia Matar) and Moshe Feiglin) immediately began to protest and explain the truth to a nation deluded into thinking that "peace" was around the corner.

    Some of my critics tell me that I have two major flaws: I don't live in Israel and I am not 100% Orthodox by their definition. The first criticism can be answered with three names: Shimon Peres, Ehud Olmert and Yossi Beilin. The 30% of Israelis who continue to support Kadima, Labor, Meretz and Peace Now demonstrate clearly that living in Israel is no guarantee of either intelligence or Zionism. I can assure you that Jabotinzky's historical instincts were far sharper than David Ben Gurion. Jabotinzky died in 1940 and never lived in Israel.

    The argument about religion is more difficult to answer for me as a devoted Jew and Zionist. I should be fully Orthodox. Yet I am flawed and not able to be 100%. I was raised in a Reform Congregation that had bylaws that required members to sign an oath NOT to support a Jewish State. (It was repealed in 1967) I think I have come a long way. Many Orthodox Jews, both in America and Israel are not even Zionist and allow the destruction of Eretz Yisrael, through their indifference and lack of political action. Many Christians in this country are very pro-Israel and stand with the Jews 100%. In fact, they are more Zionist than most Jews. Should there be a religious test for them also? Paul Eidelberg recently wrote: "Bernard Shapiro is an outstanding and devoted Zionist. Would that Israel 's religious parties harbored his devotion to Eretz Yisrael ".

    You are my friends for many years, and I must tell you about my biggest flaw. I never took the steps necessary to become a big well financed organization. I always wanted to have the final say on Zionist ideology. This kept me from becoming dependent on big foundations and individuals that could make me moderate my positions on Israel. Fortunately there are some wonderful people that have kept me going all these years. Those people have the heart and soul of true Zionists. While executives in major Jewish organizations in this country earn $250-500,000 a year, it was my choice to work for very little and now nothing.

    Politicians in Israel are so corrupt that it nauseates me. In my case, you could offer me a $1 million dollars to change my views and broadcasts to accept surrender of our Holy Land. I would not take it.

    This brings me to an important subject. Every year costs go up. Time is taking a toll of my older supporters who remember the Holocaust, Israel's Independence and the dreadful days before the Six Days War. The number of readers of the Freemanlist keeps growing and many of you send it to your friends (one reader up to 150 people on his list). I am very happy about that. The message of Jewish and Israeli survival and security in an apocalyptic era is of extreme importance to me.

    But I need to be practical and pay our growing bills like: telecommunication, rent, webmaster, utilities, cyberspace, band width, security (which I have had to triple recently), computer repairs and much more. About 1% of our readers make a tax deductible contribution to the Freeman Center. I am appealing to you to do the mitzvah of supporting our important educational work. And, of course, if you do it in 2007 it can be used as a tax deduction on your 2007 income tax.

    With Love of Israel and Faith in Hashem,




    by Bernard J. Shapiro

    Much has happened in the last year. It has not been a good year for Zionism and the Jewish People. One could be optimistic and try to find the bright side of what has been happening. I am forced by nature to tell the truth in a realistic way. I am condemned to discuss harsh realities.

    Some of my reflections:

    1. The growth of religious Zionism would save Israel, IF there were TIME for it to take power. I fear that time is running out.

    When will the Nationalist Camp realize that we are "at war already" with a PLO supported government that rules Israel? At what point will Israelis realize that the CIVIL WAR they fear, IS ALREADY TAKING PLACE AND THEY ARE LOSING? Why don't members of the Nationalist Camp understand that FORCE is being used by only ONE side which is the extremist pro-Arab anti-Semitic government. The monopoly on power must be broken or there is NO hope.

    2. Appeals for aliyah to Israel are a joke. Sounds harsh and non-Zionist. I understand that. Let me make something "perfectly clear" as US President Richard Nixon used to say. As long as Israel is ruled by anti-Semites, who are more interested in protecting the Arab "right" to kill Jews, don’t expect huge waves of aliyah. As long as the police, courts, Shin Bet, media continue to defame and persecute TRUE ZIONISTS, don’t expect huge waves of immigration. As long as Land in Israel is controlled by the government (and the pro-Arab JNF) to the neglect of Jewish couples wanting to build affordable housing, don’t expect a huge wave of immigration. As long as the IDF is used as a political tool to suppress freedom of speech and the G-d given right of the Jewish People to settle Eretz Yisrael, don’t expect a huge wave of aliyah. As long as the bureaucracy in the Israel government ministries discourages individual enterprise, there will be no massive wave of immigration.

    3. Israel’s military/strategic policy as been on a sharp decline since the days of Former Israeli Pm Ben Gurion and Menachem Begin. When Israel agreed to allow the PLO to escape Beirut after the First Lebanon War in 1982, the decline began in earnest. The Freeman Center strategy would have been to agree to let them leave on ships that would have an "accident" en route killing all aboard.
    Israel has, without a doubt, the best military in world. The Israel Defense Forces are quite capable of achieving any objective the Israeli government puts before it. The soldiers of the IDF are brave, patriotic and exceptionally well trained and equipped. Unfortunately Israel’s political leadership is confused, inept and lacking in Zionist motivation.

    Israel has been unable to stop the War of Extermination against it, because it lacks the political will to do what is necessary. The current campaign to secure the release of Cpl. Gilad Shalit, the captured IDF soldier, illustrates this fact. The Israeli government has given the military very limited objectives, primarily the release of the soldier. Proper strategic planning would use the sad situation of Shalit’s capture to achieve a number of far reaching and important objectives.

    Already Olmert has done several things that prevent the accomplishment of these aims. He has stopped the offensive in Gaza to allow time for negotiations to release Shalit. He has allowed Israel's enemy, Egypt, to intervene, and given the terrorists time to re-group and make demands.

    The Israeli objectives should be:

    1. The release of the soldier.

    2. Elimination of the terrorist leadership in the PA.

    3. Item #2 means successfully destroying the newly elected Hamas government.

    4. Immediate annexation of all territory in Judea and Samaria that has strategic and religious value (which means all).

    5. Withdraw citizenship and voting rights from Israeli Arabs who support terrorism against the State of Israel(which means most).

    6. Create municipal councils but not sovereignty for Arab cities in the newly annexed areas.

    7. Encourage Arab emigration by strict enforcement of taxes, building permits, national service requirements, and by providing funds to aid in emigration.

    8. Dramatically increase Jewish immigration to Israel by reducing taxes and regulations on business. Immigration will soar once the lands of Judea and Samaria are opened up for massive Jewish settlement.

    9. The Zionist/Jewish character of Israel must be affirmed and the cost of Jewish blood must rise dramatically as the government develops a zero tolerance for terrorism.

    All of the above objectives are achievable. It is my hope that the Olmert government will be replaced soon with a new Zionist government committed to the objectives I have listed above.

    10. The policy of restraint may have been practical during the pre-state days and even during the! early years of Israeli independence. These periods were characterized by weakness and relative dependence on foreign goodwill. Following the Six Day War in 1967, the need for restraint (havlagah) decreased and the damage it caused began to become more evident. Israel became the preeminent power in the Middle East, yet failed to grasp the strategic opportunities that came with such dominance. Here are some of the historical highlights of the failed policy of restraint:

    1. Following the Six Day War (1967) and the capture of Jerusalem, Moshe Dayan turned over control of Judaism's most sacred place, the Temple Mount, to Moslem authorities. He did it to appease their sensibilities to the Israeli capture of the city. Jewish rights were ignored to please the defeated Arabs, who had plotted our destruction. Dayan also prevented a mass exodus of Arabs from YESHA, which ultimately led to the problems we face today.

    2. During the War of Attrition with Egypt (1969-70), the Israeli forces adopted primarily a defensive posture. They built a system of bunkers (The Bar Lev Line) along the Suez Canal. Israeli soldiers were heavily pounded daily by Egyptian artillery. Finally they began to use aircraft to strike targets deep into Egypt. The policy of restraint kept them from striking anything but military and minor economic targets. Israeli soldiers died because the government was inhibited from causing Egypt 'real' pain.

    3. The Yom Kippur War of 1973 is a classic example of restraint run amok. Israeli military intelligence did not fail to recognize the approaching danger as has been the common account. In fact, Israel's leaders made the political decision not to utilize the great power of the IDF to crush the Egyptian and Syrian armies that they KNEW were planning to attack. Thousands of Israeli soldiers died needlessly.

    4. The Camp David Accord with Egypt was another example of the failure to exert Israeli power. The oil fields of Sinai would have given Israel economic independence from America. The cost of redeployment from Sinai placed Israel in almost permanent debt to American diplomacy (increasingly pro-Arab). Did Israel achieve anything worthwhile at Camp David? I think not and I believe history will bear me out. Egypt has become one of the most ant-Semitic and hostile Arab countries in the world. As a result of Camp David, the Egyptian army now threatens Israel, having been equipped with the most modern American weapons.

    5. During the War in Lebanon (1982), the IDF reached Beirut and then failed to complete the destruction of the PLO. Our enemies were allowed to escape and prepare to fight another day. Why didn't the Israeli Navy sink the ships loaded with PLO troops (including Arafat) as they fled Beirut? RESTRAINT!

    6. In 1987 the intifada began and the Israeli forces showed great restraint and thus were incapable of crushing it. Of course, Israel received no credit in the Western media for such restraint. The failure to defeat this uprising began a process of demoralization among the Israeli population.

    7. The Persian Gulf War (1991) and the SCUD attacks on Israel led to further demoralization. The failure to adequately respond to Iraq's aggression and the humiliating sealed rooms, led to a rapid decline in Israeli morale and desire to defend itself. More and more Israelis began to feel impotent, weak and fatigued with the continuous battle for survival. The Oslo Accords were the logical outcome of this depression and feeling that they could not sustain the struggle.

    8. The Oslo Accords (1993) were the ultimate failure of the policy of restraint. Israel like America actually was very powerful. The IDF was unequaled in the Middle East while the US was the most powerful nation in the world. Yet despite this power, Israel's leaders, were ready to grant equal status to a band of murderers and ultimately create a state of "Palestine" which would challenge its right to the Land and its capital of Jerusalem.

    9. Israeli forces in Lebanon should have been given a free hand to 'punish' all those who facilitate attacks on them including Syria, Lebanon, and Iran. There should be no more agreements that tie Israeli hands.

    The damage caused by havlagah (restraint) has been immense and it far past time to reverse that policy. Americans have been viciously attacked in Africa, Yeman, and Saudi Arabia. The attempt to try to criminalize terrorism has been a dreadful mistake. Terrorism is sponsored by states who allow their territory and funds to help the organization of terrorist. The Oslo agreement allowed Arafat to set up terrorist headquarters in Israel's heartland. From there he sent terrorists to attack Israel. With plausible deniability he claims "he is not responsible."


    1. I am sick and tired of the slowly escalating actions of the IDF to fight terrorism.

    The slow escalation allows PA terrorism to become immune to Israel's strategy. It allows them to smuggle more guns, missiles, mortars and anti-aircraft missiles into PA territory. This is much the same as with bacterial infections. If the antibiotic is not strong enough to eliminate it, then the disease will return in a much more virulent form. I would suggest that the IDF launch a massive offensive against the terrorists until victory.

    2. I am sick and tired of the Israeli government's fear of collateral damage to the enemy.

    The Arabs have no such qualms. In fact they target civilians in bestial suicide and rocket attacks. PA weapons factories, weapons storage depots and bomb making facilities should be blasted off the face of earth even if it causes civilian casualties. Remember that "he who is merciful to the cruel, will end up being cruel to the merciful."

    Also remember that the US Civil War, WWI and WWII were won by the massive inflection of casualties on the enemies’s civilian populations.

    3. I am sick and tired of Israeli PM Olmert's policy of restraint.
    The adjustment to accepting the killing of Jews is an abomination. A Jew here or there murdered daily, pretty soon adds up to a lot of dead and maimed Jews. I remember when the Al Aksa terror on Israel began in September 2000, the IDF general staff opened a file called "Operation Thorns", a plan for the retaking of the PA areas. They estimated Israeli dead at 300. Since then there have been almost 1500 Jews killed, which is five times the estimated combat deaths (plus 10,000 wounded, many maimed for life), with no apparent consequences to the terrorists’ ability to inflict casualties on Israel.

    There is one extremely important variable. The PA (especially in Gaza) has used the last six years to build bunkers, firing positions, smuggle in heavy weapons and missiles, create an underground arms industry and organize an army of 100,000. The defeat of PA now would certainly be more costly. And it will grow with time. There is a very short window of time to defeat the PA terrorists with minimal losses. Many political analysts and military experts agree that Israel must take decisive action NOW.

    4. I am sick and tired of the US State Department urging Israel to show "restraint."

    Despite the fact that the CIA knows exactly WHO (PA) is attacking WHOM (Israel) the State Department continues call for a stop to the "cycle of violence." Whenever Israel is attacked viciously, there is rush to tell Israel "to turn the other cheek". Are we Christians or Jews? Does American follow the Christian policy expected of Israel?

    5. I am sick and tired of Shimon Peres trying to arrange another appeasement for the PA.

    He claims to be seeking a cease fire and a return to negotiations. Let me be honest with you. I don't want negotiations with either Hamas, Abbas or Assad. I want to crush them and their terrorist gangs.

    6. I am sick and tired of the continued UN presence within the borders of Israel.

    It's time to remove them and assert Israel's sovereignty. Israel should work to have the world withdraw its recognition of Arab refugee camps and refugees. It should condemn the hypocritical treatment of the Arab countries in exploiting these people for political purposes. Israel should declare in a strong voice that there are NO refugees. That status is not permanent and obviously should not apply to people living in the same place for 58 years.

    7. I am sick and tired of the international boycott of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

    Israel should unilaterally announce to the nations of the world that all embassies MUST be in Jerusalem. (Consulates may be in Tel Aviv or any other place they want). Israel will no longer permit its eternal capital to be disrespected.

    8. I am sick and tired that under both Labor and Likud governments, Arutz Sheva, Israel National Radio, has not been fully legalized.

    Whatever happened to freedom of speech? Arutz Sheva should not only be allowed to establish facilities on land but also a television channel. I am also sick and tired of government television being controlled and dominated by the extreme left that does not represent the Israeli public. A lot of the time they represent the Arabs and not Israelis.

    9. I am sick and tired of Israel's trying to be 'Mister Nice Guy' to a hypocritical world.

    Europeans are increasingly comparing Israel to the Nazis. Over half of all the resolutions of the UN since its founding have been directed against Israel. At the conference on how to condemn Israel in Durban, South Africa, UN head Kofi Anan condemned Israel for existing. In fact, at a recent meeting at the UN, there was a map of "Palestine", which included all of Israel. The Arab world openly plots the destruction of Israel. I am sick and tired of the vilification of "settlers".

    10. I am sick and tired of Israel tolerating Moslem restrictions and desecrations on the Temple Mount.

    The excuse that it would cause violence to exercise our rights there is absurd. Israel has the capability to enforce security. Virtually everything Israel wants do in the Land of Israel displeases the Arabs, who want us to leave. Jews should be allowed to pray on the Temple Mount and the destruction of Jewish antiquities by the Moslem waqf needs to be stopped immediately.

    11. I am sick and tired of PA demonstrations of the fierceness of their terrorists and how they will destroy Israel.

    Why not knock off a bunch of them during their demonstrations? Maybe they would be more circumspect.

    12. And most important, the IDF and police should never be used for political purposes. Their purpose is to protect Israelis and not to expel them from their homes or persecute them.

    I DO believe that we will defeat our current adversaries. We will succeed and survive from three sources of our strength: Love of Tanach (Torah), Love of Eretz Israel (Land of Israel, and Love of Am Yisrael (People of Israel).

    .......In blood and fire was Israel born, and on a hot anvil was she forged. Her youth understood that life in the new Jewish homeland would require sacrifice. With stories of the stench of burning flesh from the ovens of Auschwitz embedded deep in their psyches, the young Israeli soldiers fight with the firm conviction that there is still no alternative, "ein breira." (From personal diary1992).

    To that I would like add something the American soldiers used to say during the heaviest fighting in Viet Nam. This is dedicated (slightly revised) to the brave IDF soldiers who face the enemy every day: Yea, though I walk through the Valley of Death, I will fear no evil because the Almighty fights with me for the Restoration of Zion and for love of HIS people, Israel.

    .......And for the Jews of YESHA, I believe that He will NOT allow Olmert to expel them from the heartland of ERETZ YISRAEL. But remember, the Lor-d helps those who help themselves. Do not wait for a miracle -- BE THE MIRACLE!



    The Hub of the Universe, the World and of Israel

    By Eugene Narrett, PhD

    Those who trust in Hashem are like Mt. Zion that falters not but abides forever. Jerusalem, -- mountains enwrap it and Hashem enfolds His people from this time to forever [psalm 125:2-3]

    Jerusalem is built as a city that is bonded intimately together [psalm 122:3]

    Those who hold Jerusalem and the Jewish people central to their thoughts know that the key event for the last four decades of Jewish and world history was when Moshe Dayan, representing the Labor government surrendered the Temple Mount, liberated by nineteen centuries of Jewish blood, sweat, toil and prayers to the Muslims. The rationales were ‘tolerance’ and ‘peaceful coexistence’ as mandated by the real sovereign of the perennial official Labor regime, the British Mandatory authority and the United Nations. All the land for peace blather, the entire war of attrition process and continuing endemic violence derives from that alienation. When the Temple Mount was not reclaimed fully by rebuilding the Temple the Hub of the wheel was damaged badly: the connection of God to the world; of the Jewish people to Judaism, of Judaism to the Temple and the blessings that flow from its service and prayers alone. All the restrictions of access and prayer, all the Islamic gutting and scarring of the Mount follow from that terrible alienation, that rejection of patrimony and Torah by the perennial regime.

    This failure would have staggered Rav S.R. Hirsch who wrote that “the collapse of the state and Temple has crushed my heart and deprived it of the strength to draw restoration and quickening from [even] those spiritual resources left to me” (comment on psalm 102: 5). Even in the exile, perhaps most in the exile where Israel eats “ashes like bread and mixes its drink with tears” the alienation of the Temple, the rejection of national identity, history and Judaism mars the heart of Israel’s prayer which becomes like “the twittering of sparrows.” We become like “a just man, poor and parched,” like a lonely widow, “like the evening prayer of the end of days” when the Shekhinah itself “is parched, withered and dried…in captivity like the garments of a poor man” (Zohar on Genesis 23b).

    The mortars and rockets that rained on the Jewish towns of Gush Katif, that rain on the city of Sderot and environs up to Ashkelon; the millions of rounds of ammunition, rifles and training, even armored cars that America gives to Arab gangs for “security” and “necessity, the tyrant’s plea,” the embattled status of Jews everywhere within their dear and dearly reclaimed land, ruined so long results from the self-negation that turned the great victory of 1967 down the dark road of defeat and the shadow of death.

    The people must save themselves from the State that rules in their name while destroying their heritage, property, lives and honor.

    Labor-Zionism, official ‘Zionism’ that accomplished much had its eyes on a secular and exclusive version of sentimental-Judaism that led it to war on any Jew with an integral vision and made it unsustainable. Winner of many victories (including over other Jews) it has lost the war for renewing Zion and Jewish sovereignty about which it had profound ambivalence. For it wanted “a place among the nations” based on the values of the nations rather than on the heritage of Israel.

    They now run to American diplomats who want to erase its borders, Judaism, and independence, to Christians who want to convert them and jostle to shake the hands and fill the armories of Muslims who want to murder or convert them. They have lost and spend much of their remaining energies afflicting those Jews deeply attached to the land and heritage of Israel.

    June 1967 was the hinge of modern history. Though few of its top leaders may have been observant, when Israel attacked those gathered against it to destroy it, they fought not only for survival but in accordance with Torah law; so they conquered but because they were not grounded in Jewish heritage they pulled back just when and where their triumph would have established an intact Israel and true Jewish state “that will not be counted among the nations” but that will radiate “streams of living water,” a radiance of Torah in whose brightness nations will go their ways.

    A threshold like the original Pesach had appeared but it was one the perennial regime would not leap across: their mindset, their secular-socialist categories of thought kept them in bondage rather than freedom, in “gasping spirit” rather than expansive and eager heart though the entire nation and much of the world felt it.

    In June 1967, there was no need to re-invent the wheel. Eight centuries before Rambam had specified the Torah commandments to be fulfilled upon re-entering the land in strength: appoint a king; annihilate Amalek; and build the Temple (Hilchot Melachim 1:1a-c). No one with a more practical plan for Jewish sovereignty, survival and holiness has spoken since. The great sage subsequently stipulates that fulfilling these mitzvot is foundational to the survival and integrity of Israel: “there will be no difference between the current age and the messianic era except the end of our subjugation to other kingdoms” (ibid. 12:2; cf. Sanhedrin 97a3) [1] and that to appoint the king and destroy Amalek properly the Sanhedrin of seventy-one elders must be established to fulfill their role (Hilchot Melachim 1:2-3).

    When this process of obligations is followed true freedom, the basis of which is sovereignty will ensue for Jews which can be only in the Promised Land, integral and intact as Jacob was when he returned from Charan to Shechem (Gen. 33:18). A king who destroys Amalek and also walks in the ways of Torah, “builds the Temple in its place and gathers the dispersed of Israel he is definitely the Messiah” (Melachim 11:4): this is the ultimate integrity.

    As to re-attaching all the spokes of Israel to the hub of their and the world’s wheel, Rambam’s review of the mitzvot shows that there can be many great kings of Israel that accomplish much, including building or beginning the re-building of the Temple without being the Messiah. Judaism is practical and sensible, a derekh (“way”) of doing and faith not an abstract or mental system in which it suffices to profess belief: hence the need of everyone to do what they can to begin and sustain the process of redemption. “It is not your business to complete the work, neither are you free to refrain from it” (Avot). Yet the goal must be kept in sight: “once the [Messianic] kingdom is established and all of Israel gathered around him the entire nation’s line of descent will be established on the basis of his words [filled] with prophetic insight: “he shall sit as a refiner and a purifier” (ibid. 12:3 quoting Malachi 3:3). While the Messianic king of Israel will play the decisive role in finalizing the tribal status and portion of each family of Israel as the discussion indicates, preceding kings will begin the process of settlement and establishment of sovereignty beginning with the annihilation of Amalek, -- all those who gather against or come against the land or people of Israel with an evil decree against them, their Torah or land.

    Even today and before today, those who travel to Homesh and those who persist in Sderot and Har haZeitim and throughout the inheritance of Israel begin the completion of the work and help establish the preconditions for its fulfillment. The Torah is true and if it is necessary for the road to be very bumpy for this to happen, based as it is upon a myriad of free will choices [2]. The faiths that have borrowed from Judaism only to distort it and to afflict horribly the Jewish people, the witnesses of the Creator have, Rambam writes, looking on the bright side, helped to spread knowledge of the creation, providence, purpose and mitzvot throughout the world. “In time they will all return and realize that their ancestors endowed them with a false heritage” and the peoples “will serve God together with a pure speech [Torah principles in Hebrew] and serve Him with one purpose” (Melachim 11:4).

    For this triumph to ripen more quickly those who cherish the land and people of Israel and know that this means complete Jewish sovereignty must learn to work together, to focus on that which unites them and discard what appears problematic. In this embrace for the ultimate goal the contradictions that currently appear, dislikes and discomforts will dissipate in the joyous clarity of Yisrael Shleimah.

    Again, Judaism is miraculous not magic. For seventeen centuries Israel, “the afflicted man” has been “surrounded by a false brilliance borrowed [or stolen] from it” by those who profess to walk in a new improved light. “They have conspired against me” because “Israel stands in the way” of imposing their false light and imperial systems upon the nations, establishing a tyranny far greater and more intrusive than Pharaoh’s [3]. Undoing this pattern deeply engrained in the history of Edom and Ishmael, more subtly in Edom will take work and time, many kings; but guided by the main principles, the victory is certain because it is true, “a psalm of song whose foundation is in the holy mountains” (psalm 87).

    Israel, the upright and victors of God were scattered by the ancient empires on one of the potential paths for humankind. They sowed seed of light with tears of care amid alien corn. “Israel has fulfilled this vocation as ‘God’s sower’ through the Divine Book…for every aspect of Israel’s life was devoted to that which was spiritual, humane and pure” despite the damage of being in exile and being beaten there into a hunger artist. “But he will return to exult and rejoice in the harvest discussed by Rambam as an obligation as well as a destiny: the hub will be restored upon Mt. Zion, the spokes joined firmly to it in the mighty wheel and they will judge the Mt. of Esau and the kingdom and entire earth will rejoice to be in balance with the Creator and His hila shining throughout creation [4].

    1. Rav Shmuel is one of the sages Rambam cites. Similarly, Rav Shmuel states of the exile, the absence of full integrity, sovereignty, “It is enough for a mourner to endure his period of mourning” (Sanhedrin 97b4). See Psalm 102 and the plain facts of history for the exile having atoned for the loss of the kingdom and bringing near “the appointed time” (psalm 102); “for your servants have cherished her stones and favor her dust.” These servants are “the humble and forbearing people,” the settlers of the heartland today who persist despite the power of the “informers to the gentiles” against them [Sanhedrin 98a2, 97a4]. And the amgushai, sorcerers and fanatical idol-worshippers and gazirpatai idolatrous judges who use brutality against Jews will overplay their hands and be swept away by the flood of their lies and “covenant with death” (Sanhedrin 98a3, Isaiah 28:12-28)

    2. Ramchal (Rav Moshe Chaim Luzzato), Derekh Hashem, c. 1735, see previous essays for his discussions of the interplay of free will and providence of material and spiritual or metaphysical in parts II - IV of his great work; essays on .

    3. Rav Hirsch on psalm 102:9-10

    4. Rav Hirsch on psalm 126; Ovadiah 1:15-21; “the nations drink and will be confounded,” “consumed through bewildering terrors” via their culture of terror (Modernism, the idolatrous worship of the human imagination, its products and ostensibly divine powers) and “War of Terror.” Their cult of imagination and fantasy unleashed, the culture of terror as forecast in Romantic literature and art (Casper D. Friedrich or Shelley’s Frankenstein: the Modern Prometheus) “in the city will render their appearance despicable” an irony that is measure for measure to the arrogant violence that blinds their eyes and girds their hips, exposing their ruin and true ugliness in contrast to “the fairest of sites, joy of all the earth, Mt. Zion, by the northern side of the great king’s city…” (Psalm 48:2-4, 12-15; 73:6-20).