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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."

Israel Today and Tomorrow, as I See It

by Bernard J. Shapiro
18 February, 2016 

25 years ago, I wrote a great short story called "The Tale of the Mystic Buffalo". This story appears in my book, The Battle for Eretz Yisrael: Jews, G-D & Israel (1992-2011).

I tell the story of the buffalo and how the Indians depended on it for just about all their needs. The Indians were free to roam the plains and follow the millions of buffalo, even killing them with bow and arrow or spear. The buffalo was a big mammal and was over 6 feet at the shoulder. They had horns and a mighty kick, but they had a simple weakness: The millions of buffalo travelled as huge herds across the great plains. The young and the weak would lag behind, prey for the Indians.

When the great white hunters like Buffalo Bill came to the west to supply the railroad crews with meat as they crossed the plains with rails, the buffalo were thinned out to almost nothing. The Indian opposed the rails crossing their sacred homelands, and it became US government policy to destroy the Indian culture by totally wiping out the buffalo.

Like the buffalo, the Jewish People are quite strong and very smart in many ways. But as a group, they lack the basic intelligence to keep the non-Jews around them from killing them--whether Arabs, Europeans, Nazis, Communists, or Fascists. 

The Jews and Israelis, like the buffalo, have allowed themselves to be killed for thousands of years by not really fighting aggressively against their enemies. Some Zionist groups like Biblical Heroes (David, Joshua, Bar Kochba, and The Maccabees) have tried to turn things around. During the return to Zion in the early 20th Century, Labor Zionists under David Ben Gurion decided to fight for a state. Unfortunately, they divided themselves into two groups, Left and Right. The Left tried to work with the Nazi-like British (who, like Hitler, hated the Jews). The Right, under Ze'ev Jabotinsky, Begin, and Avraham Stern, wanted to fight like hell against the despised anti-Semitic English.

Among humans, Jews are one of the most intelligent races in most academic categories, like medicine, physics, and mathematics. But they lack what I call "Social Intelligence": the ability to maneuver in an adverse world without groveling before the non-Jew. For example, an uneducated black will survive on streets of New York--no matter what he needs to do (drugs, extortion, prostitution and gambling).

The Middle East is a rough neighborhood for Israel. Even Western Europe is getting bad for Jews again.

The Israel military used to be a tough, no-holds-barred army. Following the GRAND DELUSION of OsloPeace, it began to deteriorate. World opinion started to be taken into account. I remember Ben Gurion saying: "It is not what the goyim say, but what the Jews do that matters."

It is simply wrong for Israelis to be subject to terrorism all the days of their lives and to be forced to fight the same wars with the Arabs over and over again. I would put a stop to it and crush the enemy.The Lor-d our G-d does NOT really want us to suffer that much. It is evil leftist (Ghetto-post-Zionist anti-Semitic Jews) who want that to happen. I say that the Arabs who try to kill or harm us, raise their voices against Zion and replace us, should be expelled from our Holy Land--and their backers and fellow travelers with them.

Eretz Yisrael should be built up from the mountains to the sea. Cheap housing and apartments should be built rapidly, so Jews can resettle the land from all over the World. Before WWII there was no escape for Jews. TODAY THERE IS!

We often pray that the Lion of Judah will roar once again at the evildoers of the nations. I have another animal which should symbolize the Jewish people: a wolf. Wolves hunt in packs and share their food. They mate for life. If one dies, they never mate again. They do not seek individual power, but work together for the good of the pack.

Now, in Israel, each cabinet member considers his ministry his own kingdom. The Knesset must change and work together for the good of Israel.

The challenges for Israel are great, and only working together can we be victorious.