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It's Time to Cut US Aid to the Palestinian Authority

By Mark Langfan
Arutz Sheva
4 February, 2014

Let them turn to Russia.

Mark Langfan

Last week, the Palestinian Authority's Chairman and Terrorist-Paymaster Mahmoud Abbas inked a 1 billion dollar deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin to extract gas and oil from the Gaza Strip's economic exclusion zone.  

Apart from all the other issues, with this money from Russia, it's now time to cut all US aid to the Palestinian Authority and Abbas. 

First, Abbas appears to be very good at selling "rugs" he doesn't own.  Hamas, and not Abbas' Fatah, is in control of the Gaza Strip. So Putin really should be talking to Hamas. But Putin has been talking to Iran, Hamas' puppet-master, so the deal is probably fine with Hamas. Consequently, the billion-dollar payment to Abbas is a token to perfect the real deal with Hamas. 

And isn't it strange that the same Abbas who is impotent to compromise on "one refugee's right of return" in a "peace" deal is the same Abbas who is omnipotent in transacting oil deals with Russia that deposit a billion dollars into his sovereign Swiss bank account for those very exact same Palestinians?

The real tragedy is that the American and the Israeli "peace-camp" have empowered him to steal from the Palestinians he falsely claims to protect.  Western "peace-makers" preen in the Rose Garden, stay in Swiss hotels with dark chocolate squares and turned-down beds and collect Nobel peace prizes, while they have insured that Palestinian Arabs in the Middle East continue to live in garbage-heap-squalor and are ruled by violent terrorist-mobsters. 

The Putin-Abbas deal shows that the Palestinian Arabs, as a whole, are now a Russian client state.  So, putting any US "peacekeeping" troops into Judea and Samaria just became 100 times more dangerous to the US troops.  And, since Fatah is an American ally no more, America will be strengthening a Russian enemy of America by forcing Israel to cede the strategically vital "West Bank".  If Israel was a strategic ally of the United States before the Putin-Abbas deal, now Israel is a supreme strategic ally of America and the PA is its strategic enemy.

Third, none of the US and EU funding  is getting to the actual Palestinian Arabs in the "West Bank".  Abbas can't even pay to have the  garbage picked up.  Instead, he's busy paying "heroes" who murder Israeli children in their sleep or paying his official television channel to teach new generations of toddlers to want to murder Israeli children in their sleep. 

It's way past time to recognize America's experiment in trying to teach the Palestinian Arabs to be Canadians has failed.  For every day America leaves Abbas and his band of murderers in power, it will take a year to reteach Palestinian Arabs that Israeli-child-murdering is not the way to paradise. 

Israel was much closer to real peace with their neighbors in 1993 than they are in 2014.  Instead of the billions of US aid dollars going to help actual Palestinian Arabs in the "West Bank", they have gone to empower and enrich an aging generation of unrepentant-terrorists, which Israel's peace camp thought they could convert from being unrepentant-terrorists into peacemakers.  Instead, these naive Israelis turned gangs of wanton bloodthirsty terrorists into Israeli-sanctioned wanton bloodthirsty terrorists who "deserve" an actual state from which they could launch yet more venal terrorism. 

The time has come for America to admit its aid money to Abbas and the PA is going to terrorism and not peace, and must stop every last penny to the PA.
Instead, monies should be distributed to Israel to dispense to Palestinian Arab municipal authorities that actually pick up the garbage, and grant their children a real education instead of the hate for Israel and America that Abbas has inculcated in untold generations - America's expense. 

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The writer, who writes on security issues, has created an original educational 3D Topographic Map System of Israel to facilitate clear understanding of the dangers facing Israel and its water supply. It has been studied by US lawmakers and can be seen at