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The Iraqi “Disintegration” Will Bring Iraqi Freedom

By Mark Langfan

Arutz Sheva

13 February, 2013


In Iraq, Obama is doing exactly the opposite of what he would be doing if he wanted to weaken Iran.

Mark Langfan

About a whole two weeks ago, I wrote what appeared, at the time, to be a ridiculously far-fetched statement: “And now the Iraqi volcano is about to blow Obama's treacherous and duplicitous double-cross game with Iran to pieces.” “The Sunni Jihad Against Iran has Begun, 27/01/13,

Iraq is set to explode not only because of President Obama’s double-cross of the Arabs, but also especially because of Obama’s ultimate double-cross of his erstwhile tightest-best-est Middle East bud, PM Erdogan, and Turkey, the only Muslim NATO country.“Fiction,” you clamor?!!?  

So, fast forward to early this week, where Francis J. Ricciardone, Jr., the US Ambassador to Turkey just stated: "If Turkey and Iraq fail to optimize their economic ties, the failure could be worse than that. There could be a more violent conflict in Iraq and [the chances of] disintegration with Iraq could be [strengthened]. Economic success can hold Iraq together. Failure could support those forces’ attempt to disintegrate. And that would not be good for Turkey, for the U.S. or anybody in the region, I believe.” 
US Ambassador Ricciardone is only doing a 'Beyonce,' and is merely lip-syncing the exact hysterical diplomatic cable Obama ordered him to recite. And Obama is delirious (and not in a good way) because Erdogan is blowing away the tawdry veneer of Obama's venal gift of Iraq to Iran stained with the blood of thousands of precious American troops that Iran murdered in Iraq. 
Ricciardone’s and Obama’s ‘Chicken Little’ warning of “Chaos” in Iraq is a false one. A “disintegrated” Iraq will be fantastic for Turkey, the Kurds, and the Arabs; everyone, that is, except Iran. Iraq's dismemberment will bring peace and freedom for people in Iraq, and chaos and implosion for Iran. And, Obama knows it. That's why he's beside himself, and ordered Ricciardone to go super-nova.
With Obama laying down his line-in-the-sand with Erdogan over Iraq, it's going to get wild and dirty very quickly. 
Why will Turkey necessarily team up with the Kurds, a move that will explode Iraq? Let's review the bidding. 
For Turkey, it has everything in the world to win if it does, and everything in the world to lose if it doesn't, quickly glam onto Iraqi Kurdistan. Turkey will gain unfettered access to its own politically controlled oil and gas source (the Kurds are landlocked and don’t have anywhere else to go out but via the Turks). This is an absolute supreme Turkish national necessity for which Erdogan is willing to make a peace of sorts with the Kurds.
Conversely, if Turkey accedes to the Obama imperious dictat, Turkey would in effect be acquiescing to allowing Iran, through its al Maliki puppet, to physically control Kurdish oil reserves and Iraqi territory up to Turkey’s most southern border. This would be nothing less than Turkey allowing Iran to put a literal and figurative loaded-gun to Turkey's southern border. Kurdish oil and gas would go south to Iran, not north to Turkey. 
By Turkey supporting a degree of Kurdish autonomy, and properly arming the Kurds, Turkey would be gaining a wide natural Kurdish/Peshmergian band of defense spanning hundreds of miles beyond its southern border. (“Peshmerga” literally means“those who face death”) This line would represent an organic human and topographic defense against a guaranteed de facto Iranian northwestern encroachment of Iraq through the de jure Iranian-puppet al Maliki. 
The Turks have seen through Obama's Iranian treachery. So the Turks know that either they fight now with the Kurds when they have a great chance, or they die alone later, for sure, with no possible chance. After an Iranian incorporation of Northern Iraq, Turkey will be left to deal alone against a nuclear-armed Iran waging a Hizbullah-style "Kurdish" terror fight against southern Turkey. Ergo, the Turks are all-in, and locked-and-loaded. 
Next, the Kurds. Again, the Kurds have everything to win by teaming up now with the Turks, and everything to lose if they don't. With the Turks, the Kurds will get hard currency of about 70 cents on the dollar for their oil resources. Not bad, not great, but hardcash money. This is hard cash money that the Kurds can use to build schools and a Kurdish civil society like they are doing now. But with the Iranians, the Kurds will get zero cents on the dollar, and the remaining cents will go to build Iran's nuclear bomb. 
And to, figuratively, boot, the Kurds will be under the hellish, literal, boot of the Iraqi Shiite regulars with Persian officers. (How do you say, “No way. Jose” in Kurdish?)By teaming up with the Turks now, the Kurds get a guaranteed arms and logistics source to fight al Maliki and his Iranian puppeteers. Consequently, the Kurds going 100% with the Turks now isn't ‘an’ option, it's ‘the only’option. 
With Northern Kurdish Iraq liberated by Turkey and the Peshmerga from Iranian hegemony, Western Iraq with its Sunni majority and even the Arab Shiites in the south will not be far behind. The result will be an Iraq free of the Persian evil. 
US President Obama should welcome such a beautiful result. Instead, he is trying to smother a truly free Iraq in its crib. By Obama’s acting as Iran’s enforcer, he is insuring the future, free Iraq’s permanent hatred for America. 
From the outset, Obama has known that this natural Turkish/Kurdish would derail his Iraqi giveaway to Iran. So, Obama had Ambassador Ricciardone do everything in the world he could to inflame the Turks against the Kurds, and vice versa. Obama would get the Nobel ‘War’ Prize for his handling of what should otherwise have been a natural organic Turk/Kurd alliance to stem the Iranian tide.
Except that now that the Turk/Kurd alliance is gaining traction, and the Iranian Appeaser-in-Chief Obama has gone apoplectic because Obama is losing control of Iraq, the only currency and leverage Obama had left with which to appease the ravenous monster Iran. Syria is long gone. 
The real kicker is that Obama is slated to sell Iraq - read Iran - 40 F-16s in the coming months. And it is those F-16s that Iraq will surely use against America's NATO ally Turkey in the coming war over Northern Iraq. So, if Obama now sells those F16s to Iraq/Iran, Obama will be directly responsible for the Turkish blood that will be spilled by those Iraqi/Iranian F-16s. 
Put your seat belts on. We're in for a wild ride.
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