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Iranian Nuclear "Containment": Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest

By Mark Langfan
Arutz Sheva
03 February, 2013

It's a close race for the title, but there are gradations of dumbness dividing Hagel from Biden and both from Obama.

Mark Langfan

United States Secretary of Defense-Designate Chuck Hagel proved two things when he stated under oath that "I support the president's strong position on containment [on Iran], as I have said." 

The first thing he proved was that that he was honest (that was until he was handed his "corrective" note, when he then proceeded to dissemble). The second was that he is dumb for telling the truth in the first place.

But, then you have US Vice-President Joe Biden. The day after Hagel first told the truth about President Obama's true policy of Iranian nuclear "containment," Biden gave a prepared error-free statement with the aid of Obama's teleprompter at a world "security" confab in Germany. 

In it, Biden stated "We have made it clear from the outset that we would be prepared to meet bilaterally with the Iranian leadership." And "that offer stands, but it must be real and tangible and there has to be an agenda that they are prepared to speak to." 

So it now turns out that for 4 years Obama has begging the Iranians to talk to him, and that meanwhile the Iranians have enriched enough Uranium 235 to have a break-out capacity in two months with 6 bombs. And further, all Obama asked for was just "an agenda that they are prepared to speak to," any agenda? 

Biden's post-election admission, and public re-issuance, of Obama's 4 year-running invitation for bi-lateral talks, after Iran has spurned those invitations for 4 years, and where Iran has recently promised the IAEA to further enrich uranium to almost weapons-grade levels, only proves Biden is dumber than Hagel.

But then there's US President Obama himself. Obama is the dumbest one of all for directing these two clowns, both strictly dancing to Obama's poorly camouflaged policy of Iranian Nuclear Containment appeasement. 

Obama's containment of a nuclear Iran will be as unsuccessful and as catastrophic as a hypothetical policy of pre-World War II containment of a nuclear Nazi Germany or of a nuclear Togo's Japan ever would have been. Obama is determined to fit the square of Cold War era MAD "containment" on a round Iranian Islamic Hot War peg, in order to allow Iran into the nuclear weapons' club.

For starters, wasn't Hitler minimally "rational" in the MAD sense? Weren't Pre-World War II Germans similarly MAD-style "rational"? Germans were,and are, supremely rational, and so was Hitler. 

Hitler only made a couple of mistakes - not finishing the British off at Dunkirk, not turning south and capturing the oil-rich Caucasus first in Operation Barbarossa before the winter of 1941 set in. 

Had he not, everyone left living on this planet would likely be speaking German, and history would have judged the Allies as "irrational" for defying the Thousand-year Reich in the first place. 

So, would the supremely "rational" Hitler, armed with a nuclear bomb, have been "containable" under a MAD paradigm? Not only would he not have been containable, but Nazi Germany with its NASA rocket scientists would have developed ballistic missiles to deliver the bombs thousands of miles away first. Game over. With a Nazi Nuclear Umbrella, Nazi occupied Europe (including England) would have become an impregnable Nazi fortress.

Wasn't General Togo of Imperial Japan "rational" in the MAD sense? Weren't the Pre-World War II Japanese "rational" as well? Of course they were, and are, super-rational. 

But somehow, the very MAD "rational" Japanese started a world war with the United States which they couldn't win, and then proceeded to launch hundreds of Kamikaze suicide attacks against US aircraft carriers. And the very same MAD rational Japanese then orchestrated their Kamikaze suicide attacks, not out of a religious obligation, but merely from a secular worship of the Emperor. 

Rationality notwithstanding, in 1944 and 1945, hundreds of rational Japanese airmen proudly donned their Hachimaki red-and-white suicide scarfs, and calmly and determinedly crashed themselves into American battleships and aircraft carriers. 

If Japan had had a nuclear bomb in 1944, wouldn't the exact same Japanese Kamikaze pilot who flew his TNT-packed plane into a US aircraft carrier have "rationally" flown a nuclear-bomb packed plane into a US Aircraft Carrier Battlegroup and taken out the whole US Aircraft Carrier Battlegroup in one shot? Of course, they would have.

Which brings us to the Iranians. Isn't the Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei rational? Aren't the Persians rational? Of course the Iranians are rational. Not only are the Iranians rational, they are consumed with the additional zealous religious belief of Shia Islam. 

And just like a nuclear-armed Hitler and/ or Togo would have found a "rational" use of a nuclear bomb in World War II, had he owned one, the Iranians will figure out a "rational" use of a nuclear bomb which will destroy the United States in the coming World War III. 

Whether it is an Iranian EMP attack on Saudi Arabia, thereby gaining Iran sole control of 60 percent of the world's oil supply, or an Iranian untraceable nuclear suicide terror attack against Manhattan, it doesn't matter. The Iranian Islamic Regime is a talented, resourceful, and driven cabal of very rational people who are determined to rule the world, and impose their Shia Islam on every human on the planet.

The only person who is not "rational" in this drama is US President Obama, and neither is his merry band of sycophantic echo-chamber yes-men, who irrationally believe Israeli settlements are a greater threat to world peace than Iranian nuclear weapons.

Yes, elections have consequences, sometimes, irreparably catastrophic consequences. And, the horrific irreparable consequence of a 51 percent to 49 percent 2012 US Election is that the United States elected a President who has been, who is, and who will continue to be an Appeaser-in-Chief of the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

Had the world allowed Hitler or Togo's Japan to gain a nuclear bomb before World War II, there wouldn't be a free-world today. Unfortunately, Obama's containment policy will enable Iran to gain a nuclear weapons' arsenal which will bring the entire world into a dark ages from which the free-world will never return.

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The writer has created an original educational 3D Topographic Map System of Israel to facilitate clear understanding of the dangers facing Israel and its water supply. It has been studied by US lawmakers and can be seen at Langfan has also been the the Military/Strategic Analyst for the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies since 1993.