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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."


by Emanuel A. Winston

Some ‘coups’ are over in days, even hours, while others take years. The plotters of any ‘coup d’etat’ seek to overthrow their current government in either a bloody coup or a bloodless coup - depending on their motives and their means.

Israel has been suffering a ‘rolling coup d’etat’ for years since the 1993 Oslo Accords and no one seems to notice or care. The roll-out of this ‘coup’ started out merely as an arrangement between the political leaders of the Left, using the (IDF) Israel Defense Force as the inc! ubator with the graduates, the high ranking officers who, in retirement, were to become leading contenders for political office. Outstanding candidates were Moshe Dayan, Ezer Weizman, Yitzhak Rabin, Ehud Barak, Amram Mitzna, and many, many others - whom, you may notice, were all representatives of the Leftist ideology.

The one maverick, Ariel Sharon came last, at least as Prime Minister but, in the end, he adopted (or at least demonstrated) his deeper philosophy of the Left.

What began as a clever scheme to use the excellent and admired (IDF) Israel Defense Forces as a conduit to put Leftist politicians into the highest office of Israeli Government proved so successful that the next step of co-opting the Army, was irresistible.

What followed was the process whereby the Military and Police Forces were slowly, politically subverted at the officer level so that when the propitious time arrived, the ruling levels of Generals and other officers would respond as ordered and eliminate any semblance of bi-partisan civilian control. Only the Left would hold power and the ‘rolling coup d’etat’ would be finalized. That process is almost complete - although slightly set back by the incapacity of Ariel Sharon but, it is moving forward under current Interim PM Ehud Olmert.

As for lower ranking troops who object or refuse to go along, they face military justice meted out by Leftist officers of the Court. In closing the loop, civilians who protest governmental excess are pursued on orders from a Leftist-dominated government, using the power of a Leftist-dominated Army, Police, Media and Judicial system. Always present was the supporting media who, like the aforementioned, were the propaganda arm of the Left to insure the public was kept in a sea of disinformation. Controlling how the public thinks is a vital part of gaining and keeping power.

Control of the military through the officer echelon is always the method of choice in a bloodless ‘coup d’etat’ when a supposedly benevolent dictatorship is to be established. The quiet ‘coup’ changed radically when Sharon decided to adopt an apparent strategy and abandon Gush Katif/Gaza and use the Army/Police to forcibly remove 10,000 men, women and children civilian settlers with a massive 50,000 force of arms. Now the years of cultivating highest echelon of the officer corps was put into action and, for the first time, against Jewish civilians. There were, of course, officers - not in the inner circle but they would follow whatever orders came from the top echelon, although some did refuse as a matter of principal.

As the ‘coup’ moved through Gaza, only then the flaws in that blunder started to show. The Muslim Arab Terrorists moved in (as predicted by the former top Heads of the Army! and Intelligence). They either cooperated with each other or fought for their piece of the street. When they were not doing that, they were firing missiles at Israeli cities. Even the Israeli ‘coup’ leaders couldn’t tolerate that so there were some limited assassinations of Terrorists and targeting of some of their Arab Muslim leaders and launchers. However, they primarily fired at empty fields and empty buildings in a gesture to pacify angry Israeli citizens. Sharon did NOT admit the blunder and the Leftist Media protected him - even as the ‘Judenrein’ Gaza District began to fill up with the most dedicated Global Terrorist organizations.

Then, just when the next phase of the ‘coup’ was supposed to get under way, stroke one and then stroke two put Sharon out of the equation. Sharon was to roll out the ‘Kadima’ Party and according to plan, literally take over control of the nation well beyond their authority as elected officials.

Once in power, the forced evacuation was to proceed in Judea and Samaria - starting with Hebron, one of the four ancient holy Jewish cities. This was in synch with the Bush plan to ‘pacify’ the Middle East by creating a Muslim Arab Palestinian State which has proved dysfunctional in the extreme.

With Sharon in a vegetative state, Olmert was pushed into a power position to carry forward the planned evacuation of Judea and Samaria, giving up the Jordan Valley, the Golan Heights and dividing Israel’s Eternal Capital, Jerusalem. He, along with the Generals and Peres, chose to start the first fires in Hebron as a safe and politically acceptable target. This would accomplish a number of things.

First, Olmert could act as a military man which, of course, he never was.

Then, he could unleash into Hebron first the Yassam thugs who were so carefully selected for their psychological profile as cruel, dispassionate, aggressors usually weeded out of authority as police in normal democratic countries. But, here in Israel they are to be used as Shock troops against the civilian population.

The ‘coup’ was now well on its way, using Hevron as the match and then going on to the rest of the Judean and Samarian cities, towns, and villages. They had no fear of a civil war because they had subverted the chain of command at the officers’ level so they had their own private army. The foot soldiers thought they were still under normal command - not knowing that the Army now belonged to the movers and shakers of the Left.

The carefully recruited and nurtured Leftist officers were in positions of control and so, the ‘coup’ was virtually bloodless, except for the civilians who would be killed, either by the Army for resisting or by the Muslim Arab Terrorists, now up close and personal in those areas forcibly vacated by the Left. This then is the "Rolling Coup D’etat", planned and carried out by the Left.


Emanuel A. Winston is a member of the Advisory Board and a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.