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by Steven Plaut

Monday, February 06, 2006

Well, the Muslim world is all indignant that some European newspapers ran cartoons that represented the Prophet Mohammed in a mocking manner. The Euros are also climbing over one another in their mad rush to apologize.

In all the hullabaloo over THOSE cartoons, no one seems to have thought to remind the Euros and the Muslims of the wave of anti-Semitic cartoons that fill not only the gutter media of the Muslim countries, but are increasing carried by the respectable Mainstream Media in the West. The Mainstream Media are borderline Der-Sturmer-ized in the vicious anti-Jewish cartoons they run, with no apologies. Of course, when the PLO runs nazi-like cartoons, everyone thinks THAT is amusing, letting the Palestinians let off harmless steam and all.

Consider this news item from the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem:


June 05, 2003
By: ICEJ News

Despite the Palestinian Authority.s agreement yesterday to end to violence and incitement against Israelis, the Palestinian National Authority\'s press Web site is rife with anti-Israeli and American sentiment. The page opens with a large caricature of "Uncle Sam" wearing a death-like mask and the slogan, "I want you for the Iraqi freedom, join our forces and massacre Iraqis." The site also depicts Prime Minister Ariel Sharon covered in blood, wielding a bloody butcher knife and standing over a bleeding baby lying on a butcher\'s block.

Underneath are five caricatures of Sharon. One of them shows him in IDF fatigues standing next to a soldier. The soldier says to Sharon, "We\'ve killed 80 Palestinians is that enough?" Sharon replies, "Just 19 more." Another cartoon shows Sharon wearing a bloodied undershirt, wielding a dripping knife, and Shimon Peres standing next to him mopping up "Palestinian" blood.

As soldiers in a tank shoot at a boy holding the Palestinian flag, one of them says, "I told you before, all of them are terrorists." Another cartoon shows Sharon with a whip in his hand, and a frightened "Palestinian civilian" chained to a post.

Anti-American and anti-Israeli sentiment has been exceedingly high for a long period," said Itamar Marcus, director of Palestinian Media Watch. "The Palestinian newspapers continue to downplay (PA Prime Minister Mahmoud) Abbas and depict Arafat as the people\'s leader. . Positive statements made by Palestinian officials in English are not reflected in the Palestinian media."

Now here is but a tiny sample of this enormous selection of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel cartoons from the Mainstream Media:

Cartoon link on

From the leftist moonbatmosphere

Moslem defends the cartoons:

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