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"For Zion's sake I shall not hold my peace, And for Jerusalem's sake I shall not rest."


by Jack Berger 

After the Second World War, individuals were put on trial for complicity in the murder of people who were not enemy combatants but rather civilians caught in the crosshairs of the conflict. Armies fighting armies was considered a legitimate act of war, but the murder (targeting) of non-combatants (civilians) has always been viewed as an abhorrent crime. Failure to confront these intentional acts of violence, either by overlooking them or rationalizing the act, is nothing short of criminal. After September 13, 1993, with the Oslo agreement signed on the White House lawn, a new criminal emerged in the days and years afterward—the peace criminal.

Unlike the war criminal, the peace criminals, attempting to justify or overlook these abhorrent acts in Israel, co-opted the word "peace," perverting it to legitimize a process having little if anything to do with peace—but rather a process of lies and charades which led to the murder of over 1400 Jews, with over 5000 maimed and injured. It was a process whereby signed agreements meant nothing but a photo-op…a process whereby the relentless slaughter of Jews was overlooked as a nuisance and marginalized by peace criminals as "sacrifices for—if not obstacles to—peace." Otherwise-smart people, lacking the moral courage to admit they were wrong, let their personal agendas take precedence over Jewish lives, leading to the unbridled murder of Jews in the name of peace.

It is impossible to imagine that these peace criminals didn\'t know what Arafat was saying in Arabic to his people—difficult to believe that the peace criminals could reconcile the undeniable cult-like exaltation of brainwashed suicide bombers by the very people who signed the agreement in Washington. It has now been conceded by one of the criminals, Dennis Ross, that "we [the Clinton administration] should have held Arafat accountable. We should have let him know that there would have been consequences to his not living up to his agreements." How many Jews would be alive today had Ross acted not as an ambassador for the lies, but on behalf of the truth! But he was a Jewboy caught in a well-known historical dilemma. He has earned the blood money he now receives as an "expert" on the Middle East over the splattered bodies of dead but not forgotten Jews. Diplomacy aside, he is the quintessential peace criminal.

And then there was the deadly duo of Rabin & Peres…all too eager to create "a new Middle East" with their "sacrifices for peace." The Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers of politicians, treasuring their White House invitations and press clippings, the ig-Nobel Peace Prize, and overlooking Arafat\'s obvious intentions, they diligently and perfidiously carried out the bidding of the international Jew-haters at the UN and the European Union. Does anyone need to be reminded of the miracle of the 1967 War and our re-attachment to our Biblical homeland? For fear of being called Messianic by the not-so-liberal leftists, even they—in a Covenantal moment of Biblical clarity—couldn\'t comprehend what had happened. For one brief moment, they took leave of their leftist inclinations in Tel Aviv and Herzliyah, at a time when the world once again stood idly by, and recalled memories put aside for so long"and I will bring you back to the land that I promised to your forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob."Kever Joseph, and on the way to Efrat, Kever Rachel; and a place where Jacob slept that was holy but Jacob did not know it, Bet El; and the place where the Mishkan stood in Shiloh, and the land where courageous prophets spoke the words of our G-d, and to the fields of Mamre near Hebron where Abraham bought the burial place for his beloved Sarah at Machpelah; and to the most sacred spot for every Jew—to the Har HaBayit—our Temple Mount and our Western Wall. Etched in our collective memory are those words, "The Temple Mount is in our hands!"…or so it was, until a peace criminal by the name of Moshe Dayan re-instituted the ageless Jewish practice of finding comfort in the posture of the subjugated slave to world opinion.

I have often listened to the peace criminals wax idiotic about the second intifada, begun in 2000, and how suicide bombers murdered over 130 Jews in one month alone. It should be remembered that the first suicide bus bombing occurred in April of 1994 in Afula, just a few months after the peace criminals had gathered to shake hands in Washington. Double bus bombings in Jerusalem in 1996…or Sbarro\'s…or Machane Yehuda…or the over 400 Jews who were splattered on the streets of Israel from September, 1993 through "the latest intifada" of September, 2000. Let it be said that peace criminals have a conveniently selective memory.

After the failed lovefest of September, 2000 at Camp David, Ehud Barak was booted out of office, Clinton had only his blue dress as a legacy, and Arafat—winner and still champion—returned home to the cheers of his loyal minions, his reality having prevailed over the U.S. paper tiger and the delusional leftists\' willingness to give away all of our Biblical heritage—but there was no taker because Arafat\'s reality was that Tel Aviv is just another occupied territory filled with settlers. This time, even the peace criminals couldn\'t close their eyes to the newest blood-soaked reality, and so Israel called in its big gun, by the largest plurality in its history… the leftist\'s worst nightmare—The Bulldozer: Arik Sharon. And even the leftist peace criminals shreid Mighty Arik would save the day. He told us often what he would do… how central Judea, Samaria, the Golan Heights, Jerusalem and Gaza were to Jewish history… how crucial to Jewish security. And while the holy leftist prophets of public opinion mourned their unrequited peace, Yasser and his gang of merry pranksters continued to murder another thousand or so Israelis at a record clip. But records were made to be broken, and Jews were exploding all over Israel—inside the green li! ne, outside the green line, at restaurants and discotheques, on buses—fully exposing the fraud of the peace criminals\' mantra—"No more blood, no more tears." Uncle Yasser was nothing but a Nazi without the means.

Yet, Mighty Arik, in deference to his special friend George W., showed dishonorable restraint, demonstrating that he could cave to the same pressures as Netanyahu. His dishonorable restraint encouraged our enemies to keep up their attacks, raising the Israeli body count higher each day. It was the prophet Amos who said, "To the seer see not, and to the visionary see not true things. Envision illusions." The choice was now between war and shame, and a once-strong, respected and feared protector of Israel chose the shame of building Israel\'s very own Jewish ghetto by erecting what has euphemistically been called a "separation barrier" that separates nothing. Lie to the people and build that false sense of security, and if that isn\'t enough for those Eurabian Jew-haters and Jewish peace criminals, the General and his lackeys would show them how perverted some Jews can be—we\'ll just expel 9000 Jews from their homes in Gaza. Men, women and children--families who lived for over 30 years in homes they built and livelihoods and communities and synagogues they built, and cemeteries—yes, cemeteries. This time the Israelis had their very own Jews, and the peace criminals of the left had their pound of flesh not over terrorist murderers but over the lives of fellow Jews. In a country where the government ideologically controls the leftist newspapers and television…where the judiciary is ideologically controlled by the leftists in government and the highest ranking officers of the Israel Defense Forces are politicized puppets—democracy is a sham.. Besides, it\'s only 9,000 Jews.

According to three separate evaluation! s by the top generals of the United States War College, Gaza was one of the most strategic security defense areas for all of Israel--right up there with the Golan Heights. Yet when the once-esteemed Gen. Moshe Ya\'alon reminded the prime minister of this, Ya\'alon was given his walking papers. The new junta was smarter than the generals at the War College. Yet today, according to Gaza Brigadier Gen. Aviv Kochavi, "the volume of attacks from Gaza has now almost tripled." The head of Shin Bet, Yuval Diskin, corroborated on January 10, 2006, revealing a massive increase in smuggling of weaponry into Gaza from Egypt. Over fifty percent unemployment in Gaza, but no problem buying weapons. Diskin states, "At least three anti-aircraft missiles, over 200 rocket-propelled grenades, about 350 anti-tank missiles and tons of explosives are being smuggled in monthly. The amount of weapons and explosives smuggled into Gaza has grown by more than 300 percent. The Palestinians are preparing! for a major terror attack." La-di-da! And on January 11, 2006, Palestinian National Security Advisor Jibril Rajoub said on Al-Jazeera, "We never removed the resistance from our platform and we never will…. Resistance is our legitimate right." And so on January 26, riding on the coattails of Israel\'s shame over the Gaza expulsion, Hamas overwhelmingly won the Palestinians\' first democratically free election, and with rifles blasting into the air, their reality was undeniable. Hamas terror had forced Israel into evacuating Gaza, Hamas had Israel on the run, and the Hamas victory was richly rewarded—democratically—by its people. Isn\'t democracy wonderful! And the absurdity of the liberal left peace criminals\' land-for-peace fixation was exposed once again.

No longer is Gaza a buffer for Hamastan, with 9000 courageous Jews as watchmen. "The Palestinians are preparing for a major attack," and when it comes, for every mush-brained politician, for every psychotic journalist, for every delusional Middle East "expert" and mindless academic, for every Kevorkianesque rabbi of any persuasion, for every fraudulent organization feigning concern for Israel but not really standing with her—Israel and our fellow Jews have once again been betrayed…their words, meaningless as always. The peace criminals, trapped in their obsession for a perfidious peace and blinded by their arrogance, should be held accountable for their actions. And the next time, if ever, any of these reality-challenged illusionists flies into the sparkling new Ben-Gurion Airport, perhaps they\'ll remember those anti-aircraft missiles that Shin Bet\'s Yuval Diskin knows are now hidden away in Gaza just down the road from the airport.

I know that my dear friend Brad Jacobs, zt"l might not have approved of all I wrote, but we always agreed on our love of our land and our people, even the Jewishly challenged, and how privileged our generation has been to see Israel\'s miraculous rebirth. Shalom, Haver… you will be dearly missed.