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Sharonís Planned Death

by Bernard J. Shapiro
The policies of Ehud Olmertís transitional government reveal a lot about his lack of any sense of morality. Letís take a quick glance at his activities since taking office following the incapacitation of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. He has funded Hamas, the new terrorist rulers of the Palestinian Authority. Of course, the old Fatah terrorist government of Mohammad Abbas and Yasir Arafat also got funding. But this doesnít make it right.

Olmert has launched a "no holds barred" attack on patriotic Zionists citizens of Israel. They rightfully live on Israeli lands that he plans to give to terrorists. And he has not attempted to enforce "the law" on some 20,000+ illegal Arab buildings on Israeli land. Despite all this he sent a large force of 4000 military and police to destroy nine Jewish homes in Amona. This mighty contingent was instructed to crack skulls, molest Jewish girls and break the arms and legs of peacefully protesting Jews. Most of the protesters were under the age of 21. The attack forces mounted huge German horses and set out to crush all dissent in the Jewish state with steel batons.
Olmert has moved the security fence to a point where travelers on the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem highway would be subject to sniper fire. He has also allowed terrorists to get within anti-aircraft range of Ben Gurion Airport. By allowing Hamas to run in the PA elections, he facilitated their takeover of the PA and gave them control of the Arab sections of Jerusalem.
Olmert has announced that he plans further unilateral withdrawals from Eretz Yisrael. He would give up Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria. This withdrawal would also include the strategic mountain range rising from the Jordan Valley that has protected Israel security since 1967.
But the worst thing of all is that he is very serious about winning the coming election and attaining the political power to undo the Zionist dream of an independent Jewish State. He and his immediate family have become extreme leftists, deserters from the Israel Defense Forces and opponents of IDF security measures to prevent terrorist attacks on Jewish targets.
So what is his next dirty trick? I believe that he is planning to stage a dramatic death of Sharon about a week before the election on March 28th. This may sound outrageous, but look at the facts. We now know that Sharon was declared dead following his massive stroke and brain hemorrhage. We also know that he was kept alive cynically to further the prospects of the Kadima Party and Ehud Olmert. Sharon has been venerated like a saint and is being used daily in the political campaign. The Sharon family has been an eager participant in this charade. Sharonís doctors have repeatedly misled the public about his condition. This deception began years ago with the first signs of the PMís Alzheimerís Disease , which we believe led to his personality change and new (?) political orientation. This drastic change led to the disastrous expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif and N. Shomron.
Think about the consequences of Sharonís death in the week before the election. A huge state funeral with all the world leaders coming to show their respect, and Ehud Olmert going center stage as the leader of Israel. Public media attention on Kadima, and its warnings to the Zionist/religious sector not to say anything to detract from this sacred moment. Politics would be considered treife (not Kosher or  wrong) at such a time, except the Kadima Party will be politicking with a full court press, while suppressing the opposition.
I have had serious and passionate disagreements with the policies of Israeli PM Sharon over the last three years. Now that he is no longer in charge of those policies, I feel that we must let him rest in peace. I fear that this manís comatose body will be used as another left-wing dirty trick. We must prevent that from happening by telling Olmert that the Israel public is too smart for such tricks. We must vote on the issues that will determine Israelís security and survival as a Jewish State. We must not vote on some misplaced sentimentality . There is no other choice.